(dead) Ursa of Bear Clan Rockyridges


Ursa was born to the Bear clan offshoot of the Rockyridges wild elf clan, deep in the Evermores. Immediately set apart from the other wild elves with her unusual colouring, white hair and black eyes, the shamans believed that she was twinspirited with a great animal spirit. When the Evermore’s were uninhabitable because of the curse the wild elf’s moved into several of the abandoned High elf city’s. It was in the city of Pylagius that Ursa and the tribe found an unusually high amount of activity in the abberants of the area, as well as tunnels that seemed to branch off in infinite directions. After the High elfs returned to there citys and kicked the wild elfs out, Rockyridges went into seclusion and avoided the undead plague entirely.

now a hunter for her tribe, bonded with a child just reaching adulthood, Ursa felt compelled to return to the rest of the world and hunt down the abberants that they had discovered years before and explore the tunnels.

It has been 3 years since she left on her mission, ranging through the cave system for miles and miles until she met up with, of all things, a High elf.

this should be interesting.

(dead) Ursa of Bear Clan Rockyridges

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