a girl who impressed an aracnis


Well you see… my father was Sir Fraden of Bradox, he was one of Sir Drystans Knights; he passed when I was only nine, there was an Orici raid, and well we won the day I guess. After it happened, Sir Drystan… well he is a good man, he allowed us to keep our home and saw that we were educated, and wanted to arrange marriages for me and my sister. He did everything he could to do right by my father, and I am really thankful for that but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to explore. I wanted to learn and live and have adventures. I had always been fascinated by the Aracnis, and knew that if I could just be there, if I could only impress one then my life would change forever. The Elves and Gnomes don’t care about gender, this is only a rule in Corus… so I… well, I cut my hair, put on some leggings, bound my chest and… well I went to the Praxeum for study. I worked at it for three years before Master Fitzgerald figured me out. When he came for me, well I ran and hid. I didn’t realise I was running into the rookery, they don’t even tell you where the rookery is until 5th year. I guess, well it just kind of happened Aranha hatched and impressed with me. But once it happened I was found by Master Fitzgerald. He was enraged, and summoned his gift to try and kill me, the other students and Masters quickly joined the search. Impressing while untrained or tried is a death sentence for both of us. I had thought originally that if I had made it through the full ten years, If I had managed to undergo the trials and impress on an open field in front of an Eluvian or Gnomish Viceroy… well then they would have no choice but to accept me. Here and now, I look like a thief, and that’s not what I am, not what I wanted, and I can’t let them just kill Aranha. Anyway I managed to escape the Praxeum, and found a healer on the street who harbored me through the Surfacing. After that I have been on the run since



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