16th of Patchwall, Hill Front, North of Rune Tower – 11:56pm

To: General Nigel Hodgenson A of A War Council- Rune War Mission Commander

From: General Alana of Oula, A of A War Council, Commander of Northern Attack Force

Nigel, things have not gone well here, and I am assuming since reinforcements have not joined us, they are not going well for you either. Our scouts had thought they cleared the minor encampments in the foot hills on the northern side; this is where we began to make our approach. It was an ambush, and a good one, we were arrayed for travel not combat expecting a four hour march up the ridge before coming within four kilometres of the first major troop encampment. They were arrayed and waiting, two full demon battalions, all invisible and floating… the Wild Elves, the Basin Hipsters and Humpbacks and most of Ice Company were completely cut off from us, fighting a battle from the demon battalions a few hundred meters below them, and another full attack force raining down on them from above, I know there are still survivors as I can see the demon fire continually being rained on the hill side. It took me the better part of two hours to extract what I could of my Infantry; the rest of the Dact Axe’s and reform our lines. We have found a slight elevated thicket out of spell range from the base of the hill and have formed a defensive camp there. I am still waiting on causality lists and for us to stabilise our wounded before I can think of a rescue attempt for our cut off companies. Although things have slowed for us, the demons are charging our lines every fifteen or so minutes and not giving us a chance to rest or regroup. Requesting the following reinforcements, a battalion of Dactyls, the Dact Special Air Unit, and at least 7 war wizards of at least 6th circle clearance, could also use medical support and evac for high casualty engagement.

Sir Alana of Oula


16th of Patchwall, Swamp Front, South of Rune Tower – 10:23pm

To: General Nigel Hodgenson A of A War Council- Rune War Mission Commander

From: Commander Keaton, Gabriel’s Army, Commander of Southern Attack Force

General, we need extraction ASAP, these swamps are crawling with aberrant, no intel reported to us on this, and they are thick with Mind Flayers, most of the Bashin Cyclones and a fair number of trolls have been mind controlled and turned on us, to top it off, the terrain seemed to be a high ranking illusion, it is more water than ground and a dangerous place for our troops, the abberants and demons are coming at us in droves. The few alchemists we have, have bolstered our troops to fight the mind controlled, we are surrounded but have taken a small mostly solid island. Requesting Wizards, and water Calvary, as to bolster us, with another three Battalions, likely honalains or elven in order to not drown on this ground. Please replay ASAP

Sir Keaton of Gabriels Army

17th of Patchwall – Central Command, Eastern Front 1:36am

Nigel looked over the two reports and ran his hands through his head, he knew the eastern front fared little better, they were about three hundred feet from base camp and falling back under the demon onslaught, Strahd had made a strong initial push, but the demons were relentless and had forced the death knight steadily back, Nigel had needed to change the focus of central command to prepare for it to be under constant siege, they were just now finishing those preparations. He said a prayer to Kelezandri as he heard the bells ringing and the artillery start firing to cover Strahds retreat into camp. “Sorry friends, you will need to hold out at least until we are stable, then I will send what I can” he heard a crash and saw the night sky light up with Fire and lightening, he shrugged on his cloak and grabbed his little mace, battle was upon them all.

Rune War Briefing

16th of Patchwall – Rehume Senate House – Command Briefing for Calsita Tower Liberation – Code Name – RUNE WAR

