Can't Sleep Clown Will Eat Me

Listen While Reading

Bardr walked slowly through the camp, once again he reached up and wiped the sweat from his brow, it was hot, way to hot and well past his watch. He hated this desert and could not wait until they reached the sea at last. Most of the children had settled down to sleep for the day. Sylvio was down by the lake witling new arrows, and Montigue slept in his wagon with his guards sitting lazily in the shade outside. Noon was quickly approaching; it still astounded him that his companions had the energy to crawl through a crypt after a long night of traveling. All he wanted to do was take his boots off, put his feet in the lake and sleep on the beach. He was a northerner; he was not built for this kind of heat or abuse.

He turned and walked amongst the goats and oxen, they were sluggish and doing little better. He bent down and patted poor Trevor when suddenly the dog jumped up, alert with ears lowered.

“Easy boy, it’s me” Bardr said a little uneasy at the dire wolfs response. Slowly Bardr extended his hand for the wold to smell, it had none of it, in a flash the wolf charged past him and wheeled towards one of the wagons. “Trevor! NO!” Bardr bellowed as he charged after the wolf, fear flashed through the northerner as he for the first time worried that the wolf may attack a child, and how little most could do to stop it. Kicking up sand he turned the last corner coming into view of the kids wagon, and quickly he saw the problem, in a flash his sword was in his hand as he charged yelling an ancient battle cry.

The devil certainly was surprised when the dire wold attacked but more so when the giant of a man came behind him, he dropped the child he was carrying and drew his glaive, ushering his companion to who carried to other children to continue. Northern Steel Clashed with Abysmal Iron, as the two behemoths crashed into each other. The wolf tore and attacked at the devils feet while Bardr continued a viscous onslaught, there would be no way that any child would again fall slave to these foul creatures.

“TO ARMS! TO ARMS, THE DEVILS ARE UPON US!” Bardr cried as the glaive struck him, he grunted through the pain as he staggered back focusing his will he cast a quick spell. Again the devils surprise was doubled as Valéry emerged from Bardr’s sword and immediately descended upon the Devil. Bardr looked as he watched the second devil fleeing through the oasis; a child tucked beneath each arm. He watched the children of hell emerge from their wagon and quickly collect weapons. Bardr spat out another spell allowing himself and Valery to double in size and again he sprang forward at the foul denizen. He spared a final look for the captured children and allowed himself to smile. The devil had dropped one as three arrowed appeared in its side.

“What does one say to a devil who captures small children on Sylvio’s watch? Not today sir, not today” the half elf calmly walked forward as he knocked another arrow and let in fly at the lower fiend. The devil snarled and reached for the child, but an arrow dissuaded him from it as he turned with his last remaining prize and ran, Sylvio in quick persuit.

The look had cost Bardr as he felt his side open and the warm trickling feeling of blood poor forth.

“Trevor, after the child! Abjorn, Boti, Gundy… With me… together!” the wolf took the order without question shooting out over the oasis and showering those behind it with sand. Quickly the oldest children of Helle joined the Valkyrie and it’s Master as they surrounded the Devil and began to close on. Bardr noted a couple crossbow bolts shoot forward and saw Montingues guardsmen join the fray. Over and over the blows were exchanged as the devil defended its prey from the attackers. Bardr accepted another his as he stepped forward grabbing the glaive and pinning it to his side. “Gundy, grab Daphne, get her back!” Gundy didn’t argue, she ducked in grabbing the frightened child and hauled her back from the fray, as soon as she was free of the direct battle the two ran back to the wagon.

Valery saw her masters pain and had none of it, her claws and lashed out into the devils back as her tail wrapped around its arm pulling it back, Bardr through his weight forward adding his weight to Valery’s attack, the devil could not overcome it. The two showed a savageness that caused most the children to stop, they showed a primal fury that many had thought civility had long ago extinguished. With a roar the sword of his ancestors pivoted and came down. The devil gurgled a curse… and then was no more. Bardr staggered to his feet, but quickly lost the strength and dropped again. Vallery was at his side in a second, he waved her back

“The other devil… KILL IT!” he muttered fighting hard to win the battle of consciousness… he had to keep Valery in the fight. The eidolon nodded and waved the children and guard to follow… they did. Bardr lay down, he had to stay awake, he had to… the child’s best hope lied with Valery, he could not fail, he had to stay awake. With a grunt of will he reached up to one of his wounds and pressed hard on it, the pain was immediate he screamed in agony, but it kept him awake… he had to stay awake, vaguely he heard words about him, things were looking foggy, he squeezed the wound again. A large man hovered over him… Montigue?

“… hurt…. Needs sleep…. Water” he heard the fat man say to someone, he tried to shake his head, he reached for his sword but was weak… the devil blade must have been poisoned he thought, he couldn’t sleep… he… must… stay….awa……..zzzzzzz.



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