Brook Everlast


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Brook doas not know anything about her actual parents other than they were elves and that they were killed by orcs while traveling with her. Raven intervened managing to save her but not her parents. for years the old fey tried to raise her as his own but doubted his ability as a parent based on her wide eyed seemingly fearful reactions to his erratic and intense fey emotions. (see ravens past chapter 4). What raven didn’t know is that it wasn’t fear in her young eyes it was admiration she loved how her adoptive guardian could feel so intensely everything in life and little did he know how much that admiration imprinted on her personality. After doing what he could to teach her basic music survival and combat skills Raven happened upon an ancient monk monistary and given brooks innate talent for unarmed combat convinced the monks to take the little elf in and train her. Brook didn’t know that his was partially to make sure Raven was not tempted to take her into the green realm and turn her into a changeling. After making sure her apprenticeship was well underway Raven left to his wanderings again. Brook at this point thought it was because she had been slowing him down and vowed that she would train hard and earn the right to fight next to her parental figure. The monks tried to curb her free spirit but at best they managed to give her the vernier of calm. she adored dancing and movement making her a natural fit for martial arts in some ways. and over the many years she trained with them she learned the true zen of movement. Raven wrote and visited often over the years bringing stories and gifts from foreign lands. Three times during her apprenticeship Brook almost got expelled from the order but she always managed to atone in some way or another. Upon one of her atonement mission she was exploring the surrounding mountains looking for rare crafting materials for the monastery smiths when she came across an ancient abandoned temple dedicated to a master known as quan shi. The temple of the four winds. Curiosity got the better of her and within the temple she met the creature known as Xillian. The last surviving member of the four winds as well as the last of a powerful slave race known as the Trox Xillian immediately challenged Brook to a duel to test her skill. impressed by her nimble unconventional style and offered to train her in the way of the four winds. Thus brook spent every free moment sneaking away to the abandoned temple to train in a second style. weather her other masters knew she was doing this or not they didn’t stop her and soon enough brook was one of their most skilled students bringing elements of her second training style and mingling them with the foundations of the everlasts training. though her disposition prevented her from ever being ordained a master of that temples teachings she would be a good exemplar of their temples fighting ability.

When the demons attacked her order was wiped out and brook fled to the abandoned temple there with Xillian she held off until the demons gave up the attack seeing little to no value in an abandoned temple in the mountains. Raven had prepared for the eventuality that otherworlders might overcome argyle and on his previous instructions Brook trekked down to search for Lucile and her Daughter Catalina. Upon finding them and persuading them to returning to the temple Brook took a liking to the elven magic user and Catalina seemed to enjoy brooks company as well. for the years of the demon invasion the two spent time building their friendship and began to see each other as adoptive sisters. This was as good as real to brook who only knew of adoptive bonds in her own life. Together they explored the missing links in their knowledge of their own race vowing one day to visit the great elven citys of high port or palagyus together when the demon invasion had been driven back.

Brook Everlast

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