Anamchara Of Trian Lair

wild eleven Barbarian


Long white hair pale white skin Ice blue eyes
tatoo of circle with 3 squiggley lines crossing her right eye
heart and left arm covered in wildelven swills representing every kill made in battle
no more scars from her childhood/adult ceremony


Fionavar silverfish named for the legendary pathfinder who brokered the peace between the elves.
She spent her first 50 years quietly with her tribe being taught to respect both the gods and the spirits of the earth all things have a soul even water trees and rocks and some are quite powerful if beyond our understanding. at her coming of age ceremony she made her tribe proud when she accepted her cuts and then walked to coals without flinching listening to the sounds of her blood sizzling as it dripped into the fires below. She didn’t pass out and the cumulation of the ceremony left her wounds healed but the scars remain. Badges of her bravery. then she left her family for her walk about she wasn’t to return home until she was ready to take her place as an adult/warrior of the tribe unfortunately it was about 2 years in to her journey when the demons attacked and the world changed . You could feel the absence of the gods. Fionavar’s skills allowed her to remain unseen and survive until she came upon the walled town of oaken glen. She was accepted with open arms by the elves who had taken up residence there though unwilling to reveal her sacred name to the people still regarded without trust by her family she became known as morning song
After she was nursed back to health they tried to integrate her into the community. However she was unable to tolerate the confined of town so as soon as she was able she stole supplies and set out. She was going home to be with her people when the world ended. She was tracked down and brought back 3 times before Anuk the eleven ranger took her under his wing and let her hunt with him. Giving her the opportunity to hone her skills and an excuse to spent most of her time outdoors. Soon she was a respected hunter in her own right. Over the years she has grown fiercely loyal to the town and the elves who took her in but the still piss her off. She also has a strong need to find out what happened to her family.

Anamchara Of Trian Lair

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