“Ok gentlemen, ladies, here’s the breakdown, let’s do this well…” Nigel cleared his throat as his looked at the assembled military personal “Commander Makner, I want you to take the 8th Dact Axes, and link up with Kelezandri’s Ice Company, the Wild Elven irregulars, and NOulas Mixed Infantry, you will have Arrot, Pathfinder Cee-Teera and Sir Alana to aid you in Command, get them around to the northern hills, you will be approaching the towers through there, heavy Demon encampments and spell lobbers up there, set up a base camp on the other side of the hills, hard and fast people.” He turned to the next group “Lord Strahd, you will be working with Commander Hrother, Commander Colth, the Black Axe of Clan Aule and of course myself, we will have the Don-Tonian troops, the 3 Dact Pikemen, Four Stone Companies, NOula’s Mixed Calvary, the 2nd Dact Artillery, and the 6th Dact Axes. We will be taking the eastern approached, through the fields and the woodlands, it is the straightest and most heavily fortified swath… this is where things get real folks.” He took a sip of water before continueing “Sir Keaton you will be working with Horn Slapper and Command Fakner, we are giving you some members of Steam Company, two companies of Trolls, and the 8th Dact axes, you get the thicker woods and swamps on the southern approach, we believe a number of their supply camps are in that area, look for prisoners and supplies. This leaves the western approach, the cliffs make it all but impossible, though they have flyers and supply lines from the sea, Prometheus, will be working with Captain Dana Shepherd, she will have the Krakens Exodus, the Hookers Jewel and the Fey’s Lust to cut off and water support the demons may have, and cover our flanks should folks need to retreat to the shore lines. Commander Lin Cairncut, I understand the 3rd Dact Logistics will be providing support for our armies while in the field, with the Knights of Tukin providing security, protection and tactical support for your movements, please set up on the ridge line on the eastern fields, which will be Central Command. When the Miracle Ends we go in hard and fast, I want to get this wrapped up today, but if things get nasty, I want our men ready to be supported for a multi-day incursion.” He let his gaze wander across the room to all involved “remember people, we have had no communication with Calisita or her tower, our spells must be being jammed, we know they are still fighting as scouts report confrontation less than twelve hours ago, teleportation is spotty within 20 miles of the tower do don’t risk it, we are doing this old school and carefully. We don’t have the resources for a long fight, get in there, achieve your objectives and get out safely… you get me?” there was a murmured chorus of agreement “Good, you have your orders, Kelezandri’s blessing with you all, Good Hunting”

You're my only Hope

Selwyn sat staring into the space where Soshanna’s tiny image had been. Her mind was reeling, her stomach was twisted into a knot filled with anger, worry, and regret.

Azazial stepped forward and placed her hand gently on Selwyn’s shoulder. Selwyn turned her pinched face toward her mother. “You cannot waste this opportunity my dear, you must respond. I know you feel helpless right now, but you have a chance to giver her some hope, do not squander it.”

“But I don’t know how it works, or what to say.”

Azazial looked at her daughter and saw the uncertainty and indecision that was usually kept well hidden. “Just begin, before your time is up.”

“Soshanna,” the moment Selwyn spoke her daughter’s name, a tiny shimmering Selwyn appeared in the air before them. As she went on the tiny version of herself appeared to be writing everything down in a small leather notebook it held.

“Soshanna, I hope and pray everyday for your safe return. It has been 97 days since I was alerted to your departure. Today is the 16th of Patchwall. Since the day you left an odd phenomenon has befallen us here. What would have at first seemed a blessing is now clearly a curse. Mortals cannot die. They can sustain massive injuries that would normally mean certain death, but they remain alive and conscious, writhing in pain. Immortals like myself and your grandmother cannot heal, the smallest of injuries will kill us, and we will be gone for good. The trolls cannot regenerate and no amount of healing magic has been able to help anyone.

When you return, which you must do soon, make sure that no one in your company is injured. Heal first while you can and take great care to avoid injury. I do not yet know where you will fall in this spectrum between mortals and immortals. I love you. Please be safe. Please understand that although you are there to help your friend, it is not worth your death. You must assess the situations that you find yourself in, and if the risk is too great, or if your company is out-matched, turn back. There is no dishonor is living to fight another day. You are a wiser woman than I, I have always known it, use your wisdom.

I will pray for your safety everyday. And when you encounter the Kattegat do not forget: you are a dwarf. It’s good to know that even in the fey realm, dwarves for dwarves holds true.

Yolanda, Prometheous, Grandmother and I miss you so much our hearts are breaking. Please come home soon. I want so badly for you to be here to greet your father, and that time is coming amazingly fast now.

All our love,


The moment she finished speaking, Selwyn’s tiny impersonator closed it’s book, nodded determinedly, and vanished.

