Orders 1

Commander Zale,

We are looking for you to take your Clockworks, NOulas Two Battalions and Civilians and the 1st Dact Axes from the Dwarven Imperials. Please escort NOulas civilian base to the eastern ocean, find a defensible position to create a military stronghold and military port. Begin and aid in the construction of said Stronghold. Key objectives include

1) Creation of a staging point to launch both Land and Sea attacks on the Hell’s Legions currently laying siege to Don-Ton.
2) Create safe housing and military support for the NOula civilians
3) Create fishing, and if possible underwater farming industry to provide food for our army.
4) Develop any assets in the area you can.

Once you have begun construction and have some port work underway we will send advisors to help with ship construction and aquatic resource management. The 1st Dact Axes are marching with NOula from Pelgious now, they are expected to be in Tukin within two weeks, please have the remainder of your forces ready to move out at that time. I will convene with you on specifics of food and pay while in the field in the in term time.


General Alana of Oula



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