Rune Wat Pt 20

18th of Patchwall 4:42am – Southern Swamp Front

“Moredakka, these conditions are worse than we thought, It is heavily taxing our magic to keep this pace, we will be much slower on the withdraw, and if we are fighting while pulling back?” the words came from Sir Venus, King Francis’s personal knight and commander of the Honalian contingent/ King Francis had offered five hundred knights to aid Moredakka in the withdraw. He had also scrounged up another twelve hundred infantry, which the King and nobility were personally commanding at the extraction site. If they had to return to the extraction point being chased by demons and devils, there would be fresh well dug in troops waiting to meet them and allow them to conduct an organised withdrawal. Moredakka nodded, it had been almost 32 miles back from where they thought the camp was that they had managed to port in… even their the mages said was a barrier but it was weak enough for them to breach consistently. Moredakka was pushing a forced march, through the terrain he expected it would take some twenty or so hours to reach the besotted camp, and then they would have to fight off whatever the camp was up against, collect them into a travel group, carry or mercy kill the wounded and get out… all with these creatures chasing them. Moredakka only nodded the knight’s words were astute but there was nothing to be said about it. Sometimes you had to go into a shitty situation and just deal with it, and that was what today was… to top it all off if they were successful they would have to turn around and do the whole thing again twice more. Likely even faster, Moredakka had no doubts that as soon as the southern front had truly escaped a large number of the enemy troops was turn and run towards the central and northern fronts making the situation there even worse, his people would have to get there first and evacuate them as before the demons could travel the distance.

“Have some men do what they can for the nastier sections, draining the water, knocking trees for bridges, anything that will speed us up a little on the retreat, remember most of the Dactyls don’t make more than three feet in height, we don’t want the drowning just cause we wadded across a pool to get here… flag the trail and leave no more than fifty men trailing us to get this underway.” The words came to Moredakka and he spoke them as he thought knowing the tactics to be right. Sir Venus didn’t argue he merely nodded and dropped behind to select a mixed group of trolls and knights to get the job done. Moredakka swatted a gnat and sighed, it was going to be a long day

Rune War Pt 19

17th of Patchwall 10pm – Mountains of Dwarf Gate- West of Tukin – Village of the Five

Selwyn surveyed the scene, what a mess, she had hundreds of unconscious dwarves and dactyls here, no real sign of what happened or why. It wasn’t a large scale attack, there would be more blood, tracks and bodies, but who or what had done this, and why… that still remained a mystery. She looked over as Yolonda jogged up.

“General” Yolonda offered a stiff salute, this was stills mothing they were working on, few in her army called her general, they usually referred to her as Her Majesty or My Queen, but it felt odd for both of them to have her daughter say that, yet Mom was also not acceptable in formal or battlefield situations, it would take some getting used to, and she knew how important to Yolonda it was that she not be shown favoritism.

“Go ahead Lieutenant,” Selwyn offered

“We have brought in most of my and your shields to bolster the area, as well as a few medics and three units from the Squashin Humpbacks, they were just hanging around Tukin so we thought we’d put them to work. There is a civic building across town that we have moved the unconscious into and secured for the evening, tomorrow the Saxons and Sasquatches should be able to start porting them back to Tukin for better security and medical attention. We will however need at least a battalion, if not two sent up here if we want to keep this region secured and the mine open.

Selwyn nodded at the news, it was what was expected

“I will send out orders to the 23rd Dact Hammers when I get back, they can start working their way up here and relieve the shields within the week.”

“General, The mine is about two hours out of town, I have been told that often they will do three days in the mine and three days back in town rotation, depending on when this occurred there could be survivors holed up there… With your permission we would like to send two units to explore and secure the mine, checking for survivors and assuring no tampering or problems arise”

Selwyn was already nodding it made sense “Granted”

“General, I would also further like to point out that weather system moving in, if those clouds hold snow or rain, we could lose that blood trail” Selwyn sighed, she had been thinking similar thoughts and hoping the wind would change, no such luck, and she still couldn’t count on how long she would be without spells, the blood trail might be the only way to find the five and get her people back. Yolonda continued “With your permission I would like to take two units and follow the trail on a recon mission” there was a long pause

“Make it three units…” she held up her hand to stave of argument “…whatever came through here took on a battalion and five hundred more shields, asking you to bring thirty men is not excessive. I want this to be recon only, if possible do not engage, find out who or what did this, how many they are and if our people are alive, then get back quick and let me know. I won’t risk the five on an under manned rescue mission, and I will want to speak to whoever is behind this… is that understood?”