Selwyn and Azazial were left to wonder if that hologram was the last image of Soshanna they would ever see.

Through the looking glass

With the sound of a thousand shifting grains of sand and the hum of the planar fabric parting they shifted into another realm of existence. along with the noise came the familiar pull and tingling sensation as her nerves and soul fabric adjusted to the makeup of the new reality surrounding her. When Seshonnas vision refocused she found herself looking at a small observatory. A single tower made almost entirely of glass with a crystal eye fixed at the top facing every direction. The strangest part or part that would be most strange if she was not so accustomed now to the wonders of the planes was the fact that the tower sat on a single piece of mountain rock that floated unanchored in the mists of eternity. This had not been where they had been going this was a mistake some failur in the planshift or something she looked over at her guide expecting annoyance or diheartenment at being delayed again. but instead a broad nostalgic smile painted his ageless face. Curiosity peaked she used the mutable gravity of the plane to float over to him. “Where is this” she inquired. for a moment he didnt answer as if he himself were remembering. “Its better if I show you. We are incredibly lucky to have found this place. the odds of it are unfathomably low.” Raven replied before drifting towards the tower becoming his companions to follow. The simple wooden door that seemed like it should have creaked when it opened led them into a humble set of rooms a small living area with an unlit fireplace, two armchairs and shelf of untitled books. a single bedroom above that and then a winding staircase leading up to the observatory. Everything about the place felt warm forgotten and yet strangely heavy with memory. while the others quietly fanned out into the rooms oddly unwilling to break the almost sacred silence of the place. Sheshonna meandered over to the bookshelf to examin one of the old books. Too heavy for its size and smelling of dust and the comforting scent of old paper the book appeared to be written in an unintelligible script. and didn’t seem to have an end. the pages kept turning indefinitely as she fanned through them. She was about to give up and put the book back when the text started to include words in celestial before long all the words in the book were in her own tounge. Describing worlds and peoples so vividly they seemed to dance visually out of the pages. The great grid shoots of abbraxis the sacred realms of shngri-la and the Roil surrounding the pillar of celenvius. “hey you should come up here and take a look at this Seshonna” Ravens voice sounded abnormally loud in this strange silence and it nearly startled her into dropping the book. < Background music

She carefully put the book back on the shelf and scaled the staircase to the viewing deck. on each wall near the window. hovered an overwhelmingly powerful divination knot. an oroborose of magic gently pulsing with quiet supremacy on the edges of the room. Raven gestured wordlessly for her to approach one and gaze into it. As she got closer to one visions began to dance across its surface. Images of a great golden gate grand foreboding and unyielding. Thought the impossibly small gap in its seem she gazed into a world of Kami and planswalkers of ancient powers and eatherguants. “that” raven said quietly beside her “is the world of abbraxis.” he gestured to another portal three swirling worlds Great planes full of beasts whose sizes dwarfed the turasck lumbering ancient and uncaring across the endless realm of abundant life. “That is the sacred realm of shangri-la” Raven explained before directing her to the last active sphere. A massive ornate pillar tipped at the top like a stalf with a pulsating ball of life essence and surrounded by constantly forming rings of worlds. “that is what i have come to know as the great pillar multiverse or the castles in the sky.” Sheshonna let herself get lost in the images that the orb showed her. This world was also suffering from a demon invasion images of the great archfiend asmodeus and his infinite hoards of daemon princes, of the great courts that ruled over all order in the realm and the Last vanguard a group of heroes who gathered to stand against the demonic incursions. Battles of overwhelming power raged through her vision as she drank in what she saw of this foreign world. “this place is whats known as the edge of eternity. The lost Oculus. It gazes into Multiverses beyond the Argylian setup. Realms ruled by whole different laws where our powers may be none existent or the whole systems of magic and souls are foreign to our own. This place allows us to glimpse into the eternities of all the multiverse of multiverses beyond our own and realize that there is no such thing as absolute anything no one origin, one power of one end that regardless of our failures and triumphs that the great wheel of creation and destruction exist still beyond even the greatest beings control.” < Background music

