Discussions of Delcor pt 2

Yolo and Harkell were busy, busier than either had imagined, the Matron was resting comfortably, she should awaken by the dawn, but by the beard of Rorx were their problems. Already Yolo and Harkell had managed to dispel fifteen different issues, many of them petty clan issues others more serious. When questioned Harkell was just as surprised as Yolo, this had not yet been an issue during their journey; he wasn’t sure why they were plagued with infighting now. The two spent another hour touring the camp, speaking with the clerics and Entarez and assuring things were secured. Yolo was bone tired, he was ready for rest, but looking at the moon knew it was unlikely he would find any tonight. Finally he turned to Harkell

“I need to take a break friend, I’m gonna find me wife and grab some food, would you care to join?” the dwarf seemed as tired as Yolo felt and just nodded. The two began their trudge to find Selwyn and hopefully something warm to eat.



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