An Unexpected Meeting (Part 2)

Lisanne walked out of the study, Korhan right behind her, she had just spent the last two hours asking questions, clarifying his wishes and examining her decision, she had been surprised by how open and honest he had been with her. The two walked in companionable silence as they reached the large doors leading back to the courtyard.

“Go Sir Truthblade, you must complete this task by the Spring Equinox, I have the utmost faith in your abilities and the abilities of your companions. Know that when things turn their darkest, when all hope seems lost, and when the last of your friends has turned away leaving you by yourself… you are not alone, I am always beside you, I am always there and always will be” the God reached out taking the rains from the stable boy as he brought her mount back out, it had been equipped with barding and saddle, the barding was a resilient gold in colour, and the saddle looked as if it were crafted of silver, and yet was comfortable and soft like the most supple of leathers. “These too are my gifts to you Sir Truthblade, the barding and saddle will shape to fit most any mount you place them on, I hope they serve you well in your journeys”

Lisanne hardly recognised Montigues mount outfitted as it was, she could buy an entire Lordship with the value of what the horse was wearing, it truly was a magnificent gift. She climbed into the saddle and turned saluting her god, he nodded letting go of the reins.

“One more thing Sur Truthblade… when your companion Fox asks, let him know, that I never left him, that I will never leave him and no matter what his final choices are, no matter which path he takes, I’ll respect him, but still keep him in my heart, his was perhaps one of the most difficult paths for any to tread” Lisanne nodded once more memorising the Gods message and trying to unravel the meaning. “Go now, your friends and the people of Musteegra have need of a Knight of Korhan” and with that her mount took off running across the courtyard, within moments she cleared the gate and had crossed the bridge, it was as soon as she made the other side of the bridge that once again the lights turned out, there she found her mount, racing across a dark field, Sam right beside her, heading… towards Montigues?



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