No Love for the Everlast Part 6

Yolo was the first to break the silence, “Right, well this is easy then, I’ll kill ’em both.”
Selwyn laid a tender hand upon her husband’s shoulder, “Please wait.”
The King of the Dwarves was not one for waiting, he gave a rather angry grunt at these two words, this had been a long, seemingly unending day and all he wanted now was a meal and his bed. He stepped forward and Selwyn did not move to stop him. He held his axe before each of the Fae in turn, the moonlight glinting off of the mighty blade forcing them to squint slightly.
“Either of ye so much as touches her, and I’ll kill ye where ye stand.”
There was no room for doubt.
Yolo stepped back and gestured for Selwyn to hurry things along. It was easy to see that his patience had run short.
Selwyn stepped forward, looking closely at each of the creatures, knowing in her heart that even if she were to notice differences, she did not know Raven well enough for those differences to tell her which was the true Raven. And for that matter, the she had no way of knowing if she had ever met the true Raven.
“This day has been long and exhausting, and if I am being truthful I must say that I would rather leave the two of you to finish each other off. But one of you came to me and asked for help, so the least I can do is try and give it.”
She plucked one white feather and one black feather from her wings with a wince. Yolo’s eyes slid silently to her, then back to the Faes appraisingly. Selwyn bent down and wove a white feather into the cloak of the Raven on the Left. “This will help us to know you apart. If either of you tries to remove it, your fate shall be sealed.” She finished by weaving a black feather into the cloak of the Raven on the right.
Returning to her husband’s side she asked, “Raven of the White Feather, tell me what you were carrying when I met you in your father’s court.”




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