Orders 6

Warrant Officer Entarez

We have several priority missions, please select the one you feel your skills will be of most use in

1) The Towers of the Arch Magus in Don-Ton still have many rooms that are sealed, we require someone to breach those seals and recover the items inside. This will be mean crossing enemy lines and entering Don-Ton
2) Revitalize and rebuild the magical defenses and wards of Morning Glory
3) Research the portal of Pelagious, what will get it started again, how long to do it, where can it go?
4) Aid Lieutenant Commander Hansel in Item creation and magical infrastructure at Chistles Point
5) Join up with the Dact Battalions and provide Magical Cover as they push south

Please be aware as a powerful wizard there is a high likelihood of being called upon on a day to day basis for spells usage, as much warning as possible will be provided in these circumstances.


General Dalathan Zor’Tekken



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