“Yes General” Yolonda said giving a brisk salute

“Dismissed” Selwyn said watching as Yolonda turned and hurried back to her unit. She shook her head, too much happening too quickly. She turned to one of her Captains “Take me back to Tukin please, there is nothing more I can do here today, and we still have the Rune War to prepare for”

Rune War Pt 18

17th of Patchwall – Somewhere between the Northern Hill Front and Central Command – 9:59pm

Anamachara walked slowly singing her hymn as she descended the hill towards the devil legion. Normally the Avatar of Ice held a cool confidence, today wasn’t like that however. She wasn’t sure of her course, was off keel as Aleau had been fond of saying. She tried to force the doubts from her mind. If she could save her people, and the wild elves and dactyls, it would be worth it. She sensed more than saw the presence of the imps, felt them detecting her magic’s and identifying her. In very little time they were racing back to their Lord to tell him what approached. She pushed her shoulders back and inhaled the icy air around her. ‘Fake it till you make it’ she thought as she let her spear point drag, creating a chilling noise as it cut and bounced along the rocks and ice below. She struck a stride that bespoke of uncaring confidence and she “casually” made her way towards the enemy line. Only one devil assailed her before she reached her destination, she supposed he had not received the memo; she killed him with her bare left hand, unwilling to lift her spear for such a worthless creature. She shouldn’t have been surprised, and yet was to see the devil line open for her, creating a twenty five foot wide aisle for her to walk. She continued her saunter down the devil made path pacing herself, maintaining her aura of cool as she approached Nefruitus’s personal entourage. He was an impressive specimen; standing almost sixteen feet tall, his leathery skin started as a coal black at his back and wings and turned to a ruddy volcanic red as it reached his middle. He wore a great breastplate emblazoned with his sigil and crafted from the fires of hell. He held aloft a twenty foot obsidian trident in one hand and a great round dragon hide shield in the other, he wielded it in such a way as a gladiator might wield a buckler. He had a great helm that was fitted around his horns, and armored spiked plates on his wings and tail. He had an arrogance forged from victory, he was a creature that had seen millennia of battle and torture and had rose to the top because of it, this was not one to be trifled with.

“Nefruitus, I am here to kill you, you pigged face coward!” Anamachara shouted at him, it was best to start negotiations from a neutral stand point, so she had toned things down significantly. The devil looked at her and offered what she could only assume was a smile, instead it was more akin to a sneer, the kind a grin a pedophile might make when buying candy to later seduce small children with, it immediately made her skin crawl.

“Anamachara of Train Lair, Formally Fionavar of the sub elfin clan of Silverfish, was raised in most by Higher Elven creatures in the pisshole Equestiran pile of excrement of Oaken Glen, a town she later abandoned allowing most of its inhabitants to die horribly at my hands; thank you for that by the way… Shadowslayer wanted me to tell you ‘Oh god, oh gods… please make it stop’… Now this cowardly little kitten of distress suckles the flaccid cock of he who impotently pretends at godliness, the ‘Lord’ of water. He that is so desperate that he would make you and a useless fey his ‘avatars’… but of course not without a man to supervise and direct you two… yes I know of you little Annie, and your threats only demean you… speak your business while you prostrate yourself for my taking, perhaps then this won’t be a total waste of my time”

Anamachara barely heard the final words, were it possible, she was sure her rage would have melted her, yet still she knew if she attacked before she had a deal she would be slain by his hoards… nearly vibrating at the extreme effort she managed to suppress her anger for the moment and speak.

“You dare blaspheme in the presence of an AVATAR! I AM ICE! I AM THE WEAPON OF HE WHO IS WATER! THE BRACKISH EMPORER WILL NOT SUFFER YOUR PRESECNE ON THIS PLANE ANY LONGER! I CHALLENGE YOU NEFRUTIOUS!” she felt power in her words, she knew them to be truths, her Lord was angry and once again a small level of confidence crept back, when he was with her truly there was nothing she could not achieve.

“Oh you challenge me do you… I should just leave my thousands of troops here, and fight you one on one like some kind of demon prince moron? You will have to do better than that little Annie, your act begins to wane on me, make this worthwhile or I shall entertain myself gambling at how long you last against my legion.”

“You would risk an entire legion against me? that would leave you with no men for the fight ahead, and I have two Avatars who will be more than eager to seek you out without your creatures to hide behind… they would quickly seek to avenge me” at this the devil paused and sized up Anamachara, as his eyes danced up and down her body he licked his black lips in a horrific fashion.

