Floating on a Whisper

“We are assembling to help. What is your situation? How many people? Indicate if you need another sending. Estimated arrival time, less than one hour."

Hathroc thought for a moment, words were critical here, and not to be wasted

“43 souls, Ayla is critical and equals eight for conventional spells. floating and freezing on a lake, Exposure, cold require magical healing and safe recovery”

He debated his words a few times, Entarez new his magic well, but there was no telling if he would remember the slag giants name, and she by far was the worst off, he would need to account for her in any spells he planned for.

He doubted another sending would come, there was little more information to glean. He turned to the people and smiled reassuring them that help was on the way,

“Just a little Longer, Just a little longer” he repeated, for them, and himself



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