Jade read the angry missive from her masters wondering where she was and providing detailed instructions on her next hit, the assassination of Don Esquire Montigue El Morto,the man was not to enter the temple of Damie alive. This was obviously a test of her loyalties, all of her other jobs had come with a detailed file on how evil the mark was and what kind of threat to Damie. She should be flattered, they clearly suspected she may defect and rather than sending explosive ruins she was being given one last chance. Well as her first action as a free agent of Damie she ought to tell the other that the sweaty man he was escorting would soon be on someone elses’ hit list.


A new baby among us,awyrmling! Vavel becomes focused on giving the dragon attention and care,revelling in the wonder of a magical and good creatures early life.Seeing Trixi’s attraction to Raven causes him to analyze his own feelings for the enigma, feelings he has not experienced for many years.Looking forward to working with Raven on creating magic items for the party.Anymore concepts for our"association"?


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