WOD... Women of Damie

From: Sub Prefict Osama IronGland

To: Sir Eboney The Black Knight of Agrabah

My Dear Lady,

To offend is not the purpose of the church, and I can see their is anger in your hearts and in the hearts of many of those who follow you, let us gather face to face, I shall bring a small escort and in one moons time meet with you and all those who share your views in hopes that we can come to an agreement or at least leave each others faiths as friends adn allies. Let us meet at the Church of Damie in Hoth, located in Northern Equestria, these are grounds far from both our lands so we can be assured of neutrality, my hand is extended in freindship it is my hope that you take it.

as dictated by

Sub Prefict Osama IronGland


From: Sir Eboney The Black Knight of Agrabah

To: Sub Prefict Osama IronGland

The orders to disband go against every teaching that Damie has ever shown me, I believe the High Prefeicts Claims are false, I will not turn in my sword, my holdings or rank. I have spoken to many of the faith, and it is our belief that the church has been led astray, and so I give fair warning, Turn over the Proclomation 124 or be prepared for hundreds of Knights, Sirs, Priests, and Priors to begin a new more welcoming order of Damie. My lord god Damie has never looked down on any due to gender, and it is my belief that he would not start now.

written in my own hand

Sir Eboney The Black Knight of Agrabah

Speech in Don Ton

As said in his formal address from the temples West Wing Balcony in Don-Ton during his Equinox Speech

“… Yes my children it is sad that one that many of you have called Hero has fallen. We bow our heads in thanks to Damie for sending us one such as the Necromite, and thank him for divinely leading her to so many accomplishments in her rich and comfortable life. Some have come forward and asked the Church to recognise the Necromite as a Divine Hero or even a Saint, and with good reasons, but those who have asked are ignorant of the Divine tenants and have mistaken bravery and Heros, sometimes the lines are blurred. The Necromite did do many great things in her time, but other claims have been made that cannot be verified, the existence of gates in the afterlife? That Gabriel guards such gates? There is no proof of any of this in any of HIS Divine writings. To Claim that she is the one who killed Talib again is not true, as it is documented that it was the Mage Knight Duncanis who scored the killing blow with the aid of the Mage Hunter Cea Fowual, both long time advocates and worshipers of Damie and his Divine rights. The Necromite practiced the darkest of magics, she traveled to the darkest places and associated with the Darkest of Mages, on Delmar the Dark as an example. Should we revre one whose example is nothing but darkness? NO, should we respect one who walked such a path of dark temptation but spent her life attempting to do good? YES, let us show our respect for the willpower of the Necromite, but I advise all of Damies Children not to wander down such a dark path, as in all but this case, it will lead to only the doom of your eternal soul…”

as stated by High Prefict Malvir Bellator

A Letter From Tukin

To: High Prefict Malvir Bellator

From: His Eminence Sir Adrian, Hand of the King of Tukin

I write this letter humbly requesting that my mother the Necromite be enshrined as Saint and Hero within the book of Damie. This has already been done within the Churches of Ra, Silvanis, Dranu and even Loki. I was surpriesed that Damies Church was not the first to accept her within their hallowed halls. On many occasions my mother has done great deeds, ones that many considered impossible, aside from killing the Evil Illiate Talibius and inprisioning him within the 9th gate of death, were upon she forged the agreement with the GOD Gabriel to watch over him for all time. She also forged a school for undead hunters that proved invaluble during the DEAMON WARS, where upon she personally imprision Gathikral one of the mighty 4. Finally I need not remind his holiness of her recent help during the plauge where she not only found teh cure but also turned back the forces of undeath, in some cases leading large portions of Damie’s Sword

Panorama 01

In short I think she has more then made the requriements for the mircles of Saint Hood and as a Paladin of Damie, I would like it seen that her deeds are remebered within His teachings for all time.

Thank you for considering my request

In my Own Hand,

Sir Adrian Nercromantis, Hand of King Lemeath of Tukin

A black day in the planting season

Let it be known to all that this spring equinox is now marred as a Black Day, for it is today that the news has come forths that the Necromite has fallen

Sabriel by asterian

It is said that she past driving off an elder evil hidden in the Frozen Norths of Argylse Spine, she was found and brought back for proper burrial by none other than Delmar the Dark

Gray rob wizard

he is quoted as saying " The Necromite is a Hero worthy of praise and proper rest, even one such as I can appriecate that, and so I felt it right to return her to her school so her loved ones could see that she is never again disturbed by mortal issues"

Let us all take a moment and remember the end of a great leader, one who fought vailently and led to teh defeat of Talib, one who turned back countless deamons in the Deamon Wars, and the one who found the cure to teh plauge and made sure it was free for all men adn women to use. thoughout time their has rarly been a Hero to equal her Caliber, so show respect and pay homage to the mightiest of Hero’s

As written and sent to bards in every city by Justin, the Temporlist



Nicodemus son of Elros Thraynduil of Morning Glory

FOR THE MURDER OF HIS HOLINESS Prior Tyreas Blackwell of Equestria





POSTED BY Sub Prefict Osama IronGland of Don-Ton

a note of curosity

To: High Prefict Malvir Bellator

From: Grand Master Caylin Orthioc, Commander of Damie’s Mage Knights

High Prefict,

I must admit it came to me as a surprise when I recently recieved your request. I had wondered if our differing opinions on a womens right to serve as a Mage Knight had forever cost us our relationship with Damies Organized Church. I do concur that the missing dragon riders is odd and that we are well equipped into conducting the search ourselves.

