(dead) Ling Mei Wen

Female Wing Ti Rogue / Cleric


Rogue Recently also became a Cleric of Asier
Married to Lee Ping
Originally from Journey’s End, and was a Messenger. When “The Invasion” happened, she and Lee Ping were caught away from Journey’s End. They travelled for many weeks and ran into an old woman who cursed Ping to be in horse form and only becoming human during the Lunar Blur. Lee Ping suffered under this affliction for many years until they encountered Duncanis who managed to invert the spell so he is human and in horse form during the Lunar Blur.
She recently gave birth to a son named Lee Sacchio Tsuyoi Mun (Fortunately born Strong Moon). He seems to be part Wing Tai and part horse but not a centaur. She had a religious experience during the birth where she became a divine vessel for Asier and became a cleric.
She has recently settled with Lee Ping and her son in the Crimeri village of Peaceful Falls where she has founded a Hosupisu of Asier, a shrine/hospice to the Goddess Asier.


(dead) Ling Mei Wen

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