(dead) Vulcana Stone

Oread Oracle with the Stone Mystery and possibly a pet rock




Vulcana just knew him as the Old Stone. To her, he was the great granite, the secret under the mountain. She wasn’t born in the traditional sense that much she knew. At Dax Coroth, the stone broke, and I appeared, fully formed, chiseled out of the granite by the old stone himself. She knew instinctively from the Old Stone that the world required someone like her. She didn’t feel boastful in making that remark, it was a necessity, it was required by the Old Stone himself and it would help heal the Argyle from that which was trying to destroy it. She would endeavour to live up to expectations.

She had been travelling for years. She often travelled alone but as she encountered different groups, she usually was able to be hired on as a guard or a healer or sometimes both. She fought the devils, demons and aberrants whenever she found them, sometimes the threat was too much for her alone and she had to move through the earth to get away. She felt no shame in that, it was important to be tactical and analyze the threats and it was important to know when to stay and fight and when it was important to live to fight another day. She was patient, sometimes you had to wait to get what you wanted.

She wasn’t sure how old she was. She had always been a part of the stone. Her physical age, she had been told, she looked around 22 human years old. She supposed that according to surface dwellers, she must be around 15 years old, the first group of people she encountered were refugees who spoke of the devil, demon, aberrant invasion and how many people were being imprisoned, killed or worse. Entire settlements, cities, countries were being taken over and Argyle was in great danger. It was strange, after travelling with different groups, people would ask her why she liked to be alone all the time. Didn’t she want a family? She had not considered it a priority. She had not found anybody like her since she came out of the stone. She supposed that she could ask the Old Stone if he could fashion a companion, but she didn’t need the need and failed to see how that would help her in her quest.

She continued to lay unmoving waiting for sleep to overcome her. She didn’t quite understand why humans and others needed such soft beds and bedding. Nothing was better than smooth stone underneath her. It could get cold of course but she liked to warm up some rocks in the fire or boiling water and it kept everything toasty warm. She loved to glide through the stone sometimes and just float there. With her crystal sight, she could see everything around her like looking through crystal. She wished others could see the beauty that was beneath the ground. It was wonderful and whenever she did that it made her feel closer to the old stone. The sounds of the earth filled her ears, she could feel the earth be still and also shift around her in harmony. She felt protected, it felt like home.

(dead) Vulcana Stone

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