Sylvio Florel (dead Ironicaly)

"What dose one say when death comes to call? Not Today... Not Today"


this half elf is the self proclaimed master of the short bow, he comes from the southren lands of High Port where he eligidly entertained the nobles of the elvish kingdoms with his impossible shots, Why Sylvio travels with the Dwarves of Clan MacCloud is unknown to all but Duncan MacCloud of the Clan MacCloud what is known is that he and Remme Duponte seem to have a riverly going on who is the better shot, and which is the better weapon, Remme’s Dwarven Heavy Cross Bow, or Sylvios Elive Short Bow. Sylvio considers himself a true gentlemen and always short the courtly manners of High Port even when slugging through the snow of Dwarf Gate with Clan MacCloud


Sylvio Florel (dead Ironicaly)

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