A Pregnant Pause

(After the Security Council meeting, but before the group disperses, Vulcana asks to speak with the rest of the group.)

All of this Security Council discussion has been necessary but very tiring. With that over with for now, I have a somewhat personal matter to discuss with all of you. Normally, I would consider this a private matter but I feel I have to talk about it.

Fate being such as it is, I will be heavily pregnant during the upcoming battle to break the siege on the dwarven stronghold. Depending on how long it lasts, I could give birth during the battle or immediately in afterwards. I thought maybe I could safely induce labour before the battle, but it looks like that is not possible. The baby will just be coming when he/she wants to, but I have no idea when that might be.

Look, I’m scared. I don’t really have a plan here. I’m worried that I’ll go into labour during the battle. I’m worried that if I take part in the battle, I’ll be injured and the baby will be harmed. I’m worried that Cthulhu followers will steal my baby and sacrifice it to him. I’m worried Cthulhu needs my blood or the blood of my baby to raise R’yleh. I worry greatly for the safety of the child. When I was Reyna, Cthulhu himself offered to get us past the Gates of Erindale if I would sacrifice my first born child with Sinon. I said no, of course, even as Reyna, I would never do that. However, that and the fact that Cthulhu followers are very much into sacrificing infants/children, leads me to worry for my child.

If I’m pregnant during the battle, I feel I’ll be useless and have nothing to contribute. If I go into labour during the battle, well, I’ll be pretty much useless and out of the fight. Sinon will likely be near the front lines and is very busy as part of his duties while serving on the War Council. I have followers that can probably fight in the front lines in my stead, but I can’t in good conscience be in the front lines. I desperately want to help all of you fight during the battle but while I’m pregnant, I am just not as physically fit or able to fight or protect people on the front lines. I don’t know how to best do that and ensure the safety of my baby.

I have numerous spells and abilities that are good for long ranged attacks. I have gotten better in casting long range spells (*I have Enlarge Spell as a feat.) I would like to contribute to the battle but from a more safe location near the back of the lines.

I’m not sure what I’m asking you for here, but I could use your advice and assistance. I will have some of my followers protecting me during the battle, but I’m not sure that it is enough. I would ask for your help in providing protection not for me but for the child during the battle, but I do not wish to take you away from your planned participation in the battle, especially if it is on the front lines. If you had any followers you trusted that have healing/midwifery type skills, that you wished to be in a more safe location during the battle, I would love their help in this matter. I am thinking in particular of the possible situation that I may give birth during the battle, in which case both my child and I would be much more at risk from Cthulhu as well as the devils/demons and aberrants.

I do not wish to pull anyone unnecessarily from a more important duty nearer to the front. I have followers which I will be using for this task as well as followers I will be sending to fight closer to the front, but any help from you would be welcome but certainly not expected or demanded. If you are not able to provide any support, then I understand, and I know you will be victorious in the upcoming battle.

And I can’t believe I’m having a baby out of wedlock. I look like a beached whale and I am tired and scared. I can’t stop talking, I think I need to lie down and take a break.


Elementals United!

I believe that I have finally found the right path for me. While on Hazuki Island, I spent several months praying, researching and building a church to Ymeri with Sinon.

During this time, I realized that I want to respect all of the elements equally. I do not wish to worship only one element or elemental lord. I deeply admire Ymeri and the worship of fire but I do not agree with numerous practices of the Church of Ymeri, especially their misogynistic view of women. I do not wish to completely reject the other elements and elemental lords. I wish to pay homage to all of them. There are aspects of each of the elements/associated worship that I do find interesting and relevant.

I believe I have found a new sense of balance. I have re-trained as an Elementalurgist. There needs to be a balance of the elements on Argyle. No one element can exist without the others. Elemental harmony is important. Water in a river needs air to move it, earth to provide direction. Nature/Plants need water to grow, earth to grow in and provide nutrients, and fire to burn away vegetation to promote new growth. There are many other examples that show the ways in which elements work together; represent co-operation and harmony of the elements.

I believe there needs to be an elemental balance. Devils, demons and aberrants are still my enemy and that will not change. They are anathema to the balance, health and survival of Argyle and they must be defeated.

On Hazuki Island, Sinon and I have built a temple to worship all of the elements. I would like to be a place welcome to all and a place of sanctuary and reflection for any elemental follower: fire, water, earth, nature and air. I am still working on the rules/laws but a goal I would like to strive for is having a place where no one may harm another while on the island unless in self-defense.

