Chilling Revelations Pt. 2

Ling clasped her holy symbol tightly as she hurried back to the med tent. What on Argyle was going on, what trouble was Asier referring to, the trouble that was within their camp? Entarez had been acting strangely in the med tent? He covered well, but she could sense that he was trouble about something. Maybe he knew something about it? That strange coldness was unsettling, she wasn’t used to being cold. She needed to find the rest of her companions and try to figure out what was going on. Was it undead? Devil, demon attack? There would be alarms from the clockworks at least. Was there trouble from within? She needed to find out what was going on. She didn’t see Entarez immediately so she left word with a nearby cleric to give him a message that she was looking for the rest of the group and that something was wrong in the camp but she wasn’t sure what it was and to come meet them when he was able.

She started looking around for her companions, she had been so busy with tended the wounded, she hadn’t had a chance to catch up with them or see how they were doing. She felt somewhat powerless during the battle, she wanted to help and support everyone but she just couldn’t get to all those who needed help fast enough. Sometimes she felt powerless to support those that needed help. She was never much of a battle maiden but she tried to help where she could. She was worried about getting past the Dwarven siege. This was just one battle and it could have gotten very bad. If this dwarven group was the last group out of the Dwarven stronghold, would there be anything left if they were able to get there? The Matron had been unconscious most of the time and needing medical aid so she hadn’t been able to provide a lot of information. She assumed YOLO would have more information for the rest of the group. She started looking around for her companions, YOLO, Selwyn, Anamchara, Aleu, Hansel, Fletcher, Glaed’r. She started hearing loud voices in the direction of the Order of the Blue Rose tents. She spotted Hansel restraining Anamcharra who looked like she was about to strike the leader of the Order of the Blue Rose. Aleau was being restrained and it looked like another man was lying on the ground. She headed towards them, and she arrived just in time to hear Anamcharra tell Jon Randall Sullivan “You will give her to me. Then we can talk.” It seemed like it was a powder keg waiting to be lit, even though she was tired and was out of spells, Ling tried to project a calming aura to those around her and just tried to keep people talking. “Can someone be able to explain what has happened? Why is Aleu being restrained? What happened to that young man? Does he or anyone else need medical attention? Do we need to get the Matron or YOLO?”



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