Letters Home pt 1

Dearest Mother,

I have been tasked with a great and wonderful quest, as you are aware I have been invited to aid the Everlast in seeking Morla. He believes that this in turn could aid Argyle with the struggles ahead, I have agreed and even as I pen this missive we prepare to leave. Thank you mother for placing your trust in me and knowing that I can do this, it means a lot to me. Raven said he has magics that will assure our return to Argyle prior to father’s return, so I intend to be there to greet him with you. Please say my farewells to Yolonda for me and advise her patience and caution, I will miss you both so much. I am not sure when or how I will be able to get letters or missives through but will make every attempt to write and send word as often as I can. Please also look in on Prometheus for me, he puts up a brave front, but is so sad and lonely, he really needs friends (and less wine). I love you so much mother, be well and safe.

Your Daughter,

Soshana Sudari Giant-Slayer
Fellowship of Raven Pt 2

Soshana sat perched on the arm of Prometheus’s, in her usual spot, listening to the Titan sing a final dirge to the fallen. As it ended she wiped a few tears from her eyes but smiled at him, he was right; the singing truly did make you feel a little better. The titan leaned back reached over the side of the chair grabbing his barrel, as had become the tradition he stopped his barrel hovering near her so she could scoop a cup of wine out before he drank.

“Thanks” he said. She looked up at him inquiringly “thanks for being a friend, I have no one left, and you kindly come and sit with me, listen to my terrible harmonies and know how to enjoy a fine cup of wine” to that he lifted his barrel and drank. She blushed deeply but said nothing “Hello” a voice called from below, both Titan and Girl turned to see who had approached. From the shadows approaching the Titans great chair stepped the Everlast, behind him stood four other figures, though they were hard to make out in the evening light. Raven strode forward adeptly taking the pulse of the situation “Apologies for the interruption my friends… these past days have taken a mighty toll and I am remiss to deny any the solace of friend and drink, but if I may approach I come with purpose” Prometheus looked to Soshana who nodded, and the Titan waved the fey king over. As Raven approached the Titan leaned forward offering his hand as a platform and lifted Raven to the opposite arm, giving him a comfortable place to stand and the ability to speak and be heard without needed to shout his news across the land. Raven looked at the two now seeing them up close seeing her tear soaked face he asked “Soshana are you ok?” she nodded “Tears are the silent language of grief, and the day has been wrought with it” she said. Both immortals bowed to her words “Greetings Raven Everlast, It is said we understand death only after it has placed its hands on someone we love, my sympathies for your fallen family members this day, to see so many fey plucked from the realm…” The titan let thank hang their choosing instead to finish the thought with a long pull from his barrel. “That is in part at least, the reason I have come here” Raven replied “I cannot allow what happened today to continue, and I have been quested with a potential means to stop it, unfortunately this will take me from the plane for a time as the information required does not exist here, I am off to find the one called Morla” a long low whistle came from the Titan “Morla, it has been a long time since she has visited this land; she was old when I was young… I am sure I do not need to caution you Everlast when it comes to dealing with her” Prometheus said. Raven smiled “You need not my friend, though the sentiment is appreciated and taken to heart. I have come looking for aid in my quest, and instead of filling my ranks with stuffy immortals I am hoping that the exuberance and questioning nature of youth may have a part to play…” he turned to face Soshana directly “…If I may Princess, I am asking for your help, and your company on this expedition?” Soshana looked from Raven to Prometheus before she spoke “You want me to come? I’m not sure how much help I would be, Yolonda is better at this sort of thing, and more skilled in combat… I think maybe it’s her you want” Raven smiled at the girl “No, it is you, your inquisitiveness, your hunger for knowledge your outlook on life, if all I required was another blade there are thousands who could fill that role. What I need is your mind Soshana” she looked again from Raven to Prometheus “I don’t know, what do you think Prometheus? Should I go?” the Titan took a long pull from his barrel then he stared long and hard at the fey king standing before him “The winds of fate are blowing little Sosh, and when the universe wants you to move, there is not a force that is its equal to stop it. The things you could learn from Morla, the things that will become important on the planes… there are few teachers and guides better than the Everlast, so long as he gives his word that he’s looking out for you?” the last bit was directed more at Raven then Soshana. Raven nodded “I can assure you I will work hard to assure we all return safely, and arrangements have been made to assure we return before Yolo’s return, so do not let that bother you” Soshana smiled beginning to get excited “You should come to Prometheus! I can’t imagine we would get into any trouble with you around” the Titan chuckled at this but shook his head “This is not my quest Sosh… and I am needed here, now more than ever if the Everlast is leaving, the people below need me, the Avatars need me… my father needs me… and though it would be awesome to grab a board and ride the surf of the ethereal right where she merges into the astral oceans… that rides gonna have to wait for another day… go with Raven, keep your mind open and your wit sharp, bring us back something that will wrap of this war a lot quicker” she smiled and nodded promising to do so. “I will have to ask my mother before I go, I’m not sure she will agree” a tone of doubt washing over her excitement “Words have been spoken with your mother, write her a note showing you came of your own volition and all will be well” Raven said. To this Soshana smiled “Really? Wow… I guess I should get writing”

