Don Amador Pedro (dead)

Rular of the Pedro Villia, and councillor of Mustegra


Don Pedro has long been a member of the council, his family has been respected as a loyal a devout one for many generations, his villa is like a small fortress being on teh south eastern side of town, if attacks come it is usually from their, time and again members of his house have died defending the city, he has six sons, two have joined the Order of the Blue Rose one has joined three have joined the Musty Mages and his eldest works under him learning to manage the esate. Pedro owns a huge ranch with many prised horses, he is also known to own many of the surrounding farms, kilnes and mills.

Amador Pedro is a diplomate not a warrior as some of his anscestors were, he has worked hard on the council pushing for greater unity and a single leader of Musteegra


Don Amador Pedro (dead)

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