I do feel concern that this mission, as well as our current issues sealing the deamon portals on the northern ice flows will leave the Mage Knights sorely taxed to provide any real show of force if one should be required on Argyle Proper, It is with that in mind that I recommend a second sheath of Damie be created in Eqestria, as it is now, Damies Sword would be pressed to meet any real threat from the south, and as stated the Mage Knights will not be in a position to proivide aid or cover that flank once we depart on this mission.

I will keep you informed on our progress

with Gabriels Blesssings

Grand Master Caylin Orthioc, Commander of Damie’s Mage Knights, Hearts Stone Keep, Heart of Argyle

Don-Ton Manuverings

Written in Dwarven

Davon: General Taylor

Dem: Councilor Arcturus Raynor, Don-Ton


Ich bin mit der Art beschäftigt, wie Dinge in der Don-Ton fortschreiten. Die Kirche unterstützt eine ebenso große Armee wie mein eigenes, und es ist verschieben den König scheint jeden Tag zu wachsen. Ich habe kürzlich whisperings gehört, dass der König denkt, durch die Kirche Geadelt zu werden. Unsere schöne Stadt zu haben, von einer Außenkraft kontrolliert werden, gibt mir große Sorge. Es ist damit im Sinn, dass ich beginnen möchte, ein spezielles Bataillon, loyal nur gegenüber der Don-Ton mit einer Hingabe das zu erziehenkonkurriert mit dem meisten erzogenen Fanatiker, den die Kirche mustern kann. Ich gab Jahr kämpfend nicht aus, um die Stadt weg von den Untoten neugierig zu gucken, um nur es einem gierigen alten Mann in goldenen Roben umzusetzen.

Wenn Sie in Übereinstimmung mit mir sind, erfreuen mich an unserer üblichen Position, und wir werden uns zu unserer Auswahl und Lehrkriterien herablassen. Ich weiß von einem Mann, der von etwas Hilfe sein kann, solange unsere Zungen vom Wackeln abgehalten werden können.

Für die Liebe der Don-Ton

General Taylor
Supreme Commander of Don-Tons Armed Forces

A letter among friends

Written in Elvish and mailed to Former Commander and Chief Vigo Kay

Meus Tener Amicus , EGO sum incertus si vos have donum mihi per a bona vel a vomica. Tametsi EGO can animadverto quare vos have perfectus quis vos have , quis vos spes perficio effugio mihi. Templum nimirum est valde infortunatus they mos planto vita difficilis , ut es plures of Virgo quod Miles militis quisnam have haud been proluvier.

Nunquam pro has meus fides been sic challenged. EGO transporto vobis a humus of quondam Miles militis they have servo sub mihi quod a fides lemma per meus vita. They mos animadverto ut vestri tutus reverto tergum ut vestri patria , illic es plures latrunculus super illa dies , quod EGO vereor vos may have turbatus nonnullus of lemma. Spero EGO can servo per veneratio quod integrity vos have ostendo mihi.

Per Diligo quod Fortuna ,

Commander and Chief Angela SilverSpear

An Exitus of Grand Propotions
Having taken place at the Sheath of Damie, but was magically sent to Every Temple, Church, Military Camp and Kingdom on Argyle that is associated with Damie

Colleagues, As many of you know I am Commander and Chief Vigo Kay

Over the years I have had the opportunity to great works on Argyle, I have fought beside the mighty Necromite, the The Kings Hand, The Lord of Grey and another heroes. With them, and with many of you I have had the opportunity to do a number of great works,

We have defeated the plague!

We have Hunted and destroyed the armies of dead!

We have brought peace, and prosperity to the land!

and so it is now that we must look out for different battles, wars that are fought with words and ink, one that take places in courts, and with magistrates, in offices and in Temples. My friends, my comrads, I am ill equipped to fight this war, I am a stubborn old soldier and I am tired, and so with a heavy heart I am announcing, that after these final two orders I will be retiring to my Keep in Honastice.

My Last two orders are as follows, I expect you all to carry them out to the utmost of your ability, with the courage and dignity you have provided me with for the past 16 years.

1) My order of High Prefict Malvir Bellator Proclomation 124 has been put into affect, those who are in conflict with the rank are hereby relived of duty and Honorably Discharged from the Sword of Damie. I gift you your weapons and armor for your years of service.

2) It is the right and privilege of a Commander and Chief to choose a successor, I have selected mine, I hereby relinquish my rights as Commander and Chief and turn teh Sword of Damie over to the command of the nowCommander and Chief Angela SilverSpear. May she lead you to success and wisdom.

May Damie’s light guide your actions as it has mine

Vigo Kay – Retired Knight of Damie


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