“And all you wish is a battle, you against I… no help from either side?”

She nodded

“Should the Everlast appear and aid, whether you wish him to or not, it will void our deal in all forms”

She nodded

“If I should defeat you, your soul must answer three questions about this war to me, honest and true” she paused for only a half second before responding

“But If I should win… and UNTIL I win or lose, your army cannot advance on or attack any of the A of A armies”

“In the Rune War” he added quickly. She was disappointed he’d caught that but it was too much to hope otherwise… she needed time for Scouts to warn central command, time for the elves and her men to extract themselves. She looked at the cruel beast, and nodded. He smiled his disgusting, vile smile once more… “then we have a deal… prepare yourself for battle elfling, your end is neigh”

Anamchara whirled her spear into the ready position and took up an offensive crouch, Nefruitous laughed a chuckle that would make angels cry, and the battle was begun.

Little Breathign Room Pt 2

“Cat, Wake Up!” the calm voice was as a dam holding back a raging torrent of emotion, it came in a sharp whisper. Catalina’s eye slowly opened as she acclimatised to her surroundings

“What time is it?” she said as she began to yawn, there was an early pre-dawn glow, but it was still far earlier than Catalina normally rose “What are you…” her voice was cut off as Brook clamped a hand over the sleeping girls mouth. Catalina looked into Brooks ice blue eyes and saw her intensity, saw her urgency and that this was not joke. She nodded to her step sister indicating that she was now fully awake and realised that silence was of the essence. Brook removed her hand leaning forward to offer the faintest of whispers into her ear.

“The Temple is under attack…” Brook stopped Catalina from interrupting knowing her questions before she could answer them “I don’t yet know by who. I don’t know where Lucile is, she was not in her bed. You and I need to get out of here, once we are safe we can observe them and know what they are up to and where Lucile is, if she hasn’t escaped already… quickly put on some warm clothes, your boots and anything you need for your magic, understood” again Catalina nodded, Brook gracefully hopped off the bed and moved back to peak out the cracked door. The temple was silent; the only noise was the faint howl of the wind from outside. Within moments the two were ready, Catalina moved to the window expecting to climb out, Brook shook her head “They are too good not to have someone watching from outside, maybe a sniper, and there is too much open ground on this side of the temple, let us cross to the western end of the temple, slip out the window in the training hall and disappear into the garden and down the cliff” Catalina nodded liking Brooks cool logical thinking. Again the agile elven monk looked to the door for what seemed like an eternity, finally she gave the smallest of hand gestures and the two slipped into the hall. Catalina was no monk, nor had she trained with any real severity with Xillian, but one does not travel with Xillian or the Everlast without at least learning the basics of stealth. Across the upper landing they worked dancing from shadow to shadow, hiding behind tapestries, bookshelves and busts. Carefully they approached the old laundry shoot; Brook daintily held it open as Catalina crawled in, with a whisper of a spell Catalina became an expert climber and silently descended the old shoot dropping nimbly into the wash room. She looked up and nodded telling Brook is was clear and the monk dropped silently beside her. The two crawled from the room, keeping below the counter sightline for cover until they crossed the kitchen and dining room and approached the western training hall. Brook glanced into the room. “Do you have a spell that will make us invisible?”

“Yes, but it will only last about 30 seconds” Catalina said feeling disappointed that her magic was not of greater use

“Fair…” said Brook “…save it until we are ready to go outside… there are two hiding in the room, silence the door so none will hear us, let’s take them out quick and quiet, than we go out the window… ok?” Catalina nodded and quickly cast the spell, it would not block all the noise as its radius was only around the door way, but the stone walls would muffle anything originating from inside the room. Brook sprang into action, and with some work the two girls came out on top, though their battle had been louder and longer than they’d wished. Brook sprang to the window ledge pausing just long enough for Catalina to cast her spell, than she jumped down, Catalina quickly cast again and followed, seconds later they were in the gardens and hiding behind a bench. Catalina was ready to push onwards to the cliff but Brook stopped her gesturing for her to look and listen.

From their vantage they could see around to the front of the building, and as they crouched four men dragged an unconscious Lucile out of the main doors, another two carried bundles of scrolls, Master Xillians scrolls.

“Very good my friends, very good indeed” a short bald man who’d been waiting outside said to the newcomers.