I would also like to work towards something I have been interested for some time now but never had the opportunity to work on. I would like to establish some kind of elemental council, peace talks/co-operation between elemental lords and their followers. If we could at least agree to cease outright hostilities until after the war with the devil/demons/aberrants. I believed and still continue to believe that if all of the elemental followers worked together, we would be triumphant against this threat.

I would like to thank all of you again for helping me have the strength and conviction to turn my back on Cthulhu and deprogram me from that horrible cult. I appreciate the opportunity to worship Ymeri. I respect her greatly and learned many things from her, including a greater appreciation and worship of the element of fire and a chance to grow in my relationship with Sinon.


Security Council - Vulcana

I am very much interested in hearing about the rest of the security issues. There are a few I would like to discuss further:


I believe the Church of the Old Stone is sending a contingent out to look for her. I have sent one of my followers with that group. Hopefully she is found soon. I would ask that we send a contingent to look for her as well. When we originally freed Elesum, the devils/demons/aberrants wanted to free her themselves to turn her to their side and control her for their ends. During the battle at Chistle’s Point, the black goo infected her as well. She was cured and freed of the ooze but the danger is still there. I believe that Cthulhu would want Titans on their side as well. If they could corrupt the Titans to their worship and to their side then I worry for our side. They are strong allies for whatever side they join. When I was Reyna, I had intended to recruit Elesum to the Cult of Cthulhu myself. I would like to make a formal request to the Council to free the other Titans to aid in the war effort. But by then it may be too late. We should be freeing them now and ensuring they are on our side, not the side of the devils/demons/aberrants, and not on the side of Cthulhu. If the Cult of Cthulhu cannot corrupt the Titans to their side, then they would be considered a powerful sacrifice for Cthulhu.

Gyles, you yourself said that you believe they are building up to something very large and that numerous items used for cultist activities have been stolen. They could be planning to sacrifice someone very important / large, someone like Elesum or other Titans.


I agree that there needs to be some kind of Cthulhu cult busting unit in the A of A. Investigate the Cult of Cthulhu and root them out wherever they may be. I know of many cult members in different areas of the A of A but I am sure there are many, many more.
Also, creating such a unit will cost the A of A money, resources and people, all of which could be directed towards the war against the devils, demons and aberrants. Everyone would need to contribute in this effort. I agree with Gyles that this would need to be an united force. We have to be careful that this doesn’t become a two front war.

We have to be careful while we are moving forward against them. Nothing grows a religion like being persecuted or martyred. Many people may argue that they should be able to worship freely like other citizens in the A of A. And with all the issues in the past of the recent resurgence of Elemental worship with many having issues with elements of their worship such as human sacrifice and the like, there are many who will ask why the Cult of Cthulhu is being targeted? I know that one of the major goals that I was given when I was Reyna was to legitimize the worship of Cult of Cthulhu in the Armies of Argyle. That the freedom of religion given to the rest of its members were also given to them. Do you mean to have freedom of religion in the A of A with the sole exception of the Cult of Cthulhu?

I also agree that people need to be educated about the truth of Cthulhu worship and not left in the dark to be seduced by lies, blackmail or whatever else he claims to offer. We need to informing people about the true aspects, the corruption, the killing, the chaos, the universe destroying, sacrifice/corruption of innocents and the unwilling, etc.

But we need to be clear and in agreement of how we will determine if they are actually cultists and what we will do with them when we have identified them.

What proof will need to be found? Presence of void magic? Raven can sense if someone has it right? Can other people be given that ability? Who will be the arbiter of whether these people are guilty or not? Will we differentiate between those who just fell into the wrong crowd and didn’t have any power/magic and those being granted Cthulhu’s divine power/void magic? Will these people be given a fair hearing/trial to determine their guilt? Maybe this is the wrong crowd here, but there are civil liberties issues here that we need to address.

If we are going to investigate and root out cultists, then we need to make sure they are guilty and that they are given a fair chance to renounce their ways and be deprogrammed. We should also focus on deprogramming the Cultists. We should give others the chance that all of you gave me.

If we could deprogram even a small part of them, we could also get important information about their organization and be in a better position to eradicate their organization. We need to deal with why and how they are being recruited in the first place. Why are people choosing to join them?

