Sir Myles of Oula

an aged knight


an aged knight who leans closer to scholarly pursuits then fighting, he serves in court.

known to be a widower, and the sole surviving member of his family, his sons having died as knights 10 years ago in a battle in the troll moors, his wife dying soon after hearing the news, left him only with a daughter, stories differ here, but everyone agrees she died during a raid on Seal Inlet

Since her death Myles has been more a scholar then ever, teaching pages and squires on the histories of warfare, in hopes they would not soon like to repeat it

Myles is one of the only ones known to have no gift what so ever, making the fact that he survived his Ordeal and became a Knight even more impressive, he is well liked at court, and is an old friend of both Duke Gareth of Naxen, and his sister the Queen


Sir Myles of Oula

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