Bands of the Immortal Heart


A pair of simple Silver bands that adjust in size to fit any jewelry slot. A single stone is set in each its color changes depending on the nature of the Immortal who wears it (Selwins for example is an opaline gem when she puts it on) when worn by two mortals or two immortals or those who do not share a bond of love the rings have no effect. However if the two wearers are in love the rings powers two root. The two wearers become able to sense were the other is at all times and thier relitive health as per the status spell regardless of distance or plane as long as the two rings are worn and the two still share a love bond. The second effect is much more subtle and somewhat situational. If one of the rings wearers is Immortal and the other isn’t the ring will use a small portion of the power of the immortal to stop the mortal from aging past thier prime until the love bond fades, the immortal is killed or the rings are removed in which case the mortal will resume aging normaly. The rings feel if the bond of love is true and it must be true on both sides for the magic to take effect thus no plots to gain immortality can be made using these rings such as trying to trick immortal beings into loving you to gain immortality.

Spells: Shield other, Lifebond (Book of erotic fantasy page 109) Cost 20 000


Bands of the Immortal Heart

Survival Silk