Magus Vavel Estubie, It is my sad duty to report that you are being charged with the following offenses

Conduct unbecoming a Guild Member and Professor

it is said that you had relaitons of a sexual nature with Student Ferrara, Student Charlene and Student Lisa all in exchange for better grades. It is also said that Student Busy was failed because she refused to have sexual relations with you.

Miapproprattions of Guild Resources

it is said that three potent magical items that were signed out by yourself have been sold to feed your midnight milk addications

it is said that you have been using Guild Scrying facilities to spy on young students inappropratly

it is said that you have used summing circles and have been bartering with lower planar creatures useing students souls as curency.

These charges are serious and the Council of Lords demands Justice adn accountibility within their fair city. In order to remain completly transparent I have agreed to bring in High Inquisitor Kenneth Star from Damie’s Temple and have him conduct the investigation. Until such a time as you are cleared your membership is suspended as with all teh privliges that accompany it.

As proclaimed on this day

Arch Magus Lib Nothic
Wizards Guild of Don-Ton



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