If people cannot be deprogrammed, see the error of their ways, or renounce their beliefs then of course we need to eliminate them as a threat.

So we need to be gathering intelligence, and infiltrating the Cult of Cthulhu. We need access to all A of A allied cities, armies, organizations, etc. in order to ferret out these people and deal with them as necessary. Is everyone willing to let this Cthulhu cult busting unit access and co-operate fully with them?

Things we should investigate and handle as part of the Cthulhu cult busting unit:

• This new Void Queen, claiming to be Reyna is very worrisome. We should investigate this and try to find out what is going on with her. Is she a doppelganger, Reyna of a different timeline? Shapeshifter, etc.? We need to find out what she is and take care of it. We could start by investigating the woman claiming to be Reyna that withdrew my funds from the bank of Rehume. Check with bank officials. Also, check with the bank in Don Ton. Did fake Reyna withdraw money from there as well?
• Look over Illiate’s notes on Cthulhu. Focus on magics and other weapons that are found to be effective against Void magic.
• Talk to Illiate when he has recovered in order to get information on Cthulhu and followers. Ensure he hasn’t been “turned.”
• What information did Raven gather when he was searching for / eliminating Cthulhu followers? Can other people be taught the ability to sense the “Void” magic or the “Cthulhu taint”?
• Investigate the Pakhan/crime family. Many of them are involved in Cthulhu cult activities but are likely motivated more by money/power than by belief. Maybe some of them could be turned or they could be infiltrated?
• Go after the high level members, the ones like James, Talath, the fake Reyna, etc.
• We should get information about what is going on with the Elves of Palagius. Another missive I gave when I was Reyna was to recruit followers there and especially to sow seeds of corruption, discord and chaos within the Elves of Palagius.
• Discourage/disrupt their recruiting efforts, if we cannot eliminate them completely, then at least aim to reduce their followers to a very small number and never let them get big enough to be any kind of threat.

I admit that I have avoided this issue because I was afraid. I didn’t want to deal with it. I wanted to forget about my role in bringing Cthulhu back to Argyle, being tortured for a thousand years and brainwashed into being a Cultist. I felt guilty and still feel guilty for the thousands of people all of you lost in retribution for helping me see the light. And one of my fears is that if we aggressively and actively pursue this course of action, Cthulhu and his followers will retaliate in a similar or even worse than when you saved me from him last time.

But I realize that I cannot hide from it forever and I need to help fix this. Whatever knowledge and information that I have or can find out about Cthulhu and the Cult of Cthulhu, I will offer to help the A of A deal with this threat.

Security Council Pt 6

Gyles scratched his chin as he finished running down his list, at long last he decided that he had shared enough already he might as well share his final working theory.

“I guess I want to share a theory, mind you I have no hard proof, just a theory… you see, I think that the former Honalian King… King Philip and his family were murdered… and not by demons… I think it was an assassination attempt… now people had already contaminated the crime scene before I got there, but the way that demon moved, the perfect attack pattern, the order of the kills… it was too ordered too neat… Mr Everlast I guess what I want to ask you is… How well do you know this Xillian fellow? A monk of the four winds would have the ability to do what he did and the ability to set up the scene… but why? Does he have issue with the Honalians? Anyway as I said it was only a working theory, but something we should be aware of… if this person strike again it could be at any one of us.

Big Troll Friends?

Moredakke looked at the note his wizard brought him, he had made contact in the southern lands while looking for components and promised to bring the missive to Moredakka, now he awaited a replay


I write you from the land that was once Musteegra, I am Thuman, a chief among the Jungle Giants. I have had contact with a group of Frost Giants, Fire Giants, Tagia Giants and even a few Cloud Giants, right now they operate as individuals but I believe they can be banded together. I have heard great things of a Troll Nation that is accepted openly by men and dwarf alike, a nation that battles the enemies of Argyle and sees to the safety of us taller people… will you meet with me? Will you expand your dreams of a troll nation to one of a giant nation?

Awaiting your reply

Thuman Treebender of Volstage

Security Council Pt 5

Other Concerns of Gyles, please write in if you wish to know more on any of these topics

- Gyles in his free time has been studying the economic outlook of Don-Ton – he believes that both these are true
1) That Lord Gospel (a half elven lord of old blood) is recruiting an underground army… Don-Ton may be on the verge of a civil war or coo… this would greatly hamper the stability of our trade and troops… it would also put us in a position to deal with someone we know almost nothing about, how to proceed? Do we warn the Death Knight? Do we do nothing?

