Chilling Revelations Pt 1

Ling left the medical tent, she was covered in blood and was out of thread, the dwarves had agreed to clean it up while she took a short rest before continuing her work. The night had become cold, she didn’t normally need protections from the cold, but this wind seemed to chill her none the less, she grabbed her cloak and wrapped it around her. As she walked breathing in the cool air and allowing it to sharpen her senses and further wake her up. She had been about an hour into her moving rest when the attack had been sprung, and had been working ever since.

As she trudged a few feet in snow a dwarven women brought her a bowl of soup, she thanked her and ate it while looking down the hill. The clouds from Entarez spell had cleared completely, the beautiful half-moon had risen illuminating the surrounding area in glorious silver light

“Aseer, please watch over this camp, please see these wounded souls to safety” she prayed quietly. A stiff breeze hit her once more, the moon seemed to rotate within the air and become full, while full there was an image of a women’s face within it. The women spoke, and her whispers boomed over the hills and valleys, none of the dwarves seemed to notice or hear, but it shook Ling to her very core.

“My daughter, I am always watching over you, the wounded are not those in greatest need right now, trouble far worse than the small force you fought is already within your camp, purge this trouble all watch all you have built and those you call friends unravel and die, Hurry Mae Ling, time is not on your side” with that the moon turned again reclaiming its half-moon phase, the sound of Aseers great voice dissipated. Another breeze struck the cleric, she looked down and found her stew frozen, what’s more she found herself shivering.

“the cold cannot hhhhhhhurt me?” she shivered as her teeth began to clank loudly together “What sssooorccceryyyyyy is th…th…th…thisssssss?” she took one long last look at the moon above and clung to her holy symbol tightly, then turned and hurried back to the med tent, it would be warm there and she could figure out her next move from there.

To Be Continued by Taryn



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