“She put of a heck of a fight, taking her alive was not easy” said one of the newcomers, the bald man strode forward and held up Lucile’s unconscious head to better study it. the newcomer continued to speak “We found the scrolls and books you spoke of, we also found two cats and an old dog, they have been taken care of, the other two girls however…” he let the words hang out there as the bald man continued to turn Lucile’s face from left to right

“Pretty little thing isn’t she? It’s a damn shame…” the words were spoken more to himself than to anyone else, but then the bald man looked up and made eye contact with the newcomers. “Fair enough, they are apprentices of the Everlast and Xillan, that likely makes them relatively good at evading capture…” he turned looking towards the gardens casting his eyes back and forth, it took every ounce of control within Catalina to stay calm, but she could remember the Everlasts advise

“Don’t move, even when you know they’ve seen you. People see movement before they see and often will bluff, if they know where you are let them come and get you, don’t make it easy by walking out to them… besides the shadows has always been friends on mine, better to fight amongst friends no?” Catalina took a breath and held stark still, she was sure that the bald man could see them, he was looking right at them, but at long last his eyes drifted past them and back to his own people speaking in a louder tone than before

“Take the women and scalp her, leave the hair here on the main path for the Everlast to find. She and the scrolls are prize enough” with that the bald man turned to one of his companions, whispered some words and began to walk down the path away from the temple. Catalina was shocked as she several more men approach, they held sledge hammers and crowbars and began smashing doors, windows, lattices and art. She almost cried out… the decades that Xillian has spent restoring it, and in the short time she’d lived here it had become her home. Brook leaned in and whispered to her

“Go to the cliffs, use your magic if need be, but get down to the sea as fast as you can, find a White Raven, put up signs on message boards, ask in inns… if there are none in the village try to find a worshiper of Kelezandri, they should be able to get either you or a message to Rehume… we need Raven Everlast” Catalina nodded but caught the obvious

“Please Brook, come with me, you have to know it’s a trap…” Brook interrupted her quoting Raven

“Step One… identify the trap… Step two…”

“Spring the Trap” they whispered in unison, there was a momentary smile between them but Catalina was not ready to let the matter drop

“There are too many of them, you have nothing to prove here… come with me, we will get help and come back together” Brook looked at her sister with a stern look

“I can’t… those are Master Xillains private scrolls and books, not even I have read them yet… somewhere in there lies the secret to immortality and there is no way I am going to let that bastard become an immortal… I will follow them and sneak in and steal or burn the books at the first opportunity, if I can help Lucile I will, but if not I am counting on you to bring help. You can scry me when you have Raven and that is how we will find Lucile and bring these worthless vagrants to an end.” The two shared a long sisterly hug before splitting up and heading their separate ways.

Little Breathing Room PT 1

A light dusty of snow danced in the winds as Master Zaheer came over the last rise, he turned to his closest compatriot,

“Hrusha be praised, what beauty we offer on this day” the women beside him smiled and nodded, they continued their trek. It was not long before they turned the final bend and it came into view

“Behold my friends,” Zaheer proclaimed waving his hands ahead of him “the Temple of Si Feng, home of the teachings of the Four Winds” the temple was aged and though there was evidence of recent repair. It had a natural flow to it, sitting comfortably sheltered by the final peak of the mountain and yet offering an expansive view. The women who’d be walking with Zaheer turned to him

“Are you sure of this Zaheer? If we do this there is no turning back” she looked imploringly to the monk, he shook his head at her seeming somewhat remorseful

“Alas my love our course is set. A lesson must be taught to those who pontificate the tenants of neutrality only to than firmly take side.” As Zaheer finished he waved his men forward and the group began to spread out and slowly surround the temple. Zaheer continued his causal approach with his lover

“It is said that Master Quan Shi was given rich powers over the elemental forces of Argyle, and that he alone was offered the elemental gift of immortality, but then he foolishly shunned the Great Primordials who had given him such a gift. In their great mercy the Elemental Lords offered his one last chance to renounce his heresy and admit that the power he’d gained was theirs and not derived from himself, or nowhere. The old master in his arrogance refused, and so was taught a lesson and quickly he and his order were wiped from this plane of existence, leaving only this old building to attest to who truly was mightier… now it appears that this Xillian has not read his histories, and so is doomed to repeat it…” he looked to his men now in positon and spoke in a louder tone so that they may hear him “Bring me the Elven women, the two girls and the scrolls and books from within… kill anyone else you find… once this is done, I want the Temple destroyed”

The followers of Hrusha nodded and quickly set about their tasks as they descended on the Temple of Si Feng.


17th of Patchwall – Northern Hill Front – 11:52pm

Cee-Teera looked at his scout who just shook his head, sorry to disappoint the noble Pathfinder and yet having no other choice.

