Commander Tiberius

Bear Legion Commander and guaridan of Anita Sall


Animated Teddy-Bear Paladin of Kelzandri, LG. Tiberius is by day a small brown bear, and by night is a dedicated defender armed with miniature, yet deadly blade and shield. He wears a magical felt suit of armour that protects him like a breastplate.


Tiberius by day is most often seen as a small brown bear carried around town by his ward, but by night he stands watch and commands the Bear Legion on Argyle in their defence of the young from deamon and devil influence.

One of the first few dedicated souls to be chosen to come back he has proven himself against several incursions and has grown into power in his new body. He has successfully led the bear legion into battle with several concentrated attacks and was the first to determine what makes a child more vulnerable to attack, their very magical potential.

He has been assigned to one of the most magically gifted youngsters, a young Honalian girl named Anita Sall who even at a very young age has begin to show a power that would have been impressive even back in the old country…

Commander Tiberius

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