Clash of the Titans

deDelmar the Darktook a deep breath looking once more at the clever enchantment that shrouded the parapets of the Bard City, it did not comfort him but merely served as a reminder to just how dangerous his task and opponent was. Pushing his shoulders back his loosed the sword that sat in his scabbard and walked into the city. It was not hard to guess where his quarry lies, he was arrogant and only two places within the city would serve. Of that the clock tower was an easy guess. As he walked he mentally reviewed his check list of charms, wards, rods, powers, spells and items and once again replayed the scenarios where he would use each. Often in the past he had engaged in parleys and skirmishes with beings of great power, on a few occasions he had even wadded into great battles but this was different his target today was easily more powerful than any creature or being he’d faced before, and by far more intelligent the most of them put together. He shook his head in disdain and looked up to the heavens, this wasn’t supposed to happen in his life time, he’d served the cause, done his duty, he was not supposed to have to face this, and surly not alone. He stretched once more activating a final ward within his black oak staff, and then let his aura spell drop. Slowly he counted “1,2,3,4, and…”


There he was, clad in grey robes with slick grey/black hair. He casually held a white bone staff and had a bandoleer of bells hanging across his chest. His belt had no sword buy two long knives and array of pouches that no doubt held many cruel implements of death. He face held a wry smile over his neatly trimmed goatee, but his dark grey eyes showed just a hint of concern. Good, Delmar thought, maybe he is as nervous as I.

“By my own eyes, I did not expect to be speaking with the infamous Delmar the Dark today” he began, his voice was silky and smooth, Delmar had to remind himself that this man’s words were as dangerous if not more than any of his spells, great wizards had turned on those they love after only a brief conversation with this creature of evil.

“Well then, I guess we are both surprised, as I had not expected to ever speak with Illiate Talibious again” he noted that Talib looked about to assure they had no onlookers. Bolstered Delmar continued “What are you doing here Talib?” His smile returned to easily he hunched forward leaning heavily on his staff as if they were old friends discussing the weather, the whole act was nothing more than that, buying him time to assess his opponent, Delmar allowed it, he wanted Talib to see how he prepared, to see that he was indeed ready for a battle.

“Why Delmar, does that sword not burn at your side? Our favorite whore would not allow someone like you to play with such a toy” Delmar ignored the bait

“It is designed to kill you, it will allow any with that intent to wield it; the likes of you should know well enough to fear the sword of the Necromite” Talibs eye locked with Delmars, Delmar felt his wards fend of six different mental attacks; it took all his well to remain calm and not respond. “Are we to battle then? or will you answer to me, Why are you here, Human?” he had practised for hours his pronunciation of the last word, Human, to use it as a derogatory word, to be less than elvish, his practice paid off.

“You try to rattle me by declaring my race…” the man chuckled, but to Delmars ear is sounded forced “I am the first of my kind, I saved both my race and yours, trained under Erindale himself and exceeded him in every way, I am what it means to be Magic I am Arch Magus Primus, and you Delmar would do well not to forget it” he was no longer leaning casually, his staff was held lightly in his left hand, he stood straight and tall, and for the first time he released his aura which washed over Delmar like a wave of hate and fear, three of his wards were washed away in that wave, but the Elf nobly held his ground.

“Ha, an old resume for an old forgotten man, you trained under Erindale, it was I who killed him, you are Arch Magus Primus, maybe in life, but that title has long been passed on, and once again, it is mine now. I am the greatest Elfin Caster to have ever lived, and no Human, not you, or your son has ever rivalled my powers now for the last time Talib of Caer Glomeiti of the Race of Man, Father of the Dead, Why are you here?”

“Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ohhh…. Delmar ha ha, you slay me” Talib leaned over with laughter “ Why are you here” he said mocking Delamr’s voice “Ha ha, you should see your face, ha ha ha, you have been hanging around hero’s waaay to long….oh, that was good” He slowly calmed down and wiped a tear from his eye clearing his throat he continued “Why am I here…” he stifled a chuckle “I’m gonna need to train a ghoul to do that…. Anyway Why am I here? Why to save the world of course… it seems to me that the Slayer of Erindale and current Arch Magus Primus has allowed to almost literally go to hell since I was last here.”

Delmar stared for a long moment, trying not to show his emotions, no one ever laughed at him he coughed twice and continued with a calm harnessed from years of binding devils “Save the world? You, destroyer of races, who has twice tried to obliterate every living thing, you are trying to save the world now?”

“My dear Delmar, I know you are somewhat slow so I will say this with as few words as possible. I saved the elves, I saved the humans, I saved the world already, it is mine to do with as I please, if I should choose to wipe out all living things, that is my right, as it happens it currently suits my purposes to rescue this lands wretched inhabitants including yourself, so unless you are here to swear yourself over as a serf or lowly apprentice, draw your sword or get out of my city. Talib’s eyes glazed black as the bone staff began to tint the ruddy red of dried bloody, the temperature in the air dropped by fifteen degrees at least and what little sun had been shinning now clouded over”




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