2) About 13% of royal funds spent is missing from their main ledger, this is millions of gp being diverted to who knows who

- When Lord Sinon left the fire nation, many of its most experienced generals and strategists left with him. this means the fire nations army is being led with green or barley tried men… having them in positions to hold major flanks in a genuine concern… also looking at how they are spending money and acting right now, the Fire Nation might be in for some major trouble unless Lord Zuko gets a decent advisor who actually has some sway with him.

- our senior alchemists cannot figure out what is in Ray Layota Honey that makes so good that you crave it fortnightly, we have seen the operation and have studied samples… there is something odd there

- We have spies in the A of A, and they are getting War Council Info… I know Rehume is secure but once the info leaves Rehume I cant trace who speaks to whom and how the info is spread… but it is getting out of hand how quickly we are watching the enemy respond very fast to recent War Council updates… the leak should be found

- Air Worshiper assassination attempts… another 64 attempts in the last two weeks with about 32% being successful, this really needs to be dealt with.

Security Council pt 4

Gyles looked at Raven and shook his head…

“no one else in the army knows of this meeting, who is here and that we exist… they think we are talking about specific strategies for the Dwarf Stronghold battle that have been pre-approved by War Council… truth be told… I don’t trust everyone on the War Council or civilian council” Gyles took a long sip of water, Sir Venus spoke up

“I don’t know if I am comfortable with secret meetings without civilian or war council oversight”

“If our allies were to get wind of this…” Nigel said “… this could blow up in our faces… though I do see cause for the council to exist”

“I think the information is important… but I am not sure who or how this should be overseen, though it should be overseen” Vulcanna added

Gyles looked around the table as a discussion of ethics broke out… eventually the Halfling turned to Raven and spoke, deftly changing the topic of discussion for the moment

“A of A needs to recall the shoes, not me… but I imagine that off the bat we will have issues, most men give worn out shoes to civilians after they get new ones… not easy to get back… if we pull back boots in those numbers we will need replacements in a hurry… not possible pre Stronghold… post stronghold if we dedicated resources to it, we could have 98% back within a month. As to the weeding them out… first I would need authority from this council… or higher… to start…’handling cultists’ in the command of our allies, that and a budget that could fund that kind of endeavor I do believe whoever does this job that it should be one united force… if the Imperials weed out their own and the trolls weed out their own and ect… one will be weaker or stronger than others and it will leave cracks to slip through… one unit that takes on the entire A of A… that makes more sense”

“Now before I speak on other security issues… does anyone have anything else to weigh in on here?”

To be continued

Security councile Raven edition pt. 1

“It’s a good Idea this security council but what are the details?” raven asked “Who knows about it? Is it all your doing? were other generals involved in its inception? Just some stuff to mull over as these things will inevitably become important in the future. As for the cult of cuthulu I see no problem with your dealings with them. It needs to be purged like a gangrenous limb. People need to be educated about the truth of it not left in the dark to be seduced by lies or blackmail. Anyone who would willingly follow the cult needs to be purged from the army as they are to dangerous to stand beside in battle or to be trusted with any other task. and by purged of course i mean killed.” He paced slowly around the chamber. he would not let inaction caused by moral debate let this plague destroy millions more lives. “Have the shoes recalled I don’t care the logistics unless it makes us lose the war. He is trying to gain worship through brand recognition. The more respect his name the more power he has. This cult is in my view the most important issue besides the actual war and should be treated as such. I for one would like to hear others opinions on this and wouldn’t mind taking the rest of the day to hear the rest of the items This astute young man has gathered for us to observe.”

on to someone else

Security Council PT 1

1st of Sunsebb – 9:09am – Senate Chamber of Rehume

Security Council Meeting

Attendance: Torrent Nigel, Queen Selwyne, Head Moredakka, Vulcanna Stone, Raven Everlast, Chief Orin, Avatar Anamachara, Avatar Aleau, Avatar Hansel, Gyles, Sir Venus.