“doesn’t the mere knowledge of this place make you feel insignificant?” sheshonna said quietly still staring into the spheres at the magisty and mighty scale before her eyes. She took a step back feeling smaller than a spec of dust overwhelmed by the vastness before her. for a terrifying moment she felt powerless and alone a grain of sad sinking beneath the vast waves of intinitum. Then a reassuring hand rested on her shoulder. With it a comforting warmth flooded into her being
" to the contrary this place make me feel more powerful than i feel anywhere else.Regardless how small we may seem in comparison to this we are still part of this power this grand mosiak and throughout it there is an amazing lack of nothing. there will always be a new horizon a new realm for a soul to drift into. A new race to meet a new adventure to undertake and a new beginning regardless of how far into the blackness the world seems plunged. The next time the beings we are fighting back home try to overwhelm you with their might and infinite existence remember this place remember that even those great old ones those pompous beings that claim ruler ship and unstoppable power are not much bigger than us in comparison to the great wealth of creation of which we are a part of. Take comfort that creation is not such an easy thing to snuff out. that there will always be existence be joy and sorrow be life and a place to find home and friends within." with his words the spheres began to flicker showing thousands of smiling faces brave heroes epic deeds and happy families. races she could not even recognize mixed with all those she could danced before her. Relief radiated through her psyche and for a flickering moment she thought she caught a glimps of her father and her mother through the looking glass and a pang of homesickness mixed with that relief. tears welled in her eyes. she turned and embraced her old Guide. taking comfort in the solidness of his presence in this ethereal place. " sometimes the lenses slip and we see things from the past and future as well in the spheres" he said quietly a single tear rolling down his own cheek as he gazed into the sphere eyes focused on images she could not guess. He wiped the tear away and looked away from the sphere not looking at it again the rest of the evening. “We will see them again soon” he said quietly

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Please Listen While Reading

Varrick sat in his office, hopelessly humming. He was finally getting back on track, though the pain and sorrow still haunted him each day. He looked over the boat construction schedule with a less than critical eye. The door opened giving him a reprieve from the monotony of paper work and the haunting thoughts that assailed him when he was alone and all was silent.

“Governor” the firm voice said as the door closed again. Varrick had to stand to see the small bear beyond his desk.

“Commander Tibbers, what can I do for you?” the bear strode across the room and climbed into the chair opposite him. He sat in silent for a long moment before speaking.

“It has been several months now Varrick, you have to start living again, it’s not healthy to lock yourself away” Varrick gave him a disapproving look before he spoke

“What can I do for you Commander Tibbers?” he repeated, informing the bear that any instances of informality were over and to get on with it.

“Just that,” the bear said “I am here on a mission from the Torrent, he is a little taxed and so I have been tapped. One of the girls, that you and Zhu’li rescued, is turning twelve next month and aging out of the orphanage…” Varrick looked at him skeptically but allowed the bear to continue “Normally increased efforts would be made to find a placement of adoption else a sacrifice would be made… unfortunately as you are aware, sacrifice is not an option right now, and no progress has been made on finding an adoption or placement for her” Varrick nodded

“So what does this have to do with me? Does the Torrent need a new home arranged for older youth? Cause my budget and man power is tapped, and you can tell him no new projects are starting until after the Dwarven assault…” the bear lifted a paw to cut off the Governor; he then reached into his satchel and pulled forth a scroll

“No, no new buildings or anything like that,” he opened the scroll and read “By high decree of the Torrent, Varrick Galespiri you are hereby ordered to take the human youth known only as ‘Cassie’ into your care until such a time occurs that the Torrent can find a suitable home or placement or until a proper sacrifice to Kelezandri is possible” Varrick was already shaking his head

“No, no, no, I am far too busy, and I’m not really in a place where….”

“Are you denying a High Decree from your Torrent?” the Commander asked without a touch of mirth in his voice. Varrick sighed but shook his head; he could not deny the church anything. “I thought not, then it is my pleasure to introduce you Cassie” he said the name loudly and the door opened “I’ll let you two get acquainted” the bear said as he climbed off the chair, nodded to the girl and left the room.

