Letter from on High

To: Commander and Chief Vigo Kay

From: High Prefict Malvir Bellator

Vigo, I am glad to hear of your staunch faith, Damie will always need followers who know the discipline of the church melded with the ability to love all. I was greatly saddened to discover that your personal rider had been waylay-ed by bandits on his way with such an important missive, his body was discovered four days after the Conclave more by happenstance then anything else, if was there that your letter was found and brought safely to me. It is sad, as if I had received the missive with your vote, and that of your Chiefs it may have changed the outcome of Proclomation 124. As it stands now, the Proclamation has passed with an amendment that Priestesses of Female deities will be of course allowed to maintain their rank.

It is here I must now ask you, that over the next month, remove all female’s that hold the occupation of Knight Sir Squire or man at arms, as well as any Brewers, Priests, Alchemists, Wizards, Laborers, Millers, Tanners, Sailors, Scouts, Masons, Carpenters, Farm Hands, and Diplomats. I trust you can handle these changes quickly and efficiently, this should also remedy your request of pairing down the Armed Forces since the end of the plague.

As for your request to meet, I agree we should have words, though I am much to busy in the coming months to make the journey to you, and have assumed like wise on your behalf. It is so that I have arranged a magical communication in two days hence at the hour after midnight, this is the only time I could clear in my schedule, I assume you will clear yours appropriately. Any further question you may have will be dealt with then. As to the where about of the young Sir Thraynduil I have no idea. It is you Commander who is charged with knowing the whereabouts of young knights, not I. and Damie sees us all as equals, I do not care who this elf’s father was, that will not buy him any special treatment here in Don-Ton, nor should it there in Damies Sheath.

With Honor and Love May His Hand Guide You

As Dictated By

High Prefict Malvir Bellator

a Letter for Consideration

_To: High Prefict Malvir Bellator, Damie’s High Temple in Don-Ton

From: Commander and Chief Vigo Kay, At the Sheath of Damie’s Sword, Argyle

I write this letter requesting further thought into Proclomation 124. As your notice appeared to have been delayed in reaching us, neither I nor many of our Chiefs will be able to attend the Conclave on such short notice. Some of my comrades who are weaker in the faith then I, have claimed that this occurrence might have happened on purpose, I made sure they understood that the High Prefict of Damie, works with the Sword of Damie and not against, it is not our place to question his reasons.

I am however concerned that should the Conclave pass Proclomation 124 many female Sirs and Knights who have fought and bled nobly for our cause will loose their rank, a rank they have more then earned. It is as thus, that I must cast my vote against such a Proclamation, and, having spoken to every Chief both here and in the field under my direct command, I am willing to personally vouch that they too cast their vote against Proclomation 124.

Many of the members of Damies Pantheon are depicted as females, Many of them are in command of lesser male Deities. Damie has always taught me that both the male and female are equals, that we must work together in order to bring piece and prosperity to the land. How is it then that we can try to abolish their rights as land owners, Knights, wizards, and the such.

In my lifetime I have campaigned, fought, worked, and lived across the length and breadth of Argyle, I have sailed the seas beyond and on a few occasions even ventured into the multiverse, to walk the higher and lower planes and battle with daemons and Astrals, elementals and outsiders; In all my experience I have never found a task that a female could not do at least as well if not better then a male. I would never think to question your wisdom High Prefict but I am afraid I do not have the intelligence to grasp the wisdom Damie has imparted to you here.

I would ask for a private audience at your earliest convenience so that I may better understand the direction in which the church is heading, and thus be a better servant to his Lordship Damie.

By my own Hand

Commander and Chief Vigo Kay

Damie’s Sheath


Proclomation 124

High Prefict Malvir Bellator has ordered a gathering of the Conclave to assess the role of women within Damies Church

It is believed that Damie wishes us to shield our women from combat, and other more difficult tasks, so that they may be able to raise more children and educate them on the ways of the church.

Barred Duties could include

High Prelate
Sub Prefict
and Scout

This will be discussed and voted upon in the next Conclave 1 fortnight from now in Don-Ton, members who are not able to make it will be considered to vote in the affirmitive unless confirmed writtings or messenger state otherwise.

with Damies blessing

High Prefict Malvir Bellator

Proclomation 123

By Order of High Prefict Malvir Bellator and thus by order of Damie himself, No man or women in the service of the church shall imbibe alcoholic or fire weed substances unless they are given permission by a clergymen of the rank of Prelate or higher

Damie Requires his soldiers disciplined and pure of mind, soul and body

as read this day it so becomes law

High Prefict Malvir Bellator
Damie’s Temple
Don-Yon, Argyle

Proclomation 122

By Order of High Prefict Malvir Bellator and thus is considered from Damie Himself, Only accredited members of the Church in good standing, that Hold the Rank of Prelate, Chief, or Higher will be able to attend and participate in the Conclave any members who wish to have issues made known should report them to their Prelate or Chief.

This is as Damie wishes

High Prefict Malvir Bellator
Church of Damie

Proclomation 121

By order of the High Prefict Malvir Bellator from the word of Damie himself it has been discovered and thus proclaimed that any person who has turned undead during the years of the plague or prior, will and has had their soul sent to the planes of evil for torment and purification.

The High Prefict Malvir Bellator was saddened to hear such horrific news, and thus pleaded with the great all knowing Damie for some way to aid these poor lost souls.

It has been so decided that through ritual and prayer by an accredited member of the church of Damie, years of purification can be removed.

It has also been noted that the cost of components for said rituals are very expensive, in order to maintain the Conclaves protection of the Dominion of Argyle this cost shall have to be accounted for in the form of donation or tithe to the church in return for services,

His Excellency requests all serving Clerics of the 5th circle or higher to please pilgrimage to the Everbardin so that he may discuss this revelation further

Signed on this day in the year of our Lord Damie
High Prefict Malvir Bellator


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