Yolo Giant Slayer

With a ratty blond beard and long hair to match this is one excitable dwarf


Appears to be in his early sixties, he has a blond beard with long hair, many scars and carries a beautiful axe that he lovingly refers to as Mother. his eyes a pale blue in colour are often cheerful and welcoming. once angered though he can be possessed of a single minded determination that would sooner have a mountain step out of his way then have him walk around.

his cloths are ratty and old as is his armor


upon conversation with the dwarf it is not hard to find out about him, as he does not boast heritage but neither does he deny it.

He is son of Elmoter Giant Kin, who was son of Gainer Giant Kin, who was founder of sky forge and cousin to Delgrim Morgrin King of Angose and Emporer of Angosia.

Having been on a quest with two of his second cousins to find the lost artifacts of King Delgrim, in hopes of saving their people the left Skyforge well provisioned and set out. Ankar Morgrin, Heir to Angose and Ankar’s son Balin Morgrin. over the course of their many journies they eventually came upon a field of Battle where many Frost Giants battled against devils and abberants, agreeing to aid the giants the dwarven trio carved their way to the Frost Giant King, Bremner and shook on a truce. together they routed the aberants and devils, loosing many frost giants and young Balin. In his grief Ankar wept for his son only to have Bremner turn on his striking a motal blow to the Heir. Yolo let out a rage of anger and scooped up his freinds axe standing over the bodies of his would be king and prince.

Yolo slew 147 frost giants that day, making it incredibly costly to be subdued, towards the end of his stand. Ankar spoke to Yolo and declared him the only living heir to Angose and gifted him the name Morgrin to replace his Giant-Kin… he also declared that he would be known as Giant Slayer, and had permission to build a Clan and name dwarves as he would to it, in order to see this race destroyed.

Yolo’s anger and ferocity amused King Bremner, who cared little for his fallen men. he did however acknowledge the feat of strength by any creature to slay so many, and so he decided to keep Yolo in his managery.

Yolo was told if he surrendered they would allow him to bury his King and his Prince. if he fought on the bodies would desecrated and likely raised as cheap undead. Yolo surrendered and gave his friends the best burial he could on that hill top. he allowed himself to be locked in teh cell but swore an oath to any gods left, that so long as blood pumped through the veins of any dwarf in Clan Morgrin King Bremner would not be safe.

The King laughed at the dwarf and locked him away.

Two years later an elf and a half elf began an escape attempt, during it they had managed to free Yolo. and seal themselves in the forge. again negotiations came up, and they were told that they would be let free if they returned Yolo to his cell. before he could argue he had been subdued by magic and thrown into his cell, he had sworn he would never be so unprepared again. the Elf and Half elf were killed… King Bremners word is not worth the air that it chills.

Yolo still has work to do to find another lost item of Delgrims, he would also like to return to that hill, and bring his prince and king home to Angose. King Bremner will need to die, with as many frost giants as possible and the Clan Morgrin must be restored as the Dwarven people are saved… aside from that though he’s not very busy

Yolo Giant Slayer

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