Agrabah and the Adventures There in

Raven exited the High Chancellors court. He was unhappy about being delayed for several days, but it seemed like they were actually listening, there seemed to be a little bit of hope. He walked with Laker and Lisanne back towards the empty tankard; it was Lisanne who saw the creature first and ducked.

“Raven lookout!” she called as she ducked. The large bird slammed into a nearby building missing Raven’s head by a fingers breadth. The three companions quickly approached

“What is it?” Laker asked

“a… Raven” Raven said bending down to examine the bird. It was very old and missing most of its feathers, the bits of plumage that remained seemed to grey near the tips, the creatures heart was racing although somehow Raven knew that the bird would not survive long. Carefully he picked the creature up and held it tightly in his arms. He cooed quietly to the bird, congratulating it on its long flights and allowing it to know that his final time was spent with friends. Within a few moments the Raven’s heart stopped and was still once more. The party of three stared for a few moments in silence before Raven began to examine the bird, to its leg was tied a note, Quickly Raven unrolled it and read

Written on the 2nd fortnight of Ready’reat, 87PT


I hope this reaches you, many question if you still live, or if you are more than a legend, I have taken Oddity, our oldest Raven, and given him this note to carry, it is said that he is the last Raven that came from you some 45 years ago, I hope he is still up to the task. I request your aid, I am hunting for a BLACK RAVEN that has turned away from the code. I have tracked her from Don-Ton but am well outside of my league here. My brothers and sisters in arms are gone; she has dispatched four Black Ravens and three White Ravens, as well as destroyed all but our last safe house. I write this in hopes that you will come to our aid, the honour of the Ravens, both BLACK and WHITE is at stake, please aid me in setting an old wrong to right. I have decided to lay low until aid or opportunity finds me. Every seven days I will come to the Cows Utter in Don-Ton here I will stay from the dinner hour until close, I will continue this practice until the end of Coldeven, after which I will assume I am on my own.

In my own hand

Arther Prinife, White Raven

Below scratched in handwriting that is barley decipherable was the following:

Go to Don-Ton 1st, you are not ready to open the gates

The ink of the second note seems older then the first, and may actually be written in blood, you would need an alchemist to test to be sure… although the note seems recent with the dates implying a few weeks ago, the parchment seems old and cracked, perhaps almost two hundred years old.

Raven looked up at his two companions, he collected the bird vowing to bury it properly soon
“We should be on our way” he said



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