Improving the Design

“Hey Cecil…” Lily’s voice was low, but still roused him from the edge of sleep.
“Mmmm… what is it?”
“A couple days ago, we fell of that cliff… I keep thinking what if Bardur hadn’t had that feather fall on hand, or had not fallen himself at the time….”
“Aah. Well don’t worry about it then. The feather-fall was nice, but just saved some pain and bruising. There wasn’t any real danger in the situation, just some inconvenience.”
“Yes. It was fine.”
“Oh. That makes it a little easier I think. Good night.”
“Of course. Good night Lily.”

Next Morning

Cecil got up a bit earlier then normal, and after replacing Lily in the Wild Rose for the day, he went about preparing a couple extracts. As he waited for reagents to dissolve, his mind wandered back to last nights conversation. He’d said there hadn’t been any danger, but that wasnt quite right. While he would have more likely then not survived impact, his chances of walking away or even being conscious was rather low. Stuck on that ledge unconscious, likely dying from internal damage, that was not a nice thought. Not only there, but just before, he had nearly lost consciousness when the Orc had cut him.

He picked up the vial in-front of him, and slowly swirled it around, watching as particles of additives spread across its volume, then nearly instantly disappeared, turning what had been ordinary water into the emerald green liquid of a double boosted healing accelerate elixir. These creations had already saved his, and others lives a number of times. Why had the gods not seen fit to give humans, and the other common races, the ability to heal as quickly as they had some of the monstrous?

Absentmindedly, he went about the rest of his routine, but his mind was already working on the new puzzle before him. How could the human body be given an ability to heal as well as some of the other creatures in the world. The most complete method would be to simply alter the entire body, change the way it healed itself. But that would be extremely complex, not to mention the issue of keeping the body alive while it was being completely reworked, which could take days, or even weeks.

His eyes wandered again to the green vial on the table. If one couldn’t replace the healing process, one could cheat, and just upgrade it a bit instead. Pushing a stopper into the last elixir, he pulled “Herbalism: An Alchemical Application” out of his backpack. In general, he found the book mostly useless, it was a lot of herbal teas, and not much alchemy. A hedge witch or midwife would probably find much more use for it. Or Raven. Nevertheless, there was a section in it… he leafed through the pages, till he found it.

Here, a list of human organs, the common ailments associated with them, and herbs that would alleviate those ailments. More importantly, it also had a short list of what purpose the organs were believed to have. His earlier delving into survivability extension would have been so much simpler if he had known he carried this information with him. For the experiment at hand, it was fairly useful though. Apparently the organ believed to play the largest role in healing is the spleen. Found just under the left ribs, he remembered seeing it during the autopsy had performed earlier.

The simplest healing accelerator elixir was so simple to make, it shouldn’t prove too difficult to persuade the body, or rather, this ‘spleen’ to produce some on its own. Probably rather slow production though, so rather then a constant supply, it would be best if an amount was stored for use when needed. Best if it could be into a function like breathing, where it is done automatically as needed, but can be controlled at will too. A bit ambitious, but so remarkable if it works. He’d need some experimental subjects first… The halflings should be able to scavenge up a few small rodents for a couple copper.



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