Little Breathing Room PT 1

A light dusty of snow danced in the winds as Master Zaheer came over the last rise, he turned to his closest compatriot,

“Hrusha be praised, what beauty we offer on this day” the women beside him smiled and nodded, they continued their trek. It was not long before they turned the final bend and it came into view

“Behold my friends,” Zaheer proclaimed waving his hands ahead of him “the Temple of Si Feng, home of the teachings of the Four Winds” the temple was aged and though there was evidence of recent repair. It had a natural flow to it, sitting comfortably sheltered by the final peak of the mountain and yet offering an expansive view. The women who’d be walking with Zaheer turned to him

“Are you sure of this Zaheer? If we do this there is no turning back” she looked imploringly to the monk, he shook his head at her seeming somewhat remorseful

“Alas my love our course is set. A lesson must be taught to those who pontificate the tenants of neutrality only to than firmly take side.” As Zaheer finished he waved his men forward and the group began to spread out and slowly surround the temple. Zaheer continued his causal approach with his lover

“It is said that Master Quan Shi was given rich powers over the elemental forces of Argyle, and that he alone was offered the elemental gift of immortality, but then he foolishly shunned the Great Primordials who had given him such a gift. In their great mercy the Elemental Lords offered his one last chance to renounce his heresy and admit that the power he’d gained was theirs and not derived from himself, or nowhere. The old master in his arrogance refused, and so was taught a lesson and quickly he and his order were wiped from this plane of existence, leaving only this old building to attest to who truly was mightier… now it appears that this Xillian has not read his histories, and so is doomed to repeat it…” he looked to his men now in positon and spoke in a louder tone so that they may hear him “Bring me the Elven women, the two girls and the scrolls and books from within… kill anyone else you find… once this is done, I want the Temple destroyed”

The followers of Hrusha nodded and quickly set about their tasks as they descended on the Temple of Si Feng.



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