Patty's Journal (Part 1)

Journal Entry,

It has been fourteen days since we left top notch, following Uncle Gus’s’ advice I have kept a journal of our travels. Lonely Ledge was a disturbing night, the Lady of the Keep disappearing along with her guards left a kind of creepy feel to the air, and let’s not get into the troubles with the Fox and the Barbarian chief… there is more than a bit of coin spread about that one or the other don’t leave this pass alive, I fer one am just waiting for Alec to smack their thick skulls together and be through with it. I know I’ve said this before but it’s worth mentioning again, I don’t know why the chief tolerates these folks… yes they have little ones with them, but the chief ought to have left them at the way station or sent them back to Tukin. All these troubles that keep cropping up, and most seem related to that lot… unlucky they are, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying it… dark rituals of blood, traveling with the undead, being chased by all sorts of unnatural creatures and to top it off such a tension amongst them, they watch each other as if thieves in an orcish bar, how any group can call each other friends or companions… I dunno.

Today we left Lonely Ledge and traveled out to Broken Bridge, as suspected we met some orcish raiding at the mouth of the bridge, the rear guard did well at holding them off while we crossed… but then the damn fool of an elf, Fox, broke the bridge! I could have throttled him, the man has no sense that all our livelihoods rest with this pass, he thinks only for himself and the ones giving chase to him. I’m sure the Chief was right angry, I didn’t hear what was said behind closed doors at Broken Bridge, but if I know the Chief he’d of given the elf more than a tongue lashing. I take my rest for now, tomorrow is another day

Patty MacCloud,
Caravan Guard for the Clan MacCloud



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