No Love for the Everlast Part 3

Selwyn felt the pull of a primal part of her. The desire to end this here and now was strong. She looked at the Fae, bound and helpless, and yet still so cocky and sly – his mere existence infuriated her. It was dark and the clockworks were the only ones around. If she were to order Raven to his end, she felt certain that no one would step forward to stop her.

After a moment of entertaining her options she turned her face up to the sky, counting in her mind, and blinking to clear her fury. The crisp night’s air cooled her haughty cheeks, and the moon seemed unnaturally calming. When she looked back at Everlast she saw the creature before her, vulnerable and asking only that she hear him out. This was exactly what she had instructed him to do, how could she have considered harming him now?

She turned from him to the Clockwork known as CODY. “Do not kill him. Keep him under guard until such a time as my husband is free from his current engagements, then he will be permitted to make his case.”

Without waiting to hear a reply, Selwyn turned and stalked off toward the dwarves on the hill, determined to stand at her husband’s side until his business was done.



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