Orders 7

Brigadier General Selwyn Sudari Giant-Slayer of Clan Morgrain

Please see the attached packet for orders of sub battalions, for the remainder of your forces please do the following

1) Civillians are to be split between, Chistles Point, Tukin and Pelagious for the time being, as living accommodations become available they may be relocated
2) The main forces are to join the Dwarven Prision and begin pushing south, setting up staging locations and clearing enemy encampments, we require river systems cleared and fortifications placed along the way, the goal is to be at the shores of what was once Equestia by winter. More details to these orders are included in the packet

Please be aware as a powerful caster there is a high likelihood of being called upon on a day to day basis for spells usage, as much warning as possible will be provided in these circumstances.


General Numex of Clockworks



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