These giant gates of arcane infused stone appear to be nothing more than an archway when inactive and can be shaped to whatever style placed in whatever part of the city is desired. When activated A liquid iridescent sheen of white will form within the gate allowing whomever or whatever passes through to be instantly transported to any other of the keyed gates (There is a second set of gates raven plans to make one with a black sheen over their surface The Daek waygates but this is a start). To choos a location one must simply stand in front of the gate and say the name of the keyed location you wish to go to if that gate is powered then the gates will link and you can go to that location. The color of the runes at the top of the gate indicate the other gates its keyed to. People exit out one side of the gate and enter through the other avoiding traffic problems. Travel is instantaneous as if you are stepping into another room if the gate is closed when someone is halfway through they are shunted to one side or the other with no ill effects besides a bit of nasea. More complex uses of the gates can be done once mages get trained in their attunment such as being linked to two different locations allowing a gate to send things to one location but receive thing from another entirely different gated location. For example a gate could be keyed to send things to palagyus but receive them from reyuhm. Because of the way the waygate sends things through one side and receives them through another no traffic incidents will occur and a chain of linked gates can be set up if need be. Doning this however requires some knowledge of how to read the key runes on the sides of the gate and it will usually take weeks of study to understand enough to do more than just a simple single connection waygateing. New gates can be added by Raven or someone else he teaches the crafting technique too and added to the network by visiting any one of the gates and harmonizing a piece of arcane infused gold with the keystone of one of the gates. The gates are each powered by a keystone when the stone is removed the gate cannot be connected with.

Currently there are gates ready for set up in: Tukin,Cremia, Palagius, Reyohm, Don ton, Chistles Point, There are also two more gates that can be keyed to two more locations if need be.

Spells: Gate, Haste, Slow, Scrying, Cost: 105 000



Survival Silk