Patty's Journal (Part 2)

Journal Entry

Day 15, another long day on the road, heard rumors that the barbarian and the elf are gonna fight tonight, might be just talk amongst the boys. Wind was in our faces the whole way, and Alec’s sled lost a mule towards the end of the day… them Halfling kids do a good job and keepin’ the animals moving, but I thinks this one just met it’s time. Duncan had one of his spares strapped in and we were on the road in no time. I am happy to be pulling into Frost Forks, I got kin here that I am lookin forward to seeing. Also my boots have started to peel away, I thought I could make it through the pass, but I’ll have to buy new here. The Angel has been drifting in and out of the caravan, no one’s sure what to make of her, she seems to fade in and out of the snows as she pleases, unnerving that one is.

Got some good news today, the Alchemist fellow named Alex apparently found a whole lot o gold stored in Lonely Ledge, apparently he turned it over to be split evenly around the caravan. Duncan just told us tonight and saw the shares handed out; I’m almost six hundred gold pieces richer! I’ll say one thing for the fella; he’s got a kindness to him, not sure if I’d have been so generous in his shoes. Anyway I am off to Fenlens Pub; we got another long hike tomorrow.

Patty MacCloud,
Caravan Guard for the Clan MacCloud



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