Patty's Journal (Part 3)

Journal Entry,

Day 16, we pushed hard today all the way up into Balders Point, and back down the other side. The Chief didn`t like the look of the children in the high altitude and thought we were like to lose one or two if we stayed the night, so on we pressed, back down the other side of the mountain. It was well after dark when we reached Down Trodden. It was empty, not a sole. Doors had been ripped down, window shutters torn off, one of the gates was snowed open, and it looks like the old barn had burnt before the snow put it out, there is just a black shell left standing… I know Rory voiced his concern saying the place was like to be haunted, even heard him say that there was no way he`d be sleeping in that place. Alec cupped his ear something good, told him that he`d sleep where he was told and if he wanted to cry like a wee girl he could sit with the kids in the back. I didn`t voice my concerns.

Alec has us doubled up on watch tonight, not easy after a long forced march but I suppose we wouldn`t be sleeping much anyway. Shovelling the watch points out showed a rusty brown substance, the creepy dead women claimed it to be blood… that`s a comforting notion for the one who has to stand there for the next four hours. As yet no one can find any trace of what happened to the previous owners, or any of their things, the place had been long looted and best we can tell, no one’s been here in weeks. I`m doubting much sleep will come to me which is a shame, Blue Creek is tomorrow, and we`ll need our wits about us for that.

Patty MacCloud,
Caravan Guard for the Clan MacCloud



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