“There is no way we can march though the gap Cee-Teera, perhaps some and I state that SOME of our people may be able to slip through, but there is barely two hundred yards between the lines of the demons and Oni. We would be spotted for sure, and quickly flanked on both sides… we must go back” Cee-Teera made a sharp cutting motion with his hand as he hissed through gritted teeth

“There is no going back, devils behind us, demons to the north and south, every other pass is blocked… we either thread the needle or we fight, and we are in no shape for a real fight” he looked at his scouts and braves, they did not argue his point, but still their appeared no other solution. Cee-Teera gritted his teeth to hold in his anger; if they had to die in a useless fight he would have preferred the death against Nefruitous than here against some unknown rank and file creatures. He sighed a long low breath and shook away the doubts. “Gather my chiefs… find two hundred of our best warriors, everyone else with strength of body and fleetness of foot is to be carrying a wounded or fatigued solider. I will lead the attack against the demon line, Chief Feevaro you will lead the attack against the Oni, we will show them the ferocity of the wild elves, we will push them back and old them whilst our companions thread the needle.” The gathered elves nodded and quickly went about their work, it was a noble thing to die in battle with the Pathfinder, Fendibar at Hrock, Mocteera on the river bank of Pelegious and now Cee-Teera on the Northern Ridge of the Rune War, history would be forged this night.

Within twenty minutes the column was aligned with the needle and the two strike forces were prepared to go. Cee-Teera was just finished giving final instructions to the Oni force as he hefted his axe. The mighty axe of the Pathfinder, he debated sending it with those fleeing so that his people might not loose such a powerful artifact. He shook his head, the next Pathfinder would have to come find it; that was there way, he or she who found the horn and the axe would take up the mantel of Pathfinder. He looked down on the ram’s horn that sat on his hip. Could this be it? Was this his time of great need? He did not wish to betray the trust of the Grandfather Ram, but strangely he felt drawn to the horn as if this truly were a cause worthy to call the ancestral creature forth to give guidance and aid. He pulled the horn and brought it to his lips, he was charging the line anyway, and if nothing else it would bolster his people to hear the notes of their people on his lips. Cee-Teera inhaled deeply, check to assure all was ready and then let forth a might blast of air into the horn

No sound emanated

Instead a deep cold frost fell mist erupted from the horn, and kept coming forth, filling the area and trickling throughout the woods and hills. Above great heavy snow clouds rolled in blotting the moon and stars. The fog was so thick that one could barely see his hand in front of his face.

“What is this?” the pathfinder whispered, but again was shocked as the thickness of the fog seemed to muffle the noise. Then he saw it, ahead of him, coming from the mist was the Grandfather Ram. The tall majestic creature stood at least 6 feet tall at the shoulders with thick white wool and large spiral horns. It snorted as it nodded to Cee-Teera urging him to follow. Cee-Teera quickly turned and found an elf behind him


“New Plan” he said just loud enough to be heard by the elf “The entire line will hold hands and follow me, I know which path to take” the elf did not argue, and soon the line was slowly moving through the dense fog and snow following the Pathfinder, who swore he could see the Grandfather Ram

Everyone Loves a Side Quest Pt 2

Yolonda and her team did not spread out; they looked over the village with disbelief. For about 5 minutes they explored drinking in the scene and putting together what had happened. It appeared about a third of the village, the part that held the main barracks and smithies had burnt down, the fire had spread for a few hours, than died out, likely in the storm that had hit two days ago. There were a lot of bodies three quarters of the Key Masters, Miners, Guardsmen’s, Gate Keepers and Smiths Shields were found dead, many of them fully armed and battle ready with throats slit… there with blood marks and drag marks as well, likely of fallen enemies heading into the rest of the village, but no sign existed of the bodies or identity to these enemies yet. No sign either of any of the 5, nor of their remaining guard, Yolonda could only pray that they were not among the rubble of the burnt out buildings. The odder part was that of the remainder of the village. About a third of the villagers, and the other battalion were just missing, gone. The rest were here, alive and unconscious again many were armed and equipped, most held weapons in hand, some bloody and some with signed of burn damage, and yet still there was no sign of any enemy.

“Do you want to wake them? Ask some questions?” a corporal asked

“LT, we got a pretty clear blood trail over here, couple days old, but very followable, you want us to run it down?” a private offered. Yolonda debated for a few moments before shaking her head to both suggestions

“No, we’ve seen enough and this place makes my skin crawl. Something’s not right here, but there is no immediate threat to Mom… er… I mean the Queen. Line up folks, we’re porting back to Tukin, let’s get the whole company out here and do this one proper like.”