With a quick hug and fond farewell to the Titan she was lowered down to the ground and began rummaging through her pack for quill and ink to pen a letter. The Titan and Raven shared a long look, but no words were exchanged, both knew what was being asked and the stakes. Then Raven was lowered down to join Soshana. Within the hour the letter was penned and the Fellowship was set.

Decisions and Emotional Turmoil

Vulcana was still in turmoil. She had just asked the witch to leave as she had yet to make up her mind. But she knew in her heart that she could not choose an option that involved lying to the Fire Lord. She decided that the best thing would be to write down her thoughts on paper as if writing to the Fire Lord and then she could decide what to do.

Letter to Lord Sinon Ignotus

My Lord Sinon

Our night together was unexpected and unplanned but was one of the best nights of my life. We succumbed to our love and passion in a fiery and explosive manner. Your touch was like fire through my veins. You kindled me, heap of ashes that I was, into fire. The next morning, I learned that our coming together in such a way has created a spark of life, out of the ashes, new life has emerged. I am pregnant.

This pregnancy is obviously unplanned and unexpected. Our love made this child. Ymeri’s blessing made this child. This child must be a blessing of Ymeri otherwise why else would it have happened? Both of us came together to have a wonderful night, and we created something amazing together. Your seed is strong and will produce a child of the ages. She or he will lead the Fire Nation to even more greatness and power. What wonderful things she or he will do in her name.

I still wish you marry you but I know that as Fire Lord you are required to marry someone of virginal status and therefore I am now ineligible to be your wife. I love you but I do not know if I can bear to be your concubine or your mistress. I am the mother of your child and I deserve the respect that that entails. I believe our child deserves the legitimacy that a marriage would give it.

I wish to respect the traditions of the Fire Nation but in this respect I have obviously failed. I admit that I was unaware of the virginal requirement to be your bride and would not have passed it to begin with as I was not a virgin before we met. It was wartime and what happened was long before I met you and in no way should affect my present or future. My early years were very unconventional and I was not taught about love, sex or other matters of the heart. I considered my past irrelevant and has nothing to do with how I feel for you and what my life would be moving forward.

Is virginity before marriage truly something that you wish of women in the Fire Nation? Of followers of Ymeri? This is certainly something to aspire to but is not possible in all situations. A woman’s worth should not be assessed on her sexual “purity,” it should be assessed on her words, actions and their devotion to one they love, Ymeri and associated causes. Would a man be expected to keep to that level of purity, to such a high standard? Both of us are responsible for giving in to our desires that night.

I prayed to Ymeri and considered other options before speaking to you about this. I went back and forth, agonizing over what choice to make. Every option I considered just seemed wrong and involved me lying to you. I worry that my choice will anger Ymeri, but I just couldn’t lie to you. I’m sorry. I feel that I have let everybody down, especially you with this decision. I considered not telling you at all about the pregnancy, getting rid of the child by magical/medical means and then using magic to re-virginize myself. But I couldn’t do that, as my experiences in Ravenloft had left an indelible mark on me and I believe this pregnancy is a blessing of Ymeri. I considered magically transferring the pregnancy to another before the wedding and then transferring the pregnancy back after the wedding. I would have kept this a secret from you to avoid shame and scandal coming to us and our family. But I would have lived in fear for the rest of my life that someone would have found out. But with all of these options, I would be keeping secrets from you and what kind of marriage would be have based on secrets and lies?