Gyles began the meeting double checking the room was indeed secure before turning to the assembled group, he then strode to his small desk and began shuffling through pages

“Why are we here Gyles?” Anamachara huffed “I’m not even on the war council, and Sir Alana and Strahd are still missing” Gyles looked up at the Avatar and shook his head solemnly

“This is not a war council meeting Avatar… this is a Security Council meeting, very different”

“What Security Council? There’s no such thing” Sir Venus put out, again the little Halfling shook his head

“There is now, I have just formed our Security Council… congratulations on your appointments and such” Gyles said as he at last finished his task and looked to those assembled. Hansel sighed in annoyance

“Just explain why we are here please Gyles, quickly”

“Yes, yes, of course… uh… let’s see… well in my work…” he looked at Sir Venus and Raven “… which is classified… I tend to come across some information, and while it doesn’t really affect Rehume or the church as an individual it can have huge global consequences and certainly affects the A of A as a hole… and so I decided a council needed to be aware of these goings on and decide what if anything can or should be done about them… I selected the people with influence or power enough to make these decisions as well as a random representative base from the A of A who will not be in an immediate conflict of interest; I have 47 items to discuss, but I will offer a few examples and you can decide if this council is required or not, if not I will continue my work here in Rehume on disturbed, if yes… I will show this council all my findings…

Example 1 – C’thulu Cult – between the sightings of this new Void Queen – intermittent sightings and assassinations by Mr. Wesley in Don-Ton and Chistles Point and increased occult activities in almost all A of A camps we can only conclude that an active C’thulu recruitment campaign is underway… decisions need to be made about routing out these cults, finding what’s going on and also PR on limiting others who want to join… this enemy is in our city’s… in our camps and among us… it can strike from within at any time… I believe they are behind the missing 5 of Dumathion and I believe they are building up to something very large… stolen bulk items in Tukin just in the last four weeks include Candles, Incense, Sea Salts, high quality paper and chalks…”

“Wait a minute…” Selwyn interrupted “… how do you know what items were stolen from stolen from Tukin, and how do you even have this time frame?” Gyles looked a little sheepish as he stared down at his notes

“Uh…. Look I think we are getting off topic, the point I am making is all these items are ritualistic in nature, and the amount indicates many many small rituals or one very large one… I have not been able to track the thefts in Chistles Point, but we have to assume this is a larger issue, one that quickly could be a very real threat.

Now I have taken action here in Rehume as best one can… in last six weeks the city as eliminated 214 suspected cultists…”

“What?” Nigel burst out “216 people, in our city?”

“Define the word eliminated” Hansel asked… again Gyles mopped his sweaty brow

“Look… we can go on all day about whether or not it is right to go through peoples garbage, and follow them without them knowing or interrogate them… but at the end of the day I will have you know that we have less than a 3% margin of error and that we have very credible intel and have made strides to keeping underground cults from growing in our population… We need to take A of A wide precautions… I have case files on possible corrupted fey who may now be spies for HIM… or of dwarves and Dactyls who are practicing dark rituals in Imperial Camps or why 3.0741% of Honalains are suddenly gaining magic back at an huge rate and yet on Thursdays and Sundays from 1am to 3am their whereabouts cannot be accounted for… I also have theory’s… and granted these are just theory’s but they should be investigated… like In the last three months a new cobbler has arisen and managed to resupply 1/3 of A of A footware… They have aglets for laces… aglets! The true purpose for these things are sinister!”

“Isn’t that just where the laces go?” Aleau asked… Gyles huffed in disbelief at her ignorance
“ ‘where the laces go’ huh… what about the brand of shoe… the brand is called R’lyeh, ring a bell? And just who’s making them? I don’t know… I can’t find invoices, warehouses, or distributors… they just end up with the cargo between teleport circles and get distributed… isn’t that odd… or the fact that .01694% of all A of A magical transmissions are not getting through… that is way too high of a margin of error, someone is intercepting these calls… or what about the fact that since miracle day the number of A of A members that site their favorite colour as blue has risen by a shocking 62%…. 62% PEOPLE… THAT’S NOT NORMAL”

“Easy…” Nigel said in a smooth voice as Gyles began to huff and puff “Just calm down a minute their Gyles… you’ve done good, now why don’t you give us a minute to talk about this and figure out our next steps” Gyles looked at Nigel and nodded slowly, he was breathing heavy and sweaty from his exertions… but was happy that at last people would take security seriously

To Be Continued?

