Don Esquire Montigue El Morto of Musteegra (Dead)

A Don and merchant from Equestria


This Equestrian Don/Merchant finds himself far from home, he has linked with the Dwarves of Clan MacCloud in an effort to sell the last of his stock quickly, he is deeply concerned about delays and getting through the pass before they are snowed down


Montigue is not well liked on the council or in Musteegra, his villa is the largest of all as welath has come easy to him, the duties of his house ot to watch for trouble from the north and west, all safe lands well within Equestria.

he has earned much money on his farms and cattle ranches, as well on his leather undustry in which he hires many master craftsmen

he is known to have a wife and daughter in good health

Don Esquire Montigue El Morto of Musteegra (Dead)

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