Eye Biter

A black jagged blade with glowing runes.

weapon (melee)

Eye Biter also known as blödhren meaning Blood Oath in the acient Elf languages this ancient Blade is said to be forged by the mighty Vecna himself in vengence against Erindale for sealing his eye and hand within the the Hallowed Gates. The Sword appears as the largest type of sword that the weilder can use, often as a Claymore or Greatsword, it always maintains its black lacure with silvered spikes and red runes that run the length of the blade, some of its known powers include

Bursts of negative energy,
Negates Postive energy within 60 feet
wounding and Bleeding damage
Bluring of Weilder
and protection from all detection spells, to name a few


Eye Biter

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