Changes is Lattitude Changes in Attittude

Broken Bridge was a quaint little town, the people seemed friendly and the prices, though high were fair. Cecil smiled to himself, he had been in a grand mood all day, he wasn`t sure why, surly there had been no reason for it, the weather had been cold, the battle hard, the crossing tricky, the fallout from the broken bridge had been harsh, but still, he couldn`t stop smiling. He took his meal in his room that evening as he took his time counting out the gold pieces, there was indeed a fortune to be had here, enough that he could by a new keep if he wished, definitely the best labs money could purchase, as well as a staff who would be compensated to know the better parts of discretion. He smiled to Lily as he finished the tally, and was slightly awed by it, perhaps he should get into the way station business. On a whim he decided wine was needed to celebrate, he carefully hid Lily from view as he rushed down stairs to the barroom. On his way he passed Duncan, he smiled a joyful smile and approached the dwarf

``Duncan… glorious day is it not?” the dwarf raised a curious eyebrow at what he was sure to be a drunkard

“Aye, if ye say so, I’m fer thinkin that I can’t wait to be out of this durned pass” the dwarf grunted in response. Cecil smiled

“Well perhaps I can cheer you up, at Lonely Ledge I discovered a huge chest, filled with gold and gem” Cecil exclaimed. He suddenly shook his head… what was he doing? Why would he tell anyone about this, he had barely had any wine… was he drunk? Clearly he had the dwarfs attention now, his lips seemed to carry on without hesitation “I’d like to share it, with everyone in the Caravan, by my math there’s more the 500 gold per person” Cecil’s hand jumped to his mouth covering it a moment too late, how could he have done that, he was giving up his state of the art lab… heck he was giving up his state. Duncan’s mood had jumped well up though, and Cecil could not deny the sudden warm feeling he had inside

“Yer not kiddin lad? That is more than generous of ya” the dwarf was saying. Cecil didn’t say anything for a long moment; carefully he pulled his hands away from his mouth

“Are you kidding, I’m glad to do it, why don’t you head up to my room in a minute and help me sort it” the last few words almost came out as a squeak as Cecil choked them off, in no time Duncan was agreeing saying something about fetching his scale… Cecil charged to his room, desperate to get Lily into the rose before company arrived. He looked around the room, his eyes settling on the prized diamond almost as big as his nose. He tucked that into his pocket and reached for another handful of gems… but for some reason couldn’t seem to grab them “What is going on here?” he asked aloud, sparking a series of concerned questions from Lily. He had to leave it; her safety was of paramount importance, in moments he whisked her into the rose and came back, just as Duncan was knocking at the door. The stupid grin returned to his face “Come in Duncan, let’s count”

Every Party Member and NPC will receive 594gp with 5 sp and 9cp*



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