Please Listen While Reading

“Governor” the girl did a small curtsy as she stood just inside the door. She wore simple woolen breeches and a tunic, her hair was a dirty blond with dancing brown eyes. Varrick waved the girl forward, trying to figure out how he would get out of this. the girl looked approached his desk and gave him a large grin “Thank you for taking me in Goveneor, I am sure we will be great friends” Varrick raised an eyebrow at this, but the girl continued to grin and nodded “By the way… What did one wave say to the other?” she asked. Varrick resigned himself

“I don’t know what?”

“Nothing, it just waved?”

It started slowly, as the Governor actually snorted, then let out a little bit of a chuckle, and then it boomed into a hearty laugh, the first laugh he had since Zhu’li. He smiled at the girl reaching into his desk and pulling out a bag of dates and offering one to her

“Ok, you can stay for now” he said


16th of Patchwall or Miracle Day + 97

Chistles Point -

The Matron walked down the streets in a hurry with one of her military advisors, she was looking over the latest reports
“So they refuse to engage huh?” the Matron asked scratching her chin

“Yes, 18 encounters with Devils, and after the third every time they see our people they turn and run, aside from a few random aberrant skirmishes things have been quiet” replied the young dwarf

“That’s good for one of us…” the Matron replied “The hospitals are at capacity, without the ability to magically heal, there is little we can do from those severely injured, and they live a tortured existence, we are nearing the point where I would recommend putting them down, but as Rehumes attempts have shown, that isn’t possible… all we can do is make them as comfortable as possible” the young dwarf shuddered at the Matrons words… it was one thing to know you couldn’t die, but the idea of living a tortured existence should something happen to you, made everyone think a lot more carefully about how they went about their jobs

“How are we doing with the new wing?” he asked, the Matron pointed down the road

“Should be up before Talib’s Day, that should make things a little more comfortable for our injured”


Hansel took another sample from a Troll volunteer… it was fascinating how could their genetic make up just stop working, all of the regenerative cells had ceased to function. This made them worse off than any other creature, for they could not heal naturally, and had the same limitations on healing powers, meaning a Troll who was badly injured may well be more tortured than any other in the A of A. He placed a drop of the liquid under his scope and stared, then turned and looked to Moredakka shaking his head, the results were the same, Grown Trolls or Natural Trolls; neither had any regenerative powers left. This also led to other interesting side effects. The key components in spells of regeneration were troll hair or a nail clipping. Now any potion where the components were collected post Miracle Day had stopped working, Hansel had had to quickly confiscate all potions of regeneration that worked, he could mimic them for extreme need, but he was the only one currently able to do this. he looked down the aisle of his lab/hospital, here were victims that could not be saved and were in extreme pain that magic was used to keep the asleep, or volunteers to aid in the research, every Wiziard, Wizard of Thay, Sorcerer, Alchemist and Cleric that Rehume had to offer had been placed under his direct command to oversee the research. He was now in daily contact with High Port, Chistles Point, Pelagius, Tukin and even Don-Ton (who had become surprisingly forth coming with their research efforts around day 40) all of them trying to figure out what was causing this, and how to abate, control or stop it. The Clerics had not been much help either, the gods still granted spells, but had become oddly quiet on this subject, 97 days in and he was no closer to solving the mystery than when he had started. He ran his hand through his steamy hair and sighed

Dwarven Prison, eastern shore of Rubicon River 214Km South East of Rehume

Azazial shadowed Selwyn as she paced the halls, Selwyn was always nervous when the Urgoshmen were in the field, yet the older Angel had convinced the worried mother and Queen to allow them to do their job. The Queen showing up in a minor skirmish would indicate to the enemy that there was greater importance to the area and lead to more activity their later, she needed to it happen, but that didn’t stop her from worrying.

“Have you read the letter yet?” Azazial asked, trying to distract her. Selwyn looked up

“No, it has Raven’s mark on it, what if he is informing me she’s dead? I couldn’t bare that?” Azazial looked at her with hard blue eyes

“Read the letter, we are creatures of truth, hiding from it will only make you ill” Selwyn sighed but nodded, her mother was right, she pulled out the wrapped letter and broke the seal, before them a shimmering image of Soshana appeared, it began to speak

Mother, I hope this reaches you well, and Yolonda to.

