Courting by Half Moon Pt 2

Fletcher thought for a moment. Quatermain quatermain… he’d swear he’d heard the name somewhere before… where… the particulars escaped him. He didn’t seem to recall it having any negative conotations though. Though what were a Lord, a hunter, an archaeologist, and a gnome doing way out here? Actually… they seemed to be just as random a group as Fletchers own companions. Could they allow them entry into the camp? Thirty-seven, a sizable number… But then, the camp was so much bigger. The clockworks alone outnumbered them five to one.

“Very well, I am Fletcher Stein. To my right is General Numex of my Mechanized Infantry. The majority of my own companions are around the camp, if you remain for any duration you will likely encounter them. Be aware, the majority of our camp is Dwarves, with a healthy mix of less common races. If you and your man are alright with that, then welcome, I am certain that the option for trade of goods and news will be well appreciated by all sides.”

“Our thanks, we shall keep our minds open then. Is there a location we may set up camp, and not intrude on the space of your people?”

“We will show you to a location that will be suitable. Please follow me.” Then quieter so as not to be overheard, he continued to Numex. “Strategic location, somewhere suitable for potential friendlies, but at the same time dissuading of any hostile ideas. Also, have some clockworks keep an eye on them, we wan’t to be friendly, try to avoid any misunderstandings, but if they turn out to be hostile and start something, we will end it. Send out a messenger to notify my companions, and the leader of the Dwarves about our guests.”

“Understood sir. I am aware of a location.” Numex and Fletcher waited for a couple moments while Lord Roxton gathered his companions, and followed them. As they walked, Fletcher found opportunity to approach Lord Roxton. “It is a bit late in the evening for a meal, though if you would join me for a glass, I believe i can dig up something to drink. I am curious as to what you are doing in the end of nowhere. We were not expecting to meet anyone out here, and yet our expectations have been thoroughly upturned.”



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