I had hoped we could forge a new path, creating a new way of moving forward together. Maybe laws could be changed, new traditions could have been started. It would be difficult, it would be hard to convince others. But what only matters would be us and our love together. In the deepest depths of my heart I wish we could still marry, I wish we could marry this very night. You are the Fire Lord. You can do anything you put your mind to. I want us to fight for each other and to fight for our love. I saw us married in my vision in Ravenloft. At first I expected it to happen, then I thought it might happen, then I really wanted it to happen with all my heart. That was part of the reason I converted to the Fire religion, to be with you.

You were one of the only people to love and accept me as Vulcana and as Reyna. You wanted to be with me when I was a follower of the Old Stone and even the Great Old One. That shows courage and religious tolerance that I was not expecting. I hoped that that courage and acceptance would be present in this situation as well.

I wish that there could be a way for us to be together and marry. But as numerous people have told me, it cannot happen. The Fire Lord must marry someone of virginal status. My reputation and status will be ruined and am now unsuitable to be your bride. I do not wish to bring shame and scandal to you or the Fire Nation and I’m sorry if this does so. I wish you to keep their position, status and your honour and reputation.

I will leave you and go somewhere else on my own. I must accept the consequences of my actions, whatever they may be. But if you think it best, I will go somewhere safe and secret and not tell anyone except Ymeri about the pregnancy. I will continue to worship to Ymeri to the best of my ability and devote myself and the child to her worship. You do not need to be involved at all with this pregnancy or claim paternity. I’m sure you and your advisors can come up with some reason why we are no longer together. It probably would be a good idea for us not to see each other again. I hope you will still consider allying with the Army of Argyle against the devil, demons and aberrants. Please do let my actions reflect negatively on the extreme importance of their work.

I plan to leave shortly on a mission to free one of Ymeri’s Titans. I have failed you as a potential bride and I do not want to fail Ymeri. I will be broken-hearted and incomplete without you as my husband, but I will always remember our one night together fondly. Our fire burned brightly but I suppose it was just was lit too soon and burned out before we could fully realize our potential. I will love you until the end of my days. I hope you will be happy and find someone that is better suited to be your bride. I wish for the continued strength and prosperity of the Fire Nation and no one is better suited to be its leader than you. I wish you the best.

I want you to know my answer would have been yes. Goodbye.


Vulcana finished her letter and let out a long breath. She realized that she had been crying while writing it. Even after writing the letter, she was unsure if it was the right path for her. She knew she definitely wanted to tell the Fire Lord but was unsure of the next step. Could she accept being a concubine? Should she demand marriage or nothing? Should she go ahead and break it off with him? Should she just tell him about the pregnancy and her feelings about everything and her vision for the future and then figure things out together with the Fire Lord? She realized that before she talked to the Fire Lord or gave him this or any other version of this letter, she needed to some perspective. She really needed to talk to someone about her situation. She needed a friend. She cast a sending to Selwyn asking her to come by as soon as possible, she really needed her advice.

Miricle Day Pt 0.90

22nd of Reaping 11:59pm

Selwyn looked over another missive, her eyes were sore and she was exhausted, part of her debated staying the night in Rehume but she quickly tossed that notion aside. Now more than ever it was important for the people of Tukin to see her present. They had lost Sir Tristan, and with Sir Ambrose missing as well, her presence would be calming. She stood on to stretch but felt herself thrown forward as a pale blue flash of light filled the room. She used her momentum and turned it into a roll twisting and coming to her feet on the other side of her desk. She swords hung on the peg beside the desk, they would be too large to wield effectively in the room anyway


In a flash her trusty dagger was in her hand as she took stock of the situation, what she saw surprised her. Her mother, in all her divine glory had a garret around her hand but still held a bald little man by the throat his feet kicked ineffectively as he dangled in her grasp.

“HOW DARE YOU ATTACK MY ACCOLAID! YOU WILL KNOW MY WRATH HRUSHA!” Azazial did not speak with her own voice but with a booming power she knew to be Gabrielle’s. The solars hand tightened and soon there was a sickening squish and crunch as his throat collapsed and spinal cord crushed under her grasp. She let the man drop and turned to Selwyn quickly. “Selwyn, quickly, cut this thing off me and heal me before the hour bell tolls” Selwyn had many questions but rushed to do as she was bid, her knife cut the cord of the garret with ease and she drew out a potion giving it to her mother. Azazial wasted no time drinking it with gusto. No sooner had she finished than the midnight bell tolled. She looked on with undo worry as her wound closed before the bell finished ringing.

