Next step, teamwork

What is our next step? I think if we stay together as a group, we shouldn’t accept missions from Talib or do missions based on his Intel. We should go out, gather new allies and Intel ourselves. We should renew acquaintances with the Sons of Treefall and other similar groups to try to save this world. I don’t like lying about our association with Talib. If we don’t want to reveal this information to potential allies like the Sons of Treefall then isn’t that is a big indicator that we shouldn’t work with him? I don’t trust him obviously but I need to do whatever I can to ensure my family’s survival and the survival of Argyle.

We need to seek out enemies of Talib or those who fought him previously to get more information on how to defeat him. We need to seek out more items of power whether they be divine or not that can defeat him. We did luck out in finding the Sword of the Necromite and we need to find someone that can wield it for its intended purpose.


We need to seek out lost artifacts, treasures, weapons, items of power, whether they be divine or otherwise and do what we can to save this world. Maybe Lady Emberkythe was successful in her quest. I am worried about her. We should go back to Peaceful Falls and see if she has arrived or at least sent word. If not we should find out what happened to her. We owe that to her at the very least.

I think my companions need a break. I’ve been lucky enough to have a year and a half off in Peaceful Falls with my husband and child. I’ve been able to kind of escape from the war for a while and not have to directly deal with Talib, politics of the Bard City, undead, devils, demons, and aberrants during most of that time. I was able to be a part of a new community, build a church, hospice, and build a house with my family. I found Asier and she helped to save my life and the life of my child and to give me a purpose and a way to help people.

I pray to Asier that those people with burdens, guilt, sadness, stress or whatever problems, negative emotions or situations that they are dealing with, are able to find peace or at least somehow get a break from their troubles or at least forget about them for a while. We need to reconnect as a team and recommit to the cause. Maybe we need a team building retreat of some kind, I don’t know. I just don’t know how we can work well together without Talib getting in the way.




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