It has been too dangerous with the G’Mork to send written letter, Raven has instead crafted this device, once you have heard the message it will allow to share one with me, then it will leave and seek me out… don’t ask how, I don’t know.

It’s been departure + 215 days for us, I know not how long has passed for you, but Raven assures me that it is not yet Sunsebb there. I miss you both terribly, and have often thought of turning and coming home, but something sustains me, perhaps the knowledge that neither of you would give up until your mission was complete. We searched the realm of the purple buffalo to no avail, another piece that just sent us on to the next lead… now we search for the realm of Fantasia that contains the Swamps of Sadness, as yet we have not been able to get there. Raven suggested cutting through the Fey Realm, as he can better move and navigate through there and it is the easiest way for us to shift between planes. Here we have had some amazing adventures, some gleeful, some not.

Last month we became in entangled in a series of events that led to myself, Xillian and Raven being shrunken down to no taller than two inches. Here we found an entire little kingdom of fairies, imps, and pixies… our adventures led us into the realm of the nearby kingdom of the boggytes (also tiny) who hate the fairies and everything to do with love. We managed to stop a massive (or minnie) war by heading into the bog lands to rescue the Sugar Plum Fairy (she is the only one who can brew potions of love). Unfortunately in the rescue attempt an imp stole a love potion and went through the land causing no end of trouble by causing all kinds of strange creatures to fall in love. This was driving the bog king to near madness as he so hated love, that we was ready to execute anyone who came under the affliction of the spell. Luckily Raven found out that the reason the Bog King so hated love, and the Sugar Plum fairy was that he had once used the potion to cause the one he so lusted for to love him, and it did not work… you see the antidote to the potion is true love, and it will not work on one who loves another, but the Bog King did not know that and so felt that he was so hideous that nothing could love him, and planned to steal love from all others. Through a series of fantastical events all was set to right, with the Bog King falling in love (and having it returned) to a Princess from the Fairy Kingdom, now the two kingdoms are being joined as one… we stayed for the wedding and my was it a fabulous event, with singing and dancing and foods that I’d never heard of… Raven performed the ceremony; it was a wonderful break from our quest, but soon after we had to get back on the road.

Now we enter the caves of the dwarves of Kattegat; these are not dwarves such as father and those of Argyle, but fey Dwarves… the Bog King had told us that he had visited Fantasia once and had found entrance through these hallowed caves, apparently no one other than gods or dwarves are permitted to enter, else they may never leave… but Raven pointed out that the Bog King was neither and he made it through, so we are going to give it a try. I truly hope all is well with you two; I miss you both so much. Please give my best to Prometheus and let him know that I have a new riddle for him when I return.

Love you both


Selwyn looked up at her mother as the image of her daughter vanished, not knowing what to think of the latest report.

Hanzuki Island, 117 km south of Rehume

The Former Fire Lord Sinon Ignatus surveyed the island, it was not large, maybe 10 kilometers around, but it had a natural harbor, and the war effort required a supply station here. He had six hundred loyal persons who had deemed to follow him after he has stepped down from his post. With the moneys he had and resources at hand the War Council had agreed to let him set up the way station and take over the island so long as he could meet their deadlines. He found the prospect refreshing, it had been almost two decades since he had actually be able to speak with workers directly and manage a project, he found he had missed this. he looked over at his beautiful fiancée, she wished to be married immediately, that he knew, but there was still some traditionalist left in him, he refused to be married until they had completed the new church to Yermi, they would be blessed within the walls of a new church on their new home. She had accepted that, so long as there were not too many more delays, she wished to be married before the child arrived, and in that he could agree.

Conversations with the Fire Lord Part 3

Yes a thousand times yes. I don’t love you for your title, I love you for you. Being the Queen of the Fire Nation would be nothing without you by my side. A loving father and husband sounds just about perfect. Wait, so that means you will marry me!?