“Mother? What is this what is happening?” she looked to Selwyn and smiled as her wound now closed just as the final bell tolled.

“Miracle Day has begun my daughter, and where that is grand for many, those of us whom are immortal can no longer heal ourselves… the smallest cut will never clot and kill us. I am here to protect you until this has come to an end, and to keep some from doing anything stupid whilst this reins”

To be continued

The Fellowship of Raven pt 3

The Fellowship of Raven pt 3

“So, the fellowship is set, six of us to set forth” Raven said addressing is companions as they checked the straps on their bags and made ready to depart.

“Six? A very unlucky number Master Everlast, do you perhaps have room for one more?” Raven looked up and turned surprised, it had been some time since anyone had managed to sneak up on his, and longer still with Xillian, he was impressed. A grin split across his face

“Finnegan!” he spread his arms wide and moved to embrace the half elf who strode forward in a hurry to meet his friend half way, the two collided clasping hands and hugging. They had not seen each other since the rains of oil, and though Raven had thought on the young man he’d not the opportunity to seek him out. “How are you? Where have you been?” the half elf smiled at him holding him at arm’s length before responding

“Two steps behind you, my goodness you move quickly, and for one lacking the magical resources of the Everlast you are a hard one to track down. I was in Rehume hours ago, I beseeched your location, the populace had noted you spoke with the Titan and departed. After speaking with him, he’d made mention that you would likely need to stop here to drop off a note before departing, I called in a favor of a guardsmen who let me jump the Q and use the teleport circle (nice build by the way) to make it here. Now here we stand, you ready to wander the planes on an adventure and myself ready to follow” Raven grinned at the half elf once again for a long moment, then his face sombered

“I cannot ask you to come with me on this one Finnegan, the quest is dangerous and even I do not know where it may lead…” the half elf was quick to cut him off

“More dangerous than growing up in a devil encampment? More dangerous than breaking out of a devil encampment? More dangerous than the Gates of Erindale? or Ravenloft? Or a black oil of death raining from the sky? I appreciate the warning Raven, but do not seek to frighten me with dangers, I have seen my share and still wish to plod forward… besides, I am an extra set of eyes to aid you, and keep an eye on my niece” Raven looked him up and down once more and then the Half elf clinched it “Besides… Seven is a very lucky number”

“It is indeed, gather your things quickly my friend, we leave before the bell of the hour tolls” and with that the Fellowship was set

Moredakka Tree

Moredakka left the war council meeting in a foul mood, it had been a hard day, and no one was in the mood for any nonsense, unfortunately it appeared mood or not that he was going to get some. A small kobold stood outside the chamber holding a note for him, the kobold said that a human offered him a cookie to give the note to him; the human was very tall and had a grey hood. Kobolds were rather useless when it came to descriptions… after much questioning it appeared the kobold was less sure on the colour of the hood. The note was scrawled in common, it had no poison of magic on it so to speak, and he did not recognize the penmanship. Sighing he read the letter.


I know that sadness has overtaken you; it is hard when your two favorite fruits are not in season, I just so happen to have a small supply, and am willing to make a trade… please meet me alone on the 23rd of Reaping a the Tides Wash (in High Port). If your friends are there, I walk, if I sense a trap or scrying, I walk, if I feel like I am being threatened or tricked, I walk. But if our conversation goes well… it just may bare fruit.


Moredakka stuffed the note in his pocket and left to consider his next step.

The Fellowship of Raven pt 1

22nd of Reaping

Raven stood outside the mountain temple looking at his old friend, he had explained what Pan had said, laid out his plan to seek Morla, and now stood before his ancient friends asking him to join on this perilous quest. Xillian scratched his chin carefully before responds

“Of course my aid is always available to you Raven, but is this truly a quest you wish to undertake? Knowledge can be dangerous, and can wound deeper than any blade, I would counsel caution, assure you are in a place that is ready to receive before you go forth asking questions”

Raven smiled at his companion appreciating what he was trying to do, he decided to lighten the mood

“Dear Xillian, as we well know..: When my cue comes, call me, and I will answer, My next is, Most fair Pyramus. Hiegh-ho! Peter Quince! Flute, the bellowsmender! Snout, the tinker! Starveling! Gods my life, stolen hence, and left me asleep! I have had a most rare vision. I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what a dream it was… I must go” he finished with a flourish sure that Xillian understood his meaning, and that when an opportunity arose one must leap to take it no matter the risk. Xillian looked at him, his expression deadpan as he to cast his long memory back to the works of the great bards

