Answers by firelight

Finally she released her grip and his loosened she looked up into his eyes staring into his soul and baring hers to him. He took a slow breath before speaking…

“I… I’ve kept you waiting for an awfully long time for that question haven’t I.” gently he led her from the training hall, and towards some more private rooms. The fire was already going, castles caretakers. A fur rug splayed out on the floor before it. He bid her sit, and sat beside her.

“You’ve always been a bit special. Even before when I was… soulless… I went out of my way to help you when you asked. Looking back at my memories… I cannot tell what drove me to do so, it was rather out of character, to stand up for someone and invite conflict with the Viceroys.”

He took her hand in his again, placing his other arm around her. The fire seemed to brighten a bit as he spoke once more, his gaze locked into her dark orange eyes. “I see you in a very different way then any of my companions. I care for all of them in some way, as friends and comrades. In you… In you I feel something much greater then that.” As he spoke, he drew her to him, into her lap. His breath caught in his throat as he thought she may not want to proceed, but she just made herself more comfortable. He leaned in and their lips locked once more, their eyes closed, enjoying the moment, wishing it would never end. As the fire slowly dimmed, darkness hid the two intertwined figures.

Aranha and Spiderbro left them to their evening, busing themselves with packing up the training gear left in the hall. Their hosts would be too busy to think of such trivial matters. This was good for them.



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