No Love for Everlast pt 5

Raven looked at Yolo; Yolo stared at Raven; Raven glanced at Selwyn; Selwyn glared at Raven, the clockworks did not move, their eyes remained locked on Raven. Raven bowed with a flourish to Yolo.

“Oh great King Under the Mountain, a greet you as one royal to another” he held his bow for a long time. Yolo brought a finger up covering a nostril and snorted heavily clearing it rather grotesquely. He then stared at Raven saying nothing. There was a long silence before the fey responded. “My apologises fair King, clearly I have been away too long and have forgotten your customs, you will forgive a weary traveller his gaffe?” Raven finished his bow and made eye contact with the dwarf. Yolo continued his impassive stare, he said nothing, he barely moved. A long silence stretched before Selwyn spoke

“you said you needed our help, let’s hear quickly”

Raven looked to her and smiled, then straighten up and dusted off his black vest,

“Yes of course, to business, you see…” Raven stopped as 6 of his eight escorts suddenly straightened and began to walk away. A quick question from Selwyn found they had been ordered to escorts Fletcher, no amount of ordering or asking would change their course. Yolo took out his Axe and held it close as he turned back to Raven.

“Selwyn and I aren’t fer needin them Clockwork fellows to end you, just you be fer knowin that as we continue this little chat” it was stated as fact, and was hard to doubt. Raven nodded to the dwarf and continued.

“Of course, now as I was saying, I am in great need of your aid, the very future now rests on what you do next…” a flurry of action happened, a dark shape moved impossibly fast, it flew through the air and crashed into Raven, his feathered clock spun and whirled as the moonlight caught the glint of steel, the battle raged quickly and furiously, each reaching and aiming for a vital area only to be deflected and counter attacked, within twelve seconds over thirty different attacks and counter attacks were made, then the two rolled slightly apart. There stood, in a fighting crouch with nothing but a stone and dagger in each of their hands an identical Raven, both were cut in different places both were bleeding red. The clockworks were confused with a nod to each other they each picked a raven and brought their glaives up in warning. Yolo and Selwyn were stunned as they looked at the two, both had weapons in hand.

The Raven on the left, as in the tumble none could tell which was captured and which was the new arrival, spoke first. “Yolo, Selwyn, there is an assassin among us, kill him quickly or we are all at risk.

The Raven on the right responded, “We are both assassins you idiot, it is well known that the Everlast has been an assassin, now kill him before he gets close enough to kill or impersonate one of you” the gruff inflection of their voices were exactly the same, neither knew how to proceed.

To Be Continued



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