Building a small manor and a little church, teaching the proper ways of Ymeri and raising our children sounds wonderful. But we also have a war to fight, Titans to free and we must continue with the fight to save Argyle and for the future of our family.

Of course I will have you, with all of my heart. You might think you have nothing to give me, that your hands are empty, but they aren’t empty now.

I love you.



Miricle Day pt 2

24th of Reaping 9am

Hansel looked around the table, Gary, Selwyn, Gyles, Nigel, Vulcanna, Moredakka, Azazail, Palom, Varrick, Duke Francis, Anamachara, Sonja, Lewis Lit and Calni were gathered to lay down the facts. Varrick snapped himself out of a haze, put together his scrolls and took the floor.

“Welcome all and thank you, we are here to discuss the Phenomenon known as miracle day. As of this point, Palanthalas, Rehume, Chistles Point, Don-Ton and Tukin have agreed to put resources towards the study of this event. Laboratories are being placed here in Rehume as well as Palanthalas, with the leading think tank members being: Moredakka, Hansel, Gary, Palom, Sonja, and Calni. Now I’d like to hand the floor over to Gyles with some Miracle Day Ramifications” Varrick sat in a bit of a slump after he finished as the short Halfling from Fluid Dynamics took the floor.

“This project has been declassified to the members of this room only because of how it relates to the event in question, all information given here is considered confidential…” he looked meaningfully around the room before continuing “… on the 23rd of Reaping a strike force from ___________…” no one had ever seen a man censor himself while speaking before it was hard to look away “… initiated Operations Kill Those Miserable Cthulhu Followers, some fifty eight targets were identified, assessed and a teams were put in place to end them, ________ had capability assessments for most of those on the list as _________ do for most residents of ________, ________ and of course ________. The execution orders were confirmed by ___________ at 2:37pm with all fifty eight action plans taking place less than six seconds after the order was given. All targets were rated well within their teams capabilities… not a single target was able to be killed…” he paused here to take a long drink of water “realizing the problem, the teams managed to secure 46 of the targets, which _______ has brought in for study, the targets are all alive, every known science of their anatomy and magic says that life is currently impossible, no I repeat NO sign of necromantic energy exists… still _______’s targets still live and those that still have appendages to do so and air to use, speak… this leaves us with two problems, one… the mystery of Miracle Day, and two… Enemies within Cthulhu’s ranks that cannot be killed and now know people are after them.” Gyles finished his speech he took a long pull from his flask, tossed his scrolls with his notes into the fireplace and spat the highly flammable alcohol onto them, in seconds the paper was ash, he then took his seat as the next speaker, Moredakka stood.

“Here is what we know so far… creatures like the trolls who have regeneration seem to have lost that ability, however they as well cannot die. Devils, Angels and any other creature known to be immortal, suddenly can not only be killed, but when they are they are not banished, they die; this puts are enemies at significant risk, but much of our army at risk as well. Also healing is a problem, each healing spells only seems to work once per person, then not again, this makes treating our wounded very difficult, and although currently has caused minor issues, projections show major long term ramifications if this does not stop. Also we do not know what will happen if the occurrence ends… will all those who should have died suddenly die? Is this the workings of our enemies or a gift from the gods?”

Azazial stood to speak to that “It is no gift form Gabrielle, though he loves us so, he did not bring this upon us, and whatever this event is has caused his gates to remain closed to us… our spells are still fuelled but he is silent on his counsel”

Hansel stood as well “Kelezandri stands in similar form, we are very sure this did not come from him, and the gate to his realm stands closed at this time, though he continues to power our spells and abilities”

There was murmuring within the chamber as many began to speak at once, the council waned on, as individuals were assigned areas of study, tentative plans on contingencies were made, and reports prepared for the civilian and war councils.

Mother to Mother

“I’ll kill him!” Selwyn growled as she read her letter from Raven. She looked over at the corpse on the floor, her mother who had pushed said corpse aside in order to pull out a chair and sit. And down to the letter once more. “Raven has whisked away Soshana, taken her on some quest, without my permission and will likely get her killed” she looked at her mother as she spoke. Azazial shifted in her chair trying to get comfortable.