“The undiscovered country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprise of great pitch and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action…” he nodded his head showing his quote finished before speaking once more “Raven, I do not counsel you to stay behind, merely be aware, the is a reason you do not know these things, and perhaps that reason is good… be prepared for the burdens that realisation may bring… undertake this quest from a place of calm, not a place of need, and our labours will bear more tasteful fruits, of this I am sure” with this he held up his hand, and Raven took it aiding him up from his seat, as the two entered the temple and made preparations to gather the rest of their company and set out on a great quest.

Miricle Day Pt 1

Miracle Day Pt 1
23rd of Reaping

“By the Fracking Balls of Dumathion where did they come from?” Major Evans of the Bashin Cyclones cursed as he surveyed the front. His company was north of North Hutt, assigned to keep the peace in the area, and provide protection for the Farm Land. Seemingly out of nowhere devils began popping in among his men and the farmers and attacking. He raised the alarm and send runners to North Hutt to gather the Goblins and the reminder of the 8th Dact Axes. “Form up men, protect the Civies and Holllllld!” he shouted as he felt a Devils glaive slice through his chain shirt, cutting from his lower hip across his back to his neck. He staggered forward and fell.

Commander Makner listened to the runners report once more before asking questions

“How many were there?” he asked

“Hard to say sir, at least a hundred of them when I left, though with the teleporting it’s hard to say for sure”

“And when did this all begin?”

“Took me about ten minutes to get here sir” the Commander didn’t like that, he’d already raised the alarm and his men would be suiting up, but it would take at least five minutes to get under way, and another fifteen to jog is men back, and that was at best. One Hundred teleporting bearded Devils would make short work of a surprised company and a fifty or so farmers in that time.

“Have the men bring litters and shovels” he ordered to one of his aids as he nodded to the messenger and began suiting up himself. He knew that the devils would be long gone once he reached the top of the hill, and that his men would likely be slaughtered to the man, they were on a body collection mission not a rescue.

The Commander and his men were working their way up the last rise, approaching the infamous farm fields. They had made decent time, all said they were under twenty minutes from the original attack, he had about five hundred Dactyls with him and another sixty or so Goblins. He had not had any hopes for survivors, when he heard it.


A flash of light and a puff a smoke appeared from over the hill. The type a devil made when being killed. The commander stopped for a moment and listened… he could hear yells and the din of battle still begin waged.

“By Hithilums mighty beard those stubborn bastards!” a grin spread wide on his face… it was near unbelievable that a surprised company of ill equipped Dactyls would hold for so long against such numbers, but hearing was believing “Well lads, our boys are kickin up there, let’s show them some support… I want the Humpacks and the Forresters fanning out on flanks, everyone else, drop packs here and double time it, our boys be needin’ us…. CHARGE!” he roared as his men dropped their packs and shovels, drew weapons and ran over the hilltop to rescue their brethren.

Mordakka looked to Selwyn, Alana and Nigel putting down the last parchment of reports. It was disconcerting and he didn’t know how to feel about it. All in all it was a pretty standard day. Thirteen minor skirmishes across the entire army… a few random demons still causing trouble in the Elfin woods got the jump on his trolls, Devils poking at the upper lines and trying to whittle down logistics, abberants and devils pushing at the mobile front and testing river defenses, it was all standard stuff… what was shocking were the casualty numbers. Zero, not a single death, and in many cases they’re should have been many, form the reports on some of the wounds these men and women should by all reasonable accounts be dead, but they weren’t, they had survived and were conscious, still in pain but alive… what did it mean?

Offers of Magical Surragcay Pt 2

The elderly women listened to Vulcanna carry on for quite some time before offering a response.

“My Deary, listen well, for my years are too far advanced for me to be repeating myself. The first step to secrecy is to limit those who know of our arrangement. You cannot go tell the Fire Lord… to do so would be an act of treason, to ask him to deceive his nation knowingly, his honour would never permit this, you know this as well as I… you would quickly be cast aside and both would forever more live without love. We can tell know one save each other of this arrangement, tis the only way to be sure.

