Last Will and Testament

To my companions,

Should this letter come into your hands it means that the worst, or perhaps best, has befallen me. If that is so I hope that at least one of you has survived, I understand that stakes and know all too often we battle side by side. Please do not take this as overarching quests to which all must be dropped to achieve; it’s not and I know how busy you all are, but if time in abundance is gifted to you, these are the requests of a fallen comrade.

1) Buried under the remains of the House Trugar in Honastica you will find a small wooden box. There are some magics to keep it from being found so you will need to be persistent. Inside is about 2,500 platinum pieces stamped in Medogobin currency. The platinum for its weight should still hold value, please transfer it into a useable currency and give it to Lady Lillian Trugar, to rebuild her home and pay for her livings for the remainder of her life.

2) In the box there should also be 4 diamonds of at least 20,000gp value each. These are to be given to the war effort and used however is needed.

3) My spell books are to be gifted to the war effort and placed specifically in the care of General Numex who is to assure they are copied and used however best suits the war. They are not to be given to any one wizard to hoard, or used to hold other wizards back, please assure the knowledge is shared.

4) My magic items are to handed over to any comrades who fought with me in battle when I fell, as is the practice at the time, if I died alone, then whomever recovered my body has the honour of looting, save the following.

a. The ring of house Zor’Tekken is to be given to Lily
b. The hair clip of Medogobdin is to be destroyed… do not wear it
c. my personal diary is to be burnt

5) in the catacombs bellow the Mage Knight Keep there is a small room carved out of the stone, the password to enter is “Cecil”

a. in the foot locker there is a false bottom, you will find some sparse coins, a few pictures and some rare spell components, do with those as you will, in that bottom there is an illusion blocking a switch which will activate a portal to a demiplane, flick the switch (please note that those of an evil persuasion would be wise not to be in the room when this happens)

b. My lab on the demi plane is bequeathed to Hansel, so long as he promises to share his knowledge with alchemy with any on our side who would learn, regardless of beliefs.

c. My sword and armor is to go to Bard’r’s heir, Selwyn Sudari, wield them with your fathers honour

d. My Hammer and Belt are to be given to Yolo, to do with as he pleases

e. The javelins are to be placed in the care of Anamachara during the war, so long as she promises to donate them to the church of Damie (or Gabriel) after the war.

f. There is a map of various underground sanctuaries and holdings, this is to be given to the Chistle of the Stone, so long as she promises to shelter any who need it from the war.

g. The Stone of Lisanee Truth Blade, the Key to Brograns Bridge, The Scroll of Asameer, my bed linens and of course the Rose of Trugar are all to be given to Raven Everlast or held in trust until he should show up (he will eventually show up)

h. Should any of the above not wish to so promise and for anything left please give it to the war effort in whatever manner it can be of used.

You will also find a map with key areas highlighted; these are the faults and weak areas of the Mage Knight Keep. Please destroy the Keep. There is no longer any good left there and I cannot bare the thought of it falling into the hands of the enemy.

I am sorry my aid did not extend as far as you would have liked, I hope I died well and have done you all proud; know that you were all true friends and I count myself blessed to have worked, lived and served with you, farewell

In my own hand,

Dalathan Zor’Tekken of the Mage Knight Keep, Argyle



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