NEWS Update

The News – common knowledge or rumors circulated from the troops that would work their way to any leaders

35th of Ready’reat

Chistles Point Needs Police

o Mayor Matron Brina of Chistles Point would like to have a meeting with Command leader of the Dwarven Imperials, the Stones Army and Kelezandri’s Navy after the stronghold invasion. Theft and crime are on the up in Chistles Point and the Mayor feels that a unified police system would cut down on investigation errors or criminals slipping through the cracks. When asked a Bosun in Kelezandir’s Navy said this “We are fighting a war, it’s nice the Mayor wants to sit around and play house, but our fighting men are needed on the line saving lives not wandering the streets of friendly cities chasing misbehaving kids”

The Chosen 5 of Dumathion are Still Missing

o Early evidence leads us to believe that cultists, either Air or C’thulu, are behind it. A special task force of Hithilum Investigators and Dwarven Imperials has been assigned to find and recover the missing five.Princess Yolonda is said to be on the task force and had this to say “I will find the 5, and if you are behind this, you better hope to Hithilum you aren’t around when I get there!”

An Titanic Expedition left Chistles Point

o Over 100 volunteers departed from Chistles Point to find the Titan Elysium, the expedition is led by Brennus Ironclout of the Stones army. “We need the Titan now more than ever, the Great Granite will lead the way, we just have to trust him”

Is Kelezandri out of Bears?

o “No” according to Commander Tibbers, but no bears have been handed out to waiting children for the last four days… What’s Up With That? When asked Governor Varrick said this “How could we possibly run out of bears, it’s kinda what we do, now do you know what we are out of? Hard working laborers… you know what we have a lot of? Annoying little people who stir up shit, I’m thinking this problem could be solved right here and now if we just…” (our reporter left before finishing the quote)

A New Friendlier Don-Ton?

o Rehume and Don-Ton seem to have become closer allies with three new trade deals being signed in rapid succession. Don-Ton has also signed special permission to allow the church of Kelezandir to build four Shrines and a Church within the city. All this stems from what Torrent Nigel calls “a war bond” between himself and Lord Strahd von Zarrovich. The Torrent himself with the aid of Lord von Zarrovich has recently purchased a minor dock within the free city of Don-Ton. What will this relationship mean for the future? Are you comfortable with these two mega powers being so friendly?

Smith Complains Racism for Best Materials.

o Erick Benny Garrison is on record at Chistles Point arguing that the Everlast and then the dwarves get first pick when it comes to crafting with superior materials, leaving humans who want to challenge themselves and expand their skills behind. Mayor Brina of Chilstles Point comments that “in times of war we cannot take risks on new craftsmen when we have Masters available to us, resources are allocated based on skill not race”. What do you think, are the fey and dwarves leaving humans behind?

Dwaven Imperials Making Headway in the South.

o Large troop movements in the south continue to happen, the nature and location of the missions in unknown, but this appears to be the largest troop engagement since the founding of the A of A, Hrock, Dwarven Stronghold, or opening overland travel to the Fire Nation are all potentials of where we might be headed next. A of A War Council has said troop movements are classified and we should “Stop Asking”

Wizard Returns?

o Strange reports of a blue throated thrush have arisen in the Isles north of Equestira, why is this important, because some think this is the very same thrush that was Entarez’s familiar. Many believe since the loss of Entarez and Dalathan the A of A has groped blindly without magical guidance, could this be changing things? Has one of the founding A of A wizards returned to us?

TROLLs- Monsters or Really Angry Humans

o Recent social studies by the Dactyl known as Borgon Du’Loth says that trolls have feelings, thoughts and even complex emotions. “These creatures are sentient and should have the same rights and privileges of any other race within the A of A”. The elf known as Dr Ivanis Go’Durath states however that trolls were grown and created, and thus though they may have some semblance of emotions and feelings are not truly alive, “people should remember that constructs and trolls are valuable tools, but are just tools and nothing more”. What do you think?

C’thulu Cults – Are They Coming to Get Us?

o Yes, yes they are. Reports of shadowy cults have arisen in Tukin, Pelegious, Chistles Point, Don-Ton, Crymeeria and High-Port. The A of A has yet to release any information on what kind of danger these cults pose and how they should be identified or if they are even outlawed. Be careful and watch your children, cause if you aren’t you better believe the cults are!


o #1 on the A of A most wanted list is James Weasley (picture seen here) if you see him do not approach, report all findings to any A of A soldier. Information leading to his capture is subject to a reward of 100,000 GS from Fluid Dynamics in Rehume. He is to be considered very armed and very dangerous.