With that the scouting party teleported back to Tukin, offering their incites and awaiting further orders.

New Old Freinds pt 3

Theiraqule waited calmly for some time, he stretched and looked up at the sun then back to the doors leading from the garden into the palace. ‘odd,’ the dragon thought ‘typically that elicits some sort of response’ for some time the creature pondered whether it was correct to go back in, or if waiting was the better course, finally it was decided that conversation should be renewed. The creature shifted once more shrinking down. Elfin features were still a more enjoyable form, though this time she went with dark brown hair instead of sandy blond, the blue eyes of course stayed, but she decided at the last minute that if she was speaking with a female knight perhaps approaching as female would be better than male. Her tunic, breeches, cloak and boots were all the same, but now she looked more akin to a tattooed wild elf, than the tall half elf male. Cautiously she took a step towards the doors, but almost as she did they swung open. On the other side was once more Sir Umfrey and his squire Brook, Sirs Gales, Johannes, Isabelle and three others she did not know also appeared in tow. At the centre was once again Sir or Queen depending on how you looked at it Selwyn, with several of the unnamed gnome like creatures and now a couple dwarves. As a side thought she worried, why had none of the gnomes been named, she certainly hoped that they were not seen as lesser creatures, slavers always made it hard for Theiraqule to be friends. Theiraqule quickly debated whether she should turn back to the dragon now… but decided against it… the effect was lost… patience she scolded herself

Sir or Queen… no… she decided firmly that Selwyn had introduced herself as Sir, and so she would think of her as Sir until otherwise told… SIR Selwyn approached. The angel took a cautious look around the garden, perhaps looking for a dragon. The Angels eyes stopped on Theiraqule and she spoke

“Theiraqule?” she queried

“Yes, it is I” Theiraqule responded, but couldn’t help smiling; her voice was lovely, an extra point in the keep column for this form.

“You are a women now” the Angel… asked… stated Theiraqule couldn’t decide and so said nothing. “Ahem…” the angel cleared her throat likely trying to figure out how to proceed “Sorry for my tardiness, your arrival has been at a difficult time, I have had to sort a few things and well time got away from me, but I would very much like to continue our conversation, I do however have questions if I may?”

“It never hurts to ask” Theiraqule offered, there was a general feeling of awkwardness emanating from the entire situation, the knights seemed to be happy yet on edge, the dwarves nervous, she couldn’t read the gnome creatures… twice she double checked to assure she was not emanating dragons fear, but still the tension was thick the angel smiled at her and began to ask

“You spoke of a people who also have this horn; that are in need of aid, can you tell me who these people are?” Theiraqule smiled at her understanding the question and her reasons for asking

“No, I cannot,” she could see the frown forming on the angels face and so explained further “This is a sacred trust between two peoples, mine and those who have the horn, much history, tradition and faith revolve around it, and perhaps, in time should we become better acquainted, form a friendship or bond I could share more with you, but today we are two strangers, hopefully on the way to becoming allies, but not yet someone I can share the deepest secrets or traditions of another people with, not yet anyway” she could tell the Angel was not happy with her answer, but also didn’t seem ready to argue the point just yet

“This Horn, perhaps we could know more of it, for example… how do you know it has been blown?” again Theiraqule smiled, this was a perceptive knight, very good at asking questions

“Magic” she responded simply. This time the Angel did not attempt to hide her frown


“Yes, Magic”

“Would you like to elaborate?” the angel asked. This time it was Theiraqules turn to frown

“I am not sure if I wish to, nor if I can, when I was charged with this task magic was used, I am not ignorant to the laws of magic, but am certainly no great scholar to it as well, a bond was formed and now… through magic I know… much like how you know when someone is lying or evil it is magic is it not?” the Angel appeared thoughtful at the dragons words as she contemplated for a moment, and again decided to let the argument drop for the time being

“One more question, King Lemeath has been absent to us for some time now, if this bond was between him and these people, what does it mean that he has not himself answered?” Theiraqule gave her a very confused look

“It means that I must go, I thought I started with that” the Angel shook her head trying to dispel the confusion

“No I mean what does that mean for King Lemeath?” again the elfin women’s face contorted to confusion, Theiraqule checked to see if a spell had gone off, as suddenly she felt the angel was not all there

“It means that he cannot make it, so I must go?” the angel appeared frustrated and tried again

“I mean, where is King Lemeath? Why isn’t he going?”