“They really don’t take wings into account when they make chairs do they? How do you sit in these things?”

“Mom! I am serious!” Selwyn couldn’t help it; the stress and strain were bringing her to the breaking point.

“It’s part of growing up Selwyn, they are growing up faster, which means… they are growing up faster, you have to let them” the angel shifted again, and finally turned breaking the top end of the chair and sitting once more as if it were a stool.

“Getting whisked away by Raven Everlast on some god forsaken quest is part of growing up?”

“Yes, it is something that granted maybe not every girl, but most youth experience as they set out on adventures. If you told her no, she would have left anyway, only angry at you, if you forbid the Everlast from doing something it only makes him want it all the more. Let it takes its course… They will emerge on the other side as the best of friends, or she will be broken hearted, but either way she will return to you”

“I can’t just sit here while she is in danger?”

“Can’t you? And what would you do instead… track the Everlast across the planes… ha… one does not find the Everlast unless he wishes to be found. But for the sake of argument let’s say you did find him, let us say you arrived there, would you take Soshana by the arm and drag her home? That would forever drive her from you, she is a wise young women, she comes from phenomenal parentage… at least on her mother’s side…” she said the last with a teasing grin “…Gabrielle has put a lot of energy into those young ladies, trust him, trust the lessons you have taught her, and trust your friend, she will be back before we know it… besides, she is likely safer off plane right now until we figure out the nature of these Miracles” Selwyn wasn’t sure she agreed with everything her mother said, but decided she’d heard enough of the topic and was willing to move on, for the time being anyway

“how long are you staying?” she asked

“I don’t know, an immortal on the plane when it began, cannot leave until it is finished, I am as mortal as you are now, and cannot leave until this has been sorted… the good lord sent me to assure you were safe, and that is what I intend to do”

“I am hardly in danger, besides I have my shields, and my companions” the words held little weight with the dead assassin next to her, Selwyn pushed on “But I will appreciate the company, and the time to talk”

“As will I Selwyn, As will I”

Discussions with teh Fire Lord Pt 2

Please Listen While Reading

Sinon looked his love in the eyes as he heard her sobbing confessions. Still feel the burning love of her mythic prowess he gently ran his hand through her hair moving it gently behind her ear as he hushed her and held her solemnly. Only when she had finished, stated her cause and reasons and laid the truth out before him did he speak.

“Vulcanna, Reyna, Aryzul, Cthulhu, Yemeri…. It matters not. I love you” he held her in a long embrace just being with her in those long moments. Slowly his gentle hand reached below her chin and lifted it so their lips could meet. “hush my darling, all will be well, I know it” Vulcanna looked at him, a little embarrassed of the tears and blotchiness of her face, she looked at him, and perhaps for the first time truly saw the man, and not the pomp and circumstance that was the Fire Lord. He was older, but those eyes showed nothing but unyielding love for her, and at once she knew she was safe.

“What will you do? Your people will not accept me, and I do not wish to cause strife, but I cannot be a concubine” she asked him. He looked down at her and nodded, as she was quite right

“No, they won’t, and in times like these we cannot risk factions or dividing loyalty. There are too many stuck in the past, who would cause strife, not matter what our situations demand… fools will always be fools” he continued to stroke her hair has his eyes looked off into the fire weighing his options.

“Surely Yemeri will back you, she can’t want this rigidity in her dogma can she?”

“I believe you are right my love, but dogma, bureaucracy, law and tradition are so stifling in the land. It controls the church, the government, and the people… to fly opposed in its face, will only lead to us being killed, either in our sleep or as the people rise up against us… no there is another path we must tread” he leaned in and kissed her forehead before speaking again “I will give up the throne, Zuuko will replace me and assure we are not chased after. I have some small personal wealth, and some who are loyal to me alone and would move with us, we could build a small manor, maybe a little church, teach the proper ways of Yemeri and rear our young…. But I would be the Fire Lord no longer, would you still love me, want to be with me, if I were nothing more than a commoner? Nothing more than a loving father and husband?” he kissed her again and waited for her response.


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