All that I offer you is a chance young one, beyond that you will have to do the work… spells such as regenerate may bring heal a women’s hymen, there are a few other avenues you could pursue… these are not problems of mine. My recommendation should we make an arrangement is you marry as soon as possible and then find a reason why the babe is born when it is, all you need to do is pass the inspection on your wedding night, from there, concoct whatever tale you require as to your childs quickened arrival. The babe will be born in a normal term, my magic simple moves it from one host and back”

She leaned backed in her seat quiet for a moment contemplating the string of questions she had been asked before continuing

“As for a fee, or my own means… HA… I am but a simple hedge witch who happens to have the exact spell you need, do not take me for an all-powerful sorcerer who can live for eons, I am human and my time will come within the next decade perhaps a few years more should I live favourably. Please also do not take me for a fool young one, my ability to cast this spell is all I have, I will not be sharing any of its secrets with you until after our arraignment it done. I wish a house of a larger size purchased for my use, equipped with servants enough to run it. I wish foods and wines provided and as well as a monthly stipend of 500gp. I wish this guaranteed until my dying day or until I choose to no longer accept it.

As for the terms of the agreement, I will have you write a letter in your own hand and words, signed and sealed detailing this agreement and the terms around it. I will keep a copy to assure you keep up your end of the bargain. You will have my life I am sure should I attempt to double cross you, your skills and that of your allies is well known.

What say you Vulcanna? Can we work together on this? or shall I leave and attempt to secure my future elsewhere?”

Offers of Magical Surrogacy

You said your name was Urra Musaki? Urra, thank you so much for your generous offer of assistance. Ymeri be praised for sending you to me in my time of need. But I have several questions for you if you would not mind answering before I give you my decision. This is a very big decision that I must think about and cannot be taken lightly.

Please tell me a little about yourself. What you are offering is a very intimate act and involving very powerful magics. I feel we should get to know each other in order to make sure we are both willing to enter into such an agreement. I get the feeling you know a lot more about me than I know about you so I hope you would be willing to let me know a little bit about you. I am very interested. If we did make this agreement, I hope we could become friends or at least maintain a cordial relationship.

Would this spell allow me to pass the required “virginity” tests required at the time of proposal and wedding? This agreement would be for naught if I wasn’t able to pass these tests.

How would the timelines work out in your proposed scenario? I do not know when the wedding would take place, it could take months or even years. How could a pregnancy be sustained for that long? Even if the Fire Lord and I could get married relatively quickly, how could we make it work so the baby could be transferred back to me at the right time (to keep with the timeline for a nine month pregnancy originating from the wedding night)?

What is the small fee that you would request for this surrogacy agreement? Also, can you specify what exactly your standard of “living in comfort” entails? Your view and mine might differ on this. Do you mean a one-time monetary payment? A yearly pension? Free lodgings? Free food? Position at court? Living at court? I believe this would need to be agreed upon before any agreement is completed.

I absolutely agree that if I accept your offer that you should be compensated. But you have asked that I see that you live out the rest of your days in comfort. Forgive me for my bluntness and indelicateness, but someone with your advanced magics would surely have the ability to extend your life expectancy, possibly indefinitely, possibly beyond my own life. If I should die before you, I would not be able to personally fulfill the terms you have requested. Also, what if you decided to leave the plane, I would not be able to ensure the same level of comfort that you had on Argyle. Alternatively, what if circumstances beyond my control affect my ability to ensure that you live the rest of your days in comfort? For example, what if the Fire Nation was conquered or defeated, or Argyle succumbs completely to the devil, demon and aberrants, if the Great Old One is successful at destroying Argyle, etc.

What if something should happen to either of us before the 2nd transfer? It might be a good idea to teach me the spell as well, in case something happened to you and you were unable to perform the spell. Can you tell me what materials are required for this spell? How long does it take? Will the fetus be affected in any way by being transferred twice?

How could we ensure that this agreement stays a secret and no one else finds out? I would need to keep you close and what would we say you are to me and how you are able to live in such comfort? A servant? A long lost friend from my past? A lady in waiting?

What would be the terms of our agreement and how can I ensure that we both keep up our ends of the bargain? What would happen if either one of us did not keep up their end of the agreement?

I must talk with the Fire Lord in private about this. I may be willing to deceive a nation but I am not willing to deceive my love. Also, his knowledge and financial resources will be needed for me to fulfill the terms of the agreement.

I apologize if I am overburdening you with questions. As I said before this is a very big decision and I want to make an informed decision.


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