“I do not know where the King is, you have seen him more recently than I, he is likely very busy if I have to go”

“But how do you know you have to go? Did he call you? Did he say he was going to be busy? How do you know what you need to do?” Theiraqule shook her head and began to speak but the angel saw it coming and the word was spoken in unison

“Magic” Theiraqule smiled feeling like the angel had at least received some level of understanding, the angel didn’t seem as happy about it.

“Theiraqule, would you mind excusing me for just a few moments while I confer with my sister and brother knights?” Theiraqule smiled and nodded to her. The Angel quickly backed away and left with most of her retinue through the doors

The garden was very pleasant; it spoke greatly to Lemeath’s tastes she thought as she awaited the angels return, a very controlled wild, beauty and growth confined, or assisted she was sure he would say, by order; how very Lemeath. She focused on the few birds that happened to be chirping away; more to keep herself form the temptation of eavesdropping than anything else, people constantly underestimated the prowess of dragon senses, even stilted by her simple form. Ever quicker the minutes ticked by until at last the doors opened once more and the Knights re-emerged. Sir Selwyn once again stepped forward

“Theiraqule, I would like to begin by welcoming you to Tukin as an honoured guest. I have spoken with my Brothers and Sisters present, and at this time I cannot immediately offer you this horn. None of us who are present know if the horn, or your affiliation with King Lemeath, and while we are not doubting your word, I cannot give away one of the Kings personal items without knowing more. As I stated, the timing could not be worse, but I hope to return very soon so that we might be able to continue our discussion and come to an agreeable solution” the Angels words were well thought out with the perfect emphasis placed in all the right places, she was an experience orator. Theiraqule let out a soft sigh and nodded

“That is very fair Sir Selwyn, and I would hope that in a similar situation a vassal of mine would act with the same honour and diplomatic grace that you have” the Angel smiled and motioned towards the door

“Let us find you appropriate quarters than, and I shall make all haste to return” as she spoke the Angel nodded to the other knights who cleared a path to the doors to allow the elfin women admittance to the palace. Theiraqule shook her head sadly

“I do wish I could stay, and hopefully I can return soon to better our acquaintance but currently I have pressing matters to attend, I do hope everything works out well for you, and am truly sorry to have delayed you from your quest” as she spoke she stretched out her hands, they continued to stretched taking on the silver sheen once more as she reverted again to the form of a dragon. She bowed her head to the Knights of Tukin and was careful to direct her wind during takeoff as to not injure the trees or small birds from the palace gardens. The Silver Dragon took to the air looping the palace once before striking off East at great speed towards the mountain of Dwarf Gate.

RUNE WAR pt 16

17th of Patchwall- Northern Front – Hill – 9:46pm

The night had cooled, Anamachara smiled as the thick snowflakes began to fall; it was a good sign. Her column was tight as the wound their way around the hill bank and into the upper valley heading towards central camp. So far so good; the Wild Elves knew their job well providing a good forward screen. They would either eliminate any small enemy forces they stumbled upon or carefully lead them off for more powerful foes, leaving an opening for the remainder of the column to pass. In the rear minor efforts were being made to leave traps that may slow or hinder pursuit. They had been traveling for almost three hours now and estimated they were still another seven kilometres from central command, at their pace that would be two to three hours before they made it. A forward scout materialised out of the snow ahead of her, she held her hand giving the signal for the column to stop. Ban-midoe Wildrunner bowed his head in greetings and whispered in elven

“Avatar, there is a small creek with decent brush that could hide the column about two hundred meters ahead, it will serve for a short break” the Avatar huffed in irritation, they had taken a break an hour ago and she wasn’t keen on having any more. She understood the wounded had it hard, but they would have it harder still if the demons were upon them, she was about to let the elf know as much when he continued. “They can rest while I take you to the Pathfinder, he about two kilometers ahead and said you should come personally.” Anamachara grunted, Cee-Teera was not the type to take unnecessary precautions, if he wanted her advice it was likely important.

