Dalathan Zor'Tekken (Dead)

a Half Human with some magic and motivations


this half human has been following our adventurers, what his motives or intentions are… we have yet to discover


Dalathan Zor’Tekken is a lieutenant and son of a Mage Knight known as Arcturis, although not a mage knight himself (he has no faith in Damie) he is schooled in the trainings of the knights, choosing to shy away from the formalities and unwilling to lie about his beliefs to gain knight status he was initially turned away from the order only later to be approached by Arcturis to help with the Delmar Wars. initially he was on his way north trailing a contact that worked for Delmar, he found Delmars interest in the scroll and took it upon himself to keep the object from the dark wizards hands… now he has been ordered to accompany this lot and gather information before Arctuirs decides how to proceed

Dalathan Zor'Tekken (Dead)

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