ELF is RIGHT with Rights?

o Lady Alease continues to file requests to King Francis for him to give her back the city of Pelagius. Currently it appears the A of A has refused to weigh in on the manner. Lady Alease recently hired a Don-Tonian law firm (Crane, Pool and Schmidt) to aid her in lawfully regaining her city. While the Elven nation of High Port has not specifically offered aid to her, support for the Elven noble appears to poll high among other high elves.

Panoptic Laboratories Due to Open Within the Month

o “it is with great pride that this institution of learning opens bringing us into an new age of enlightenment” those words are from Master Gery Windson, a high ranking official in the Church of Kelezandri and soon to be Dean of the new university in Chistles Point.


o What is in the honey to make it so good? No one knows but Ray Layota Honey is sweeping across the A of A as the treat of choice for 82% of A of A troops. The Honey fields are in an undisclosed northern location. Rumors continue to abound about cruel and unusual treatment of honey farm workers and an odd honey related religion on the rise in the area, but so far people don’t seem to care as long as the golden honey keeps flowing.

  • A New Princess in Tukin?*

o Theiraqule, said to be the daughter of King Lemeath has arrived in Tukin, will she be taking the crown? Who is this person? What does it mean for the governance of the Knightly City? So far no word has come, but the beautiful princess has been seen walking the city in the company of both Sir Ambrose and Raven Everlast. When asked who this person was and what it meant for Tukin, Sir Ambrose is quoted as saying “Who the heck are you? Why do you want to know? mind your own business”

Respected Knight takes a Knee?

o Sir Myles of Oula is said to be very ill, he has spent the majority of the last two years attempting to build an ocean based outpost south of Don-Ton, the elderly Honalian was rushed back to Tukin this week and placed in the care of theMerciful Healer Eir to see to his ailments. Sir Myles is well respected amongst the leadership of the A of A and many of the Honalians, his daughter Sir Alana has returned to Tukin to be by his side during these trying times… gifts and well wishes can be sent to the Tukin church of Gabriele addressed to Sir Myles and will be sent to him from there.

War Hero Left out in the Cold

o After valiantly fighting in the Rune Wars, rumor has it Sir Keaton was not admitted to the Tukin hospital with the rest of the wounded, but rather was left in the fields outside the city until transport to a cleric in Rehume could be arranged. It appears there is no end in sight to the high and mightiness of the knights of Tukin. When asked about this Sir Keaton shrugged it off and said “I received all the aid I required and have fully recovered, thanks for worrying but I am fine” we know he is just being nice though, they should treat you better Keaton!

Is the Void Queen Truly Gone? Is She?

o Vulcanna may have settled down on Hyuki Island but someone has been showing up as the Void Queen. Reports from fey in the Evermoors and Pelegious guards say that an individual matching the Void Queens description has been seen in the woods perverting local flora and fauna. No official word from the A of A on this yet.

Queen Gone too Human?
o Queen Selwyn may not be an Angel anymore but is being human ok? Many dwarves in the Imperials aren’t too sure, the general consensus being to wait and see if their King even recognises her when he gets back. In the meantime rumors about her ability to lead now that she is human have been circulating. The Queen still has her generals and Dactyls however and talk of munity is treason during war time, whisper carefully boys.

Unraveling Royalty

o In this segment we try to make sense of who is royal
 King Yolo Giant Slayer – Born a commoner, but picked up an axe that makes him a King in his culture… but only if recognised by the council of thanes; although he has a large army and county, by his own law he is not yet royalty
 King Francis of Pelagius – Voted by other nobles to Kingship but the title may be hereditary, we won’t know until he passes.
 Queen Selwyn – Married to King Yolo – see King Yolo
 Princess’s Soshana and Yolonda – See King Yolo
 Princess Theirqule – Daughter of King Lemeath, though was not recognised during his life nor has she been crowned or claimed royal status
 Lord Strahd – a Knight granted elevation by former King of Don-Ton. Not of Royal Blood
 Head Mordakka – earned rank by combat, no royalty within culture
 Governor Varrick – appointed by the church, not heredity or royalty
 Mayor Brina of Chistles Point – Elected by stake holders – term of office 10 years not hereditary or royal
 Chief Orin – Earned by education and election – non hereditary non royal.
 Mayor Galeb or Crymeeria – elected non royal
 Elder Thnock of North Hutt – elected non royal
 Fey Prince Everlast – who knows


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