“Fine…” she turned to Colin Frotjdur, one of her senior commanders in Ice Company “… get them in the ditch and let them know it will be a short break, absolute silence, and by Gabrielle’s Sweaty Nut Sack if another Datcyl tries to lite a fire I will personally rip out their spine and feast on the marrow” The man nodded as if this were standard fare and quietly moved to his team to have the orders quietly carried down the line, Anamchara turned back to Ban-midoe “Take me to the Pathfinder”

The journey did not take long, both she and the Wild Elf knew how to run silently, the came up a small ridge, careful not to silhouette themselves. There lying in the freshly fallen snow, looking into the valley below they found Cee-Teera, and two other wild elves. Anamachra surveyed the valley and saw the problem. A battalion was marching along the same heading as them, likely heading for central as well, unfortunately this wasn’t a friendly battalion… nor was it a demon rabble, no this was a carefully ordered Battalion, well equipped marching shoulder to shoulder, Bearded and Faceless Devils made it up the majority of the ranks, and they marched with a confidence and skill that begot veterans. Anamachara cursed as she assed but then saw the opening

“It is only one Battalion, we might be able to skirt them” she said. The Pathfinder nodded

“True, but we will never win out on their pace, and I don’t know about you but I doubt we could fight through them…. Though that still isn’t why I asked you to come… look their towards the center left of their line” he pointed in the gloom. Anamachara squinted to make out the figures in the darkness, but then she noted it, saw the flag beating in the wind

“By Kelezandri himself, that is Nefrutius’s personal standard… he’s here, this is meant to put an end to our central camp” he whisper was hoarse as her excitement built, for years now Nefruitus had avoided her and her party on the field of battle, always hitting a different target whenever they were committed to some other attack or front, now here he was, maybe a half kilometer away and completely unsuspecting. “Bring them men up along the ridge as quietly as we can, their course will take them right past us, we will hit them hard right here and end that miserable bastard once and for all…” she looked over but the Pathfinder was already shaking his head, she knew why but was frustrated none the less

“Our men our wounded and bone weary, they are ill equipped and outmatched, that and a clear majority our scouting units and irregulars, we would be slaughtered against such a force in a stand up fight, and we haven’t the stamina to fight on the run right now” the Pathfinder did not mince his words, he knew the ability of his men and those serving under him and would not bolster his assessment for pride. Anamachara sighed looking over the field once more…

“You’re right of course… alright, new plan… you three…” she said looking at Ban-midoe and the other two scouts “you’re running, as fast and silent as you can, thread the needle and get to central command, let them know that Hell is coming, and to be as ready for as they can” she took a deep breath and another long look over the battalion below “Pathfinder…” she said turning to him and falling back on formality “I need you to take our men and turn east, the sea is some 60 or so kilometers from here, but the further we get the less enemies we should see, there are ships and hopefully a Titan there, find them and use them to escape.”

“It will be done Avatar… but what of you, where will you be?” the Pathfinder asked

“I’m going to go down there and politely as Nefruitus to stop… I guess we will see how that goes” she said as she poured out her spear and quaffed a potion. The four other elves nodded in deep respect to her understanding what was happening

“Kelezandrie be with you great Avatar” Cee-Teera said

“And the Grandfather Ram with you noble Pathfinder” they each bowed their heads and then as the moment passed slipped off in the directions they needed to go. Anamachara gave them a five minute head start, for a wild elf scout that was a life time. She than stood, dusted the snow off herself and began to walk down the ridge towards the devil army, singing softly to herself to bolster her spirits and courage… for the first time in a long time Anamchara was uncertain of how this would play out.

Anamacharas Song


Yolonda huffed as she heard the orders, apparently they were to wait while her mother went and had tea with a dragon or something… then she would likely want to fill out some paperwork and maybe have a nap, all while Dumathions five were in potential danger. He looked over at her Captain

“You know the army… Hurry Up and Wait” he said with a shrug as the company began to sit down unslinging their battle gear and taking a quick breath… times like this could have them leave in five minutes or five hours depending. Yolonda began to pace

“We have no idea how long this could take, and there could be serious trouble now on the other end. Sir, Request permission for my unit to go ahead and scout the location” the Captain was taking a bite of an Iron ration, he didn’t even look up

“denied Lieutenant, do you think I am that stupid?” he took another bite and looked very disappointed in that life choice

“But Sir, we are talking about the Queen herself going, should we not at least have some idea of what we are porting into, before she shows there?”

“Lieutenant… did I stutter?

“She has a point Captain…” the voice was from Captain Thria Orcknocker of the Shields, “it would be nice to see how hot the area is before bringing the Queen in, I for one know the Commander would prefer some intel over a blind jump” the Captain looked at the two incredulously before throwing away his ration

“10 men, 20 minutes Lieutenant, not a second longer, poke in, look about, DO NOT ENGAGE, you see anything other than a happy dactyl village you pop back here…” Yolonda had already saluted and started picking men

“Horth, Brogan, Lindsey, Iron Eye your with me, each of you grab a buddy, we are out in two” she said

“Don’t make me regret this Lieutenant” the Captain called after her, as they prepped and popped out.


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