Chronicles of Erindale Chapter 3

Highport, Season of Patchwall 317pc

Azazial strode across the lavish office and swept the scrolls from his desk, immediately a host of magical invisible servants began to collect the papers. Erindale looked up at her annoyed

“I haven’t time for this…” He began

“People are being abused and tortured, and your excuse is your busy?” she retorted

“First of all, they are Halflings, they are not people. Secondly the humans have founded this ridicules philosophy called knighthood, which essentially gives them licences to go to war with anyone who they feel may be offensive to them at any moment, and the mages of Japork, Natork and Palanthalis again begin to clash. Azazial the powers of these human mages is growing at an unprecedented rate, if they were to begin working together their power could very well challenge that of the three towers… you understand that? A world-wide magical war, one that could unseat the Speaker of the Suns and undo all that the elves have built over the last three millennia. So yes, I guess you could say that I am busy” she looked at him incredulously for a long moment

“If you wish to protect the sanctity of elven culture, then prove it, they are keeping slaves in the Japork wood, the Halflings are being abused and worked to death, they need someone to help them, they need the mighty Erindale” he finally looked up

“They are not a people Azazial, they have no rights. They were created through magic to serve the purpose they are serving. Yes I hate how they are treated, yes it bothers me how they are abused, but it would be like saying a Golem or an unseen servant was a person, they were made by mortals not gods. Aside from that interfering here could very well be the catalyst that sparks an outright mage war. Almost all the human mages of Japork keep Halflings, some entire villages of them. Trying to stop them or tell them they can’t may give them the cause they need to ally against us”

“Ah, so it is not that they are not a people, it’s that you fear risking the comfort of you and your people… you coward” Erindale stood this time as he sent a glare, whether it was conscious or not the light in the room visibly dimmed and the temperature dropped

“How dare you, I have done great things for Argyle, I have helped forge this land to one of prosperity and education, I have faced dragons and demons without flinching, and yet you question my courage and commitment” the angel did not flinch, she seemed unaffected by the cold and the growing tension of crackling magic in the air, she stepped closer and stood tall, looking down to his eyes and half extending her wings as a none too subtle reminder of whom he spoke to”

“I do. You may have done great things, but you did them for the elves, not for Argyle. True bravery is doing what’s right even if you don’t know how it will end, even if there is risk to you. I have walked amongst them, the mages of Japork are hard and cruel, and the Halfings are a goodly people with a noble heart and strong soul, I will not forsake them. Help if you wish, but I am not waiting, I go to them now” Erindale through his hands up at this and roared with anger

“You cannot, you are sworn to the Speaker of the Suns, you can’t just go start a war on your own accord”

“I am sworn to the cause of good, and the cause of right… if the elves are too blinded to see an evil happening at their door step, then perhaps it is their time has begun to wane. It will never be said that I stood by and watched while innocent people were being slaughtered” she turned and stormed out of his office leaving him standing there.

“You cannot hope to achieve this alone” he called after her

“All any of us can do is try” she said as she closed the door

Erindale shook his head as she sat back down in his chair. How could and Angel be so foolish, she couldn’t really expect him to start a war with another nation over the ledged rights of a few thousand magical creations, could she?



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