Chronicles of Erindale Chapter 2

Wing Hove, the Season of Goodmonth 251pc

Erindale ‘stood’ looking out past the cliffs of Wing Hove. He was about 300 feet above the ground but standing as firmly as if he were on solid stone, beside him was Azazial her wings flapping slowly to maintain her altitude and fight the slight breeze. Behind them circled seventeen squadrons of eagle riders and an additional twelve war wizards. Below them were the fleets of Wing Hove, an impressive sight of sixty seven war ships. Erindale took a deep breath and turned to Azazial.

“Remind me again why I am here?” she laughed before responding

“The Prince of Wing Hove is the nephew and closest ally to the Speaker of the Suns. We are here to ensure that the Taur do not succeed in their invasion and that the people of Wing Hove feel confident that they are protected by their elven brethren on the main land.”

“Yes, yes I know that, but does this really require both of us?” the Angel laughed again

“You mean does this really require you?”

“Yes of course that is what I mean, I don’t know why you’re even having the armies assemble, you could summarily destroy the Taur fleet in minutes”

“First of all, I am here strictly as an advisor, and I don’t summarily destroy anything, if the elves are to win this war they will have to do it on their own. And secondly the Speaker in his great wisdom thought it would be good for you to get out of High Port from time to time and see some of the realm that you help him rule” Erindale shot her a knowing look

“I wonder where he got that idea; I can do more good in the Court then out here commanding a ‘conventional’ battle set up”

“you hope it is just a setup, if you’re plan doesn’t work, you’ll be happy that we took the time to settle on a back up plan”

“my plans always work…” he stated as he rolled up his sleeves and prepared to begin casting

“Like the rings of Garmith’tou?” she chided

“The exception that makes the rule….” horns begun to blow and the oars from the mighty Taur ships began to set to water. Erindale smiled and pointed to the war wizards, as one they began to chant. “Saved by the Taur, I love the irony” quickly his hands and arms began to fly out and as his fingers flipped through a series of arcane movements every few seconds he would cry out a counter point to the chanting behind him.

“So is it that you intend to bypass their clerical magic resistance as well as each Taurs personal one… with only one spell not less” she asked as she watched him pull and tie strands of the magical weave. He manipulated it with such ease it was hard to tell when things were difficult

“Little busy right now” he responded as his hands and legs continued sharp movements

“Oh, well I understand if it is too hard for you, you can…”

“it’s not too hard…” she smiled, he was still young, even for an elf “you see…” he stopped to sing out a counter point “I’m not affecting them, or their ships…” again he stopped for several seconds to sing out counter points and wave his arms widely, beads of sweat began to form on his forehead “I am… for exactly 14 seconds, displacing… 7 cubic kilometers of water from below their ships” he called out several more arcane words as the chanting rose in crescendo “their protection, only extends to their ships and the water immediately touching it, no more… HA” he accented as he finished.

It was a sight to behold, hundreds of ships lined up rowing forward to attack, and then with a great roar of water they froze comically in the air for a half second, and then began to plummet into the now deep chasm below, screams of fear and confusion rose from the Taur as their ships fell and crashed on the ocean floor six kilometers below. For a few seconds all was quiet and then the roar of water returned as the chasm filled in leaving little evidence as the invasion fleet. Only one small Taur ship was spared at the farthest end of where the former fleet had been.

Erindale taur

Erindale floated forward casting a quick spell to augment his voice

“Wing Hove… and all Argyle for that matter, falls under the protection of the Great and Wise Speaker of the Sun, it falls under the protection of Erindale! Go Home, tell your people of what transpired here, tell them that their raids and attacks will no longer be tolerated! If even one more Taur ship is seen on any coast of Argyle I will take gather my armies, and I will bring this fight to your homeland… imagine what I could do there! Now go!” a great cheer arose from the elven armies. As the Taur ship turned for home. Erindale cancled his loud spell and turned to Azazial.

“As I said